2018 World Cup bitcoin betting portal

This page is a collection of links to content and resources about bitcoin betting on the 2018 FIFA Word Cup.

2018 FIFA World Cup bitcoin betting guide

There will be upsets, injury time winners and inexplicable red cards. The human drama will be palpable. Complex interwoven relationships of money, politics and altruism will meet raw emotions of triumph and despair all in 90 minute celebrations of football.

Betting my way to Russia

This is the 1st in a series of posts in which I will try to follow my team all the way to the World Cup in Russia, and pay for it all with bitcoins I win betting on the tournament!

Betting my way to Russia – Intercontinental playoff 1st-leg preview

Part 2 of 3 of following my team to the 2018 World Cup is the intercontinental playoffs against Honduras. I continue to pay for it all with bitcoin I make betting on the games.

Second leg home advantage in World Cup intercontinental playoffs

Most people think it’s better to play the 2nd-leg of a home & away tie at home. We compile the data and test this theory for World Cup intercontinental playoffs.

World Cup intercontinental playoff fun facts

Fascinating tidbits from the history of what I consider to be the most exciting time on the football calendar outside of the World Cup itself.

Soccer bitcoin betting guide

Guide to bitcoin betting on Soccer including Where to bet | Soccer bet types | Live betting | Which leagues to bet on | How to win

Coming soon

Betting my way to the 2018 World Cup – Intercontinental playoff 1st-leg preview

Part-2 of the adventure will see me travel to Honduras to watch and bet on the 1st-leg.

Odds comparison

Compare odds at top bitcoin sportsbooks. Find the best odds for match winner, handicap & total goals. This will be live once the draw is announced in december 2017.


Betting my way to Russia – Asian playoff 2nd-leg report

I followed my team on a home and away World Cup qualifying tie to Malaysia and Australia and I paid for it all with bitcoin I won betting on the games!

Betting my way to Russia – Asian playoff 2nd-leg preview

The journey continues with the 2nd-leg against Syria in Sydney.

Betting my way to Russia – Asian playoff 1st-leg report

Report on the 1-1 game, bets and the town of Melaka on the 1st-leg of my journey to the World Cup paid for with bets I make on the games.

Betting my way to Russia – Asian playoff 1st-leg preview

1st up is Asian qualifying playoffs against Syria. The 1st-leg is in Melaka Malaysia.

Who are the Syrian national soccer team?

This post is mostly interested in who the Syrian national soccer team are in the footballing sense. Including where the squad play their club football & analysis of their Asian World Cup qualifying campaign so far.

I hope the Socceroos do not qualify directly to the World Cup

It’s a high risk, high reward scenario but I believe the benefits of 4 high pressure games against tough opponents in front of sold out stadiums is worth it.