Bitcoin gambling consultant

James Canning Gambling consultantBitedge bitcoin gambling expert is available for consulting on all matters related to bitcoin gambling. This includes improving customer experience, the competitive landscape, laws and jurisdictions, business strategy, community outreach, marketing and public relations. We have years of industry specific expertise in the gambling industry as an operator, an affiliate and a customer. We have a successful track record of marketing to the bitcoin community.

We have consulted for multinational government currency gambling operators who are curious about bitcoin as well as bitcoin startups who have developed gambling products that need to gain more users.

Bitedge is a leading authority on bitcoin gambling and has been featured in such publications as Computerworld, Asian Gaming Brief and Sports Integrity Initiative as well as speaking at bitcoin meetups and conferences. You can see interviews with Bitedge in bitcoin documentaries and podcasts below.

The Bitedge Founder holds a Bachelor of New Media from James Cook University and Masters of Applied Linguistics from the University of New England.

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