BetBTC sportsbook review

Overall 62%
Website 6/10
Odds 6/10
Range of bets 3/10
Transactions 5/10
Customer service 7/10
Privacy & security 9/10
Established: 2016
Located: Germany
Minimum bet: 1 mBTC
Maximum bet: Whatever other users will match.

BetBTC is one of bitcoin’s best betting exchanges. They have achieved this by copying the industry leader, Betfair.

On a betting exchange you don’t bet against the operator but rather the operator matches your bets with the bets of other users who have the opposite opinion to you. It’s more complicated so there is a learning curve but it gives you more options and control with your betting.

BetBTC also has a dice game (review). Bitcoin’s other good betting exchange is Fairlay (review).


BetBTC has a nice, clear layout and options.

The bet history, profit and loss and account statements are fantastic. They are copied from Betfair and give more fine-grain detail and filtering options than any other bitcoin sportsbook.

There are a few imperfections, the list of soccer leagues is not ordered alphabetically or by popularity which makes it harder to find the league you are looking for.

We were disappointed to see no NBA games listed for betting in the middle of the playoffs when multiple games were scheduled for the next 48 hours. Sporadically missing important leagues and games is a regular occurrence.


Sportsbook’s overround: 7.06%

50:50 equivalent: 1.86

BetBTC take 4% commission when you win, this translates to a low 2% overround.

The problem is there is very little liquidity in the markets meaning there is a large difference between the back and lay odds (think buy/sell spread). This lowers the odds.

On less popular markets there would be slippage lowering the odds even more. Or you would have to post your own odds and hope someone else matches them, which is awesome but requires patients.

Range of bets

Range of sports, leagues and events: Very small.

Range of bet types per event: Very small.


Unique deposit addresses: Not available.

Confirmations before bet: 3.

Withdrawal time: Instant!

Player to player transfer: Not available.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: On-site contact form. There is a live chat box but it is usually unmanned.

Speed of replies: Live chat is not available 24/7. Our emails took about 15 hours to be replied to.

Accuracy of replies: Very good, most questions are probably replied to by the owner-operator.

Real life customer service test

Question: What happens with NHL hockey bets if the game ends in a draw and is won in overtime or in a penalty shootout?


In Ice Hockey Events we usually have 2 "winner" markets, one is the Moneyline, which has no draw (result after OT/Penalty) and we have the match odds market that includes the Draw and is the result after the regulamentar time.

Notes: Apart from the spelling and grammar errors this is a good answer for its detail and accuracy.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: None, not even an email address.

2 factor authentication: Available.

BetBTC has the equal best privacy security of all sportsbooks.


The betting exchange is a wonderful model, it teaches you how odds work from the bettor’s side and from the sportsbook’s side and gives you unparalleled options and control with your betting.

BetBTC almost pull off the betting exchange model well, they just need to manage and seed their own markets better. For now betting at one of the higher ranked sportsbook on this site is simply a better option.

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  1. Anonymous 2 years ago

    If you are looking for a good place to bet don’t look anywhere else, these guys are professional and know what they are doing. With the proper number of users this would be the best place to bet on the whole internet. Bet with confidence here.
    I am a pioneer member and my winnings already exceed 20btc. Now there are even instant payments.

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