Lunarbets review

Overall 75%
Ease of use 8/10
Odds 10/10
Range of bets 5/10
Live betting 0/10
Transactions 5/10
Customer service 8/10
Privacy and security 8/10
Established: 2016
Located: UK
Minimum bet: 3 m₿
Maximum bet: 57,000 m₿
Bitcoin BTC

Lunarbets is a pure sports betting experience, there is no casino, dancing monkeys or social media banners to distract you, just a beautiful sportsbook.

Lunarbets still have a few creases to iron out. They are hard core bitcoiners and tech geeks but not sports betting experts.

Ease of Use

This is one of the most visually beautiful and well designed sportsbooks we have ever seen, it’s a pleasure to bet on.

The special banners for some games give a real sense of occasion. All the ‘My Account’ features like your betting history have good detail and are well presented.

Live betting is missing and there are a few little imperfections like mislabeled markets and the copyright year being out of date.


We have seen the odds at Lunarbets yoyo up and down from great value to terrible. I suspect this was as a result of them being a new sportsbook and refining their risk model but for now the odds are amongst best in the world.

Lunarbets has the equal best odds of all sportsbooks.

Range of bets


Customer service

Real life customer service test

Question: What happens to tennis bets if a player retires due to injury?


If a match is not completed because of player retirement or disqualification, all bets on the outcome are still valid and will be based on the official declared winner. All bets on the spread or total will be refunded.

Notes: Perfect response as always from Lunarbets.

Privacy and security


Lunarbets is a beautiful and fun website to bet on with great odds. They need to be more consistent with the leagues the offer and apply more attention to the sports betting details. If they do that Lunarbets will be one of the best sportsbooks in the world.

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Lunarbets Bitcoin Sportsbook Review

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  1. Punter Advice 1 year ago

    Lunarbets claims to be regulated in the U.K. This is a total lie. Bitcoin is not regulated by U.K. gaming commission. Something like this is a MASSIVE red flag for any bettor. It’s bitcoin, therefore grey already so why blatantly lie in the T&C’s.

  2. Luke 2 years ago

    The site is unplayable for American Football. That is yet another stake in the heart for American money. I am fine if this isn’t their market. I am just saying this site isn’t a consideration during the biggest sports betting season in the US.

    Also, comparing prices using decimal odds does have a serious set back when it comes to American sports. Prices are quoted in decimals for local bookmakers so you have to do the conversion. That sucks. I don’t care if it is lazy or not it is an aggravation and I am the customer.

    I don’t care if American odds are inferior or not. I’m American I want American odds. Lunar doesn’t offer them yet. Decimals are for communists.

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