2014 Super Bowl 48 crypto betting guide

bitcoin betting superbowl 49

There is a crypto flavor to the XLVIII Super Bowl with Seattle Seahawks starting cornerback Richard Sherman accepting Bitcoin on his website, and the Seahawks themselves rumored to do the same soon.

We have seen discussions on the forum about waving crypto signs or QR codes at the stadium. The game will be in New York/New Jersey, the current epicentre of crypto drama with Charlie Shrem’s arrest and the New York Department of Financial Services hearings happening days before the big game.

The 2014 Super Bowl will be a lot of people’s first experience betting with crypto which is far superior to betting with government currency as we explain in crypto betting 101, so you could use general information about American football crypto betting.

2 of the best crypto sportsbooks each have a different reason to be considered for Super Bowl betting.

  1. Nitrogen has the best odds and a decent range of prop bets.
  2. Cloudbet has better live betting, better bonuses and higher bet limits.

For full details of all the sportsbooks check the crypto sportsbook reviews. See the odds side by side with Bitodds comparison and remember you can bet live in play as well as pregame!

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