The 2016 Euros will be the highest stakes and best quality football played for years, and it will be great to bet on with crypto! The big news is that we have 24 teams instead of the usual 16. This means a handful of unpredictable minor nations with nothing to lose are here to stir things up! This will result in more big upsets and more high-scoring games.

Only 1 of these bottom 8 teams needs to go very well to be the big story of the tournament. Many of them have a better chance of winning it than Greece did when they won in 2004. The expansion gives us 51 games of drama and action to profit from instead of 31 in previous Euros.

Where to bet

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Soccer betting tips and advice

The main characteristics that differentiate soccer crypto betting from other sports are that it is low scoring and draws are common. These differences have given rise to a couple of fun and profitable soccer bet types that you don’t see in other sports.

There are usually about 3 goals a game, which means it is well within the bettor’s ability to predict the exact score. Correct score betting is a lot of fun and can be very profitable because even the most likely score has high odds so small bets can win you a lot of money.

Applying a spread with a hook (that is a number of goals with a .5 at the end) is often used to eliminate the possibility of a draw in soccer betting. There is also the “draw no bet” market where you bet on Team A or Team B and if the game is a draw your bet will be refunded.

The prevalence of draws is also a money-making opportunity. Most bettors back the team they think is more likely to win without considering the draw. This is why sportsbooks love draws. The odds for the draw are always over 3, so you only need to pick the draw correctly 1 out of 3 times to be profitable.

Tournament betting strategies

There are only 3 words you need to know for guaranteed profitable soccer tournament betting “Bet against England” 😉 But there are ways to make money on the other games as well.

Pick a team that won’t win the tournament and bet against them until they lose a game

There are at least 10 teams with no realistic chance of lifting this trophy. That means they will have to lose a game (or fail to advance) at some point in the torment. So there are 10 winning bets for you there.

It’s safe to increase your bet after every loss with this strategy because this is a short tournament. The maximum losing streak is only 7 games.

Bet underdogs or draws until one wins

The value is usually on the underdog or draw. The fact that all the games are played one after the other, rather than simultaneously, makes this strategy easy to implement. It’s safe to increase your bets after every loss with this strategy because the high odds mean your stakes will not increase too fast.

Note that in the elimination stage of the tournament, your match odds bets will only apply to the 90 minutes of regular time plus injury time, making the draw a possible result. However, if the game ends in a draw there will be 30 minutes of extra time and then penalty shootouts to decide which team qualifies for the next round. For this reason, I prefer to bet on the “team to advance” market in the elimination stage.

What not to do

Listen to pundits

Don’t listen to media pundits. They are either biased or their “analysis” is designed to be entertaining, not accurate. TV producers often tell the “experts” what they should predict to make for an interesting segment. Websites will publish articles and tweets that are most likely to spread, not most likely to be correct.

Bet on the outright tournament winner

Don’t bet on the outright tournament winner market unless it’s just for fun. If that team is going to win you will get much better value picking them in individual games. That allows you to use a staking plan and to make money if the team do well in the tournament but does not win it all.

This is going to be an awesome Euro and loads of fun to watch if you have some skin in the game.

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