2017 Super Bowl 51 crypto betting guide

  For this year's Super Bowl please see the odds comparison

We go into more detail about everything in this table in our NFL betting guide and our written and video crypto sportsbook reviews. All the sportsbooks we mention are end-to-end full crypto. You can get the highest possible payout for your bet by using our odds comparison below.

Sportsbook comparison for Super Bowl betting

3470,000InstantEmail, 18+91%
19279,1981-180 minEmail, 18+90%
6332,00010-60 minNone89%
5246934-10 hoursEmail76%

* m฿. For comparison we are using the max bet on the moneyline – New England Patriots

Who has the best odds

See the odds comparison to get the highest payout for your bet.

Prediction and tips

The Patriots are a team with no weaknesses, more experience and a better defense than their opponents. That does not mean they can’t lose but it’s hard to find a logical reason to bet against them. In short, bet the Pats.

A golden rule of sports betting is to not pay attention to media pundits. They are paid to be entertaining not accurate. They will often predict results that allow them to be more interesting even if they don’t believe it themselves.

Have fun crypto betting!

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