2018 FIFA World Cup bitcoin betting guide


Every 4 years sports bettors go to heaven for a month. We know the quality will be top notch and the human drama will be palpable. Complex interwoven relationships of money, politics and altruism will meet raw emotions of triumph and despair. Heroes will fall and sinners will know redemption as traditions meet cutting edge technology all in 90 minute celebrations of football.

As bettors we know there will be 64 games with only 16 of those played simultaneously with 1 other game. There will be huge betting limits and in-play betting on 100s of bet types. See this guide for general information about bitcoin soccer betting.

  1. Where to bet
  2. World Cup bet types
  3. World Cup betting strategies
  4. Live betting
  5. How to profit betting on the World Cup

Where to bet

Who has the best odds?

You can see which bitcoin sportsbook has the best odds for the bet you want to make on our soccer odds comparisons. You can see which sportsbook has the best odds overall on our best odds sportsbook rankings.

Who has the biggest range of bets?

Of all bitcoin sportsbook Cloudbet (review) (Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and USA bettors must use a VPN)has the biggest range of bets on soccer with over 80 different betting markets per game on the big European leagues. Sportsbet (review) (US, UK and Australian bettors must use a VPN)is right there with them offering over 60 different bet types per game.

For example on Cloudbet you can bet on everything down to in which half the away team will score more goals. On Sportsbet you can bet on the “result” at the 10 minute mark.

Who has the best live betting?

Sportsbet has the best live betting on Soccer. This is mostly due to the attractive and easy to use live betting interface. The live betting features like live scores and “accept odds changes?” work better on Sportsbet than anywhere else.

Who is the best allround sportsbook?

See our detailed written and video bitcoin sportsbook reviews for all the top options. We think Sportsbet, Cloudbet and Nitrogen are the best, in that order.

World Cup bet types

Apart from the most common sports bet types and the unique soccer bet types there are a few bet types that are unique to the World cup given the tournament structure.

Knockout stages – team to advance

During the knockout stages make sure you know if you are betting on the result at the end of normal time, which is the standard “Home/Draw/Away” market. Or if you are betting on which team will go through to the next round, which is the “Team to advance” market.

The team to advance market could be decided by extra time or penalties and the draw is not a possibility.

World Cup tournament winner betting

Betting on a team to win a tournament before it has begun is a classic rookie mistake. You are better off betting on that team to win individual games that would count toward winning the tournament. The tournament winner markets have higher sportsbook’s overround which means less value for you.

If you are right about that team being the eventual champions you have found an edge and betting on individual games gives you more chances to take advantage of your edge and to apply a staking plan to it.

The same applies for “Tournament goals per team” or “Total tournament red cards” or any futures markets of that kind where you can bet on the same thing in individual games.

World Cup betting strategies

A betting systems is a method of making selections to bet on and a staking plan of how much to bet on each selection.

How much to stake per bet

You need to be able to survive a bad run. If you’re staking 10% of your bankroll per bet you can only go on a losing streak 10 bets long before you go bust.

A martingale staking plan has you increase your stakes during a losing streak enough that when you eventually win you recover all the losses. You should have a stop loss or be willing to lose your whole bankroll if you want to run a martingale.

You can also try a positive progression staking plan which can be seen as an inverse martingale. This is where you increase your stakes during a winning streak to risk a certain % of the streak’s accumulated profit.

Those are staking plans, as for the selections here are a few potential World Cup betting systems to get you thinking.

Bet the draw

Most people bet on soccer games when they have an opinion on who will win. Sportsbooks make their money on the fact that there are so many draws and so few people backing the draw. With the odds of the draw always over 3.00 you only need to pick 1 in 3 correctly to make a profit!

Bet against a team until they lose

It’s easy to come up with 12 teams that have no chance of winning the World Cup. Just throw in the entire African, Asian and North American confederations. If a team can’t win the World Cup they will have to lose a game (or not advance) at some point. There are 12 winning bets for you right there!

In the rare case that one of the bottom teams goes on to win the whole thing, like Greece did in the 2004 Euros, the tournament structure provides a built in stop loss. The underdogs winning run can only last 7 matches long then the tournament is over, so there is a limit on how many bets you can lose. You also got 11 winning bets from the other teams you thought could not win.

Bet underdogs until one wins

In all sports betting, the value is more often on the underdog and there is nothing more exciting than outsmarting the market by picking an underdog and watching them get up. With the higher odds you can afford to be wrong about 75% of the time and still make a profit.

Live betting

Live betting on soccer is different than most other sports. Most other sports have built in breaks in play such as timeouts, change of innings or time between rounds. Soccer only has half time which is a great opportunity to bet live in play but you will also find yourself betting as play is ongoing.

There are a lot of inefficiencies in live markets and therefore a lot of chances to get value bets on and make profit. Live betting also allows you to trade out of a position you took pre-game as more information becomes available, information like, you know, the score.

How to profit betting on the World Cup

  • Follow these points on how to be a winning sports bettor.
  • Don’t pay attention to media pundits. They are paid to be entertaining not accurate.
  • Try both pre-game betting and live in-play betting, to find out which suits you better.
  • Get the highest possible payout for every bet by using our odds comparisons.
  • Obviously, bet against England 😉

Have fun betting.


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