Free real money survivor community pool

The NFL season kicks off in less than a week and with it the Nitrogen 30 m฿ NFL survivor community pool!

The community pool is entirely free and requires no buy-in! All of our Nitrogen referrals are eligible to take part.

There are several other Nitrogen free pools but you’ll only be able to gain entry into selected free pools once, so why not increase the odds of winning by entering multiple pools, starting with our community pool?

Remember that you can only pick one team to win their game during each week of the NFL season, but you can only select a team once for the whole season. Playing in multiple pools allows you to diversify your picks and focus on different strategies.

Enter the community pool

Gaining an entry into Nitrogen’s 30 m฿ NFL survivor community pool is a breeze!

Just follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Sign up at Nitrogen using our link
    Sign-up is instant and anonymous and no deposit is required to take part in this offer!
  2. Comment your Nitrogen user number on this post
    Comment below with your Nitrogen user number (top right corner of Nitrogen’s site) so Nitrogen knows who to put in the survivor pool. Don’t worry your account will remain secure.

The deadline to enter is the 6th of September, so don’t delay your entry!

You will gain access to the pool and be able to make your picks a day before the start of the season.

The 2021 NFL survivor pool guide

To get you started, we’ve made 2 crucial pieces of information available to you:

Things to consider when picking your teams

We’ll start off with 3 simple tips, but there are more in-depth explanations and strategies at the links above.

  1. Don’t pick your strongest teams first, you may need them to bail you out later.
  2. You need to zig when the crowd zags.
  3. Let the odds be your guide – but be sensible about it as others do the same.

The crowds are back!

Following several COVID restrictions during the previous season, this year’s NHL season will be slightly different. Some of the changes have the potential to be far-reaching as we’ll elaborate on below:

In 2020 the home advantage was diminished due to no supporters being allowed in stadiums. Well, that period has come to end and fans are due to be back in attendance, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

New NFL COVID rules to have big implications

The NFL has taken a clear strategy with its 2021 COVID rules. If a team is forced to reschedule a match because of a Coronavirus breakout among unvaccinated players, and the match can’t be replayed during the regular season, the team will have to forfeit the match and players on both teams won’t get paid.

The 2 teams with the lowest vaccination rate are the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Football Team. These teams are reported to have under 50% of players vaccinated. So it would be wise to be cautious around their matches. Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos have the highest rate, so should gain a competitive advantage here. Teams that reach 85% vaccination rates are allowed more freedom in team facilities, among other benefits.

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