The World Cup is hotting up seriously at this point in time. The games are coming thick and fast. After just a single game on the first day, three games on the second day, the third day is giving viewers four games to enjoy. It means that we can take a close look at what we think is likely to take place in each game that’s lined up. With our predictions, you can select the best bets for your requirements as well as choose the right market to wager on.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: H2H and Predictions

There’s not going to be a huge amount of value to be found in the first fixture of the day. The moneyline is certainly not where good value is available. In a H2H it’s safe to say that Argentina is the most likely winner in this game. There is some value to be found if you look into other markets though.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: H2H Handicap Market

If you want to bet on the result of the game then this could be the one to do it. The England and Iran games showed that high-scoring games are possible in the desert heat of Qatar. Argentina arguably has more attacking talent at their disposal than England and Saudi Arabia is arguably a weaker team than Iran. It means that there’s every chance that we could see the men in blue and white winning by 3 or 4 goals.

This means that if you go for a -2 or -3 handicap on Argentina to win, you could get much better odds and therefore a better payout. With this World Cup looking likely to be Messi’s swansong, it means he is likely to want to start off with a bang.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: H2H Over/Under Market

This is one that could definitely see some value being found. It’s likely that it could be a slow start to the game. It means that if you want to lay on over 1.5 goals in the first half, waiting until the 20th minute to do so could give you a much better return. Of course, if Argentina or Saudi Arabia score early then this throws that plan out of the window. However, if it is Saudi Arabia who strikes first, it could lead to Argentina throwing far more men forward which is when the over/under market is well worth looking closely at.

With our best crypto sportsbooks offering some excellent odds to players, this is where you could find some excellent value.

Denmark vs Tunisia: H2H and Predictions

This is a game that’s not going to raise too many eyebrows. Lots of people will see two unfashionable teams and not really think too much about it. That’s a mistake in our view. Denmark are the definite dark horses to go far in the tournament. Not only did they have an excellent qualifying campaign but they also won out over France in the Nation’s League. They’re a team with quality in the right places and can beat anyone on their day.

Denmark vs Tunisia: H2H Goal Scorer Market

Tunisia are at their second World Cup in a row, but being realistic they shouldn’t cause Denmark too many problems. With Christian Eriksen making his triumphant return to international football after his near-fatal incident at the Euros, he will want to make a mark for more positive reasons at the World Cup. A wager on Eriksen to score anytime in this game is definitely a bet that stands out.

However, as the first goalscorer, our prediction would be Kaspar Dolberg. A criminally underrated striker who has a high ceiling. He might not be spoken about in the same breath as Erling Haaland, but Dolberg is still one of the top strikers from Northern Europe.

Denmark vs Tunisia: H2H Over/Under Market

With the moneyline not providing a huge amount of value, it falls on the over/under market to show the real value of this game. This shouldn’t be too high scoring of a game. Denmark are known for being very tight in defense, so Tunisian goals will be unlikely. The Danes are also not much of a high-scoring side.

So, expect under 2.5 goals in this game. If Denmark gets an early goal then a wager on under 1.5 goals in the first half and under 2.5 goals in the game is definitely a bet that could provide good value.

Mexico vs Poland: H2H and Predictions

Possibly the most difficult game to call out of the day’s fixtures. Mexico is a side in a state of flux. The national team has taken Raul Jimenez as one of its main strikers. But, the Wolves man has spent the majority of the season either out of form or out injured. Add to this he’s clearly not the same player he was before his life-threatening injury and you have a side without its talisman. Poland on the other hand does not have that problem. Robert Lewandowski is fighting fit and in good form for Barcelona. Despite these issues, the overall ability of each squad is pretty much even.

Mexico vs Poland: H2H Goalscorer Markets

Lewandowski as both first goalscorer and anytime goalscorer is the most solid bet to place here. He might have missed out on scoring at a World Cup in his previous appearances, but don’t expect him to make the same mistake here. It’s probably his last chance at a World Cup, so he will want to make a legacy for himself. Goals are the name of his game, so expect something from him here.

France vs Australia: H2H and Predictions

Potentially the easiest of all games to call. France was favorites for the whole tournament at one point, but with Pogba and Benzema withdrawing and Varane still not fully fit, they’re not quite as formidable as many thought before. However, it would be foolish to rule them out as there’s still a huge amount of talent in the squad. Tchouameni looks as though he has the talent to step up to the world stage. Mbappe will likely want to make this his World Cup, especially after his dynamite performance four years ago. Australia are not a strong side, especially when compared to past squads, so this could be an uncomfortable day for the Socceroos!

France vs Australia: H2H Goal Scorers Market

There are a few choices you can look at here. Mbappe as an anytime goalscorer is always a good one to look at. The first goalscorer is a bet to avoid in this game as there are so many players who could potentially break the ice. Griezmann, Dembele and Giroud are all just as likely to grab the first goal as Mbappe is. If you want to place a parlay on anytime goalscorers then any combination of those four players would be a good selection. If you’re feeling risky, then all four could offer a good level of return.

France vs Australia: H2H Over/Under Market

The H2H between these two screams one thing: A France win. On top of this, it’s likely to be by a significant margin. As such, looking at over 2.5 goals for this game could be a sensible bet to look at. Using the in-play betting market would be a great way for you to increase the odds here, especially if France gets off to a slow start.

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