Awesome bitcoin gifts from the community

Bitcoin and free stuff are 2 of my 2 favorite things. So I am glad that by being actively involved in the bitcoin community I have been gifted great bitcoin related items.

The server we ran this site from

For 15 months this website was hosted on a virtual private server (VPS) that we got from this r/bitcoin giveaway. The provider was Forked Networking and the uptime and performance were good until the end. It was exactly what we needed because the old shared hosting could not run the python scripts required to populate the odds comparisons.

Bitcoin bumper stickers


I got great bumper stickers from a passionate bitcoiner as per this r/bitcoin post. They fit nicely on the side boxes and really stand out, being blue against the red bike. The bitmobile with a foreigner riding it gets attention here which means bitcoin gets attention as when people notice the bike they also ask me about the bitcoin stickers.

5 T-shirts


I got the above pictured Nitrogen Sports (review) t-shirt in a social media sharing giveaway they did. Then the Betcoin (review) jersey was part of this giveaway.

I got a beautiful bitcoin t-shirt from a 99 Bitcoin giveaway asking visitors to submit ideas for bitcoin t-shirts; here are my winning suggestions. I got a t-shirt for verifying my identity and I got a Bittrex t-shirt at the Seattle bitcoin meetup.

It’s nice when people ask about my shirt and I get to tell them about bitcoin. It’s even better when I meet someone who already knows what the shirt is because we are both down the same rabbit hole and have a lot to talk about.

Fruit hamper in hospital


This is the best one of all as it was personal, thoughtful and unexpected. I was riding the bitmobile with my Betcoin (review) T-shirt when a dog came out of nowhere and caused me to crash and brake my collarbone requiring surgery as pictured above.

Like any generation Y my first priority was to post about it on Facebook, where a few of the guys are my friends. We have not met but I use rebit to pay rent, bills, phone top up and most of my expenses. They saw what happened and when I came out of the surgery I was delighted to see I had received a fruit hamper, a get well soon card and a warm fuzzy feeling from them. combines cutting edge technology with pinoy heart.

Custom portrait from Cointelegraph

cointelegraph portrait

Popular bitcoin news website Cointelegraph asked bitcoiners on facebook to send pics of themselves that they would then give there distinctive artistic treatment to and include in an article. As you can see they were as good as their word.

Hardware wallet

I got a ledger nano from mBit (review) for having bet over a certain amount. They have other bonuses on at the moment.

Tips and so much more

I have been tipped about 100 mBTC by other community members and I also got a free NFC bitcoin wallet from Tagger.

The biggest thing I have given to my fellow bitcoiners was 2 passes to the Melbourne Inside Bitcoin conference via my local meetup.

So r/bitcoin is the most lucrative place on Reddit unless you are a hot girl selling custom butt pics. Even so, by far the most valuable thing I have got from the community is the camaraderie, entertainment, knowledge, new perspectives and stimulating discussions about bitcoin and the current financial system. Please use the comments to tell us about any sweet bitcoin gifts you have given or received.


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