Betting my way to Russia

This is the first in a series of posts in which I will try to follow my team all the way to the World Cup in Russia, and pay for it all with bitcoins I win betting on the games!

I will add up all the expenses for the trip, then I will bet to win that amount during the World Cup. I am attempting to live every sports fan’s dream without really paying for it!

Given my team is Australia I am including both Socceroos’ home and away qualifying playoffs. First against Syria for the last qualification spot from Asian. Then our intercontinental playoff against Honduras.

Those 2 qualification playoffs and the tournament itself, make this a 3-part project. I will treat the expenses and bets separately for each part.

The expenses

Full details will be posted on each parts report. I will pay with bitcoin as much as possible including Expedia for accommodation and CheapAir for flights.

Where I cannot pay with bitcoin directly I will use my Bitpay visa debit card. The card is loaded with bitcoin but spends US dollars like any visa card.

The bets

Full details will be posted on each part’s report. I will bet wherever I see value. For the qualification playoffs I might simply bet on Australia to win through. In the tournament, itself I might use these betting strategies with a stop loss;

  • Bet against teams that will not win the tournament until they lose a game or fail to progress.
  • Bet the draw until one happens.
  • Bet underdogs until one wins.

I will bet at whichever of the top ranked bitcoin sportsbooks has the best odds on the bet I want to make. I will post my bet slips for verification.


Part 1 - Asian qualifying playoff: Australia vs Syria

1st-leg preview
1st-leg report
2nd-leg preview
2nd-leg report

Amount spent: 886 m฿
Amount won: 886 m฿

Part 2 – Intercontinental playoff: Australia vs Honduras

1st-leg preview
1st-leg report
2nd-leg preview
2nd-leg report

Amount spent: 939 m฿
Amount won: 947 m฿

Part 3 - 2018 World Cup finals in Russia

Match week 1 preview
Amount spent: 662
Amount won/lost: Pending

Betting my way to Russia in pictures

Photos of my travels following the Socceroos World Cup qualification journey in Malaysia, Australia & Honduras. All paid for with bitcoin I won betting on the games!

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  1. Tony McCann 7 months ago

    Awesome Idea mate, best of luck on your journey and go Aus!

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