Business of Betting reference list


The Business of Betting is the world’s leading gambling podcast. It features intelligent conversations with professional bettors, operators, academics and technologists.

Guests often recommend tools and resources, such as websites, books and podcasts which helped them succeed in the gambling industry. I have collated and distilled all 450 recommendations into these lists

Business of Betting podcast profile

One host interviewing guests in audio only.

Date range
April 20th 2017 – Present.

Number of episodes
109 (as of October 2019).

Episode length
Roughly 50 minutes.

Episode frequency
Roughly weekly.

Betfair Australia, from episode 26 onward.

Full reference list

This list is complete up to episode 109. Recommendations which are the guests own work are indicated with a pencil icon 


We record resources that guests (including the host) use or recommend. We don’t record resources that are merely mentioned in passing. We don’t record resources that are not related to gambling or personal or professional development. We don’t record resources that are mentioned negatively.

  • Authors

    In these cases authors were recommended without a specific book being mentioned. More authors are listed in the books table and I summarize the most recommended books and authors in the professional gambler’s reading list .

    Amos TverskyJake Williams50
    Andrew BeyerDominic Beirne3
    Andrew BeyerPaul Daily6
    Andrew BeyerVince Accardi12
    Bill JamesGeorge EVBettor63
    Daniel KahnemanRalph Horowitz2
    Don ScottDominic Beirne3
    Don ScottPaul Daily6 & 136
    Don ScottNathan Snow11
    Don ScottVince Accardi12
    Don ScottDaniel O'Sulivan17
    Don ScottPeter Todd37
    Don ScottRob Waterhouse60
    Don ScottAdam Blencowe65
    Edward O. ThorpVictor Haghani, Jake Williams21
    Edward O. ThorpJake Williams63
    Howard SartinVince Accardi12
    Joseph BuchdahlShaun Beirne1
    Malcolm GladwellJake Williams4
    Malcolm GladwellScott Ferguson35
    Michael LewisScott Ferguson35
    Nassim Nicholas TalebRalph Horowitz2
    Nassim Nicholas TalebJake Williams57
    Nick MordinDominic Beirne3
    Richard H. ThalerVictor Haghani21
    Tom BrohamerDominic Beirne3
  • Bloggers and Journalists

    In these cases Bloggers and Journalists were recommended without a specific article or websites being mentioned.

    Adam ChernoffSports bettingAdam Chernoff4
    Adam ChernoffSports bettingChris Connelly10
    Adam ChernoffSports bettingJake Williams19.5 (bonus)
    Arthur HarrisHorse racingMark Rhoden49
    Ben ColeyGolf bettingScott Ferguson35
    Bill Connelly

    Collage footballJoey Knish88
    Chad MillmanWestgate SupercontestJake Williams33
    Kevin O'ConnorBasketballJosh Lloyd7
    Ted KnutsonMagic the GatheringMatthew Trenhaile56
  • Books

    Authors who were recommended without any specific book being mentioned are listed in the authors table. I summarize the most recommended books and authors in the professional gambler’s reading list.

    Aaron BrownThe poker face of wall streetVictor Haghani21
    Adam KucharskiThe perfect betDominic Beirne3
    Alan Potts Against the crowdMatt Bisogno45
    Atul GawandeThe checklist manifestoAdam Chernoff4
    Atul GawandeThe checklist manifestoJake Williams49
    Benjamin GrahamThe intelligent investorAdam Chernof4
    Bob WilkinsBioenergetics & racehorse ratingsDominic Beirne3
    Brendan Moynihan, Jim PaulWhat I learned losing a million dollarsScott Ferguson35
    Caan BerryBetfair trading made simpleCaan Berry53
    Carol Tavirs, Elliot AronsonMistakes were made (but not by me)Dominic Beirne3
    Cass R. SunsteinThe ethics of influenceDr Sally Gainsbury27
    Chris B. BrownThe essential smart footballGeorge EVBettor63
    Daniel Kahneman, Victoe HaghaniThinking, fast & slowRalph Horowitz2
    Daniel Kahneman, Victoe HaghaniThinking, fast & slowDominic Beirne3
    Daniel Kahneman, Victoe HaghaniThinking, fast & slowJake Williams20
    Daniel Kahneman, Victoe HaghaniThinking, fast & slowPeter Webb47
    Daniel Kahneman, Victoe HaghaniThinking, fast & slowJames Willoughby86
    Dean OliverBasketball on paperAlok Pattani54
    Dean OliverBasketball on paperGeorge EVBettor63
    Dean OliverBasketball on paperEd Feng67
    Daniel WestonMastering Tennis TradingMastering Tennis Trading87
    Ed FangHow to win your NCAA tournament poolEd Fang67
    Edward O. Thorp, William Ziemba, Leonard MacLeanThe Kelly capital growth investment criterionWilliam Ziemba29
    Edward O. ThorpA man for all marketsJake Williams29
    Edward O. ThorpA man for all marketsJake Williams40
    Edward O. ThorpA man for all marketsJake Williams47
    Edward O. ThorpBeat the dealerPeter Webb47
    Ed Miller, Matthew DavidowThe logic of sports bettingEd Miller, Matthew Davidow96
    Ed Miller, Matthew DavidowThe logic of sports bettingDink105
    Eliot JacobsonAdvanced advantage playSpanky Sports68
    Elihu Feustel, George HowardConquering riskScott Ferguson35
    Elihu Feustel, George HowardConquering riskSpanky Sports68
    Greg McKeownEssentialismRufus Peabody82
    Harry FindlayGambling for lifeHarry Findlay25
    Harry FindlayGambling for lifeDarren Potter40
    Hannah FryHello worldSimon Rowlands91
    I. Nelson Rose
    Gambling & the lawSpanky Sports68
    James GrosjeanBeyond countingSpanky Sports68
    James SurowieckiThe wisdom of crowdsDominic Beirne3
    James SurowieckiThe wisdom of crowdsSteward Davidson42
    James SurowieckiThe wisdom of crowdsJuilian Gauld58
    James TippettThe football codeRyan Carruthers31
    Jared TendlerThe mental game of pokerJared Tendler62
    Jared TendlerThe mental game of pokerLuke MacDonald87
    Jared TendlerThe mental game of poker 2Jared Tendler62
    Jared TendlerThe mental game of poker 2Luke MacDonald87
    Jim Albert, Mark E. Glickman, et allHandbook of statistical methods and analyses in sportsJames Willoughby86
    Jonathan RauchThe happiness curveLuke MacDonald87
    Joe PetaTrading basesScott Ferguson35
    Joe PetaTrading basesJake Williams104
    Joe PetaTrading basesJake Williams43
    Joe PetaTrading basesJake Williams84
    Joe PetaTrading basesJake Williams63
    Joseph BuchdahlHow to find a black cat in a coal cellarJoseph Buchdahl48
    Joseph BuchdahlSquares & sharps, suckers & sharksJoseph Buchdahl48
    King YaoWeighing the odds in sports bettingEric Waz81
    Leonard MlodiThe drunkard's walkDominic Beirne3
    Malcolm GladwellOutliersDean Evens39
    Malcolm GladwellOutliersRob Waterhouse60
    Malcolm GladwellBlinkGill Alexander72
    Mark DouglasTrading in the zoneLuke MacDonald87
    Michael E. Gerber The e-myth revisitedJuilian Gauld58
    Michael LewisMoneyballRalph Horowitz2
    Michael LewisMoneyballAlok Pattani54
    Michael LewisMoneyballEd Fang67
    Michael LewisMoneyballGill Alexander72
    Nassim Nicholas TalebFooled by randomnessDominic Beirne3
    Nassim Nicholas TalebFooled by randomnessJake Williams4
    Nassim Nicholas TalebFooled by randomnessJames Willoughby86
    Nassim Nicholas TalebFooled by randomnessRyan Carruthers31
    Nassim Nicholas TalebFooled by randomnessRufus Peabody82
    Nassim Nicholas TalebAntifragileJames Willoughby86
    Nassim Nicholas TalebAntifragileJake Williams4
    Nassim Nicholas TalebAntifragileJake Williams26
    Nassim Nicholas TalebAntifragileJake Williams31
    Nassim Nicholas TalebThe black swanJake Williams19.5 (bonus)
    Nassim Nicholas TalebThe black swanScott Ferguson35
    Nate SilverThe signal and the noiseRufus Peabody82
    Nicholas LovellThe curveRalph Horowitz2
    Nick MordinBetting for a livingMatt Bisogno45
    Nir EyalHookedDr Sally Gainsbury27
    Patrick VeitchEnemy number oneDarren Potter40
    Peter SainsburyThe winning formulaPeter Sainsbury 99
    Philip E. Tetlock, Dan GardnerSuperforecastingRalph Horowitz2
    Philip E. Tetlock, Dan GardnerSuperforecastingSpanky Sports68
    Rem PlanteThe Australian horse racing & punters guideMarc Lambourne9
    Richard H. ThalerMisbehavingAdam Chernoff, Jake Williams4
    Richard H. ThalerMisbehavingJake Williams21
    Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. SunsteinNudgeAdam Chernof4
    Stanford WongSharp sports bettingSpanky Sports68
    Stanford WongSharp sports bettingGill Alexander72
    Stanford WongSharp sports bettingEric Waz81
    Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. DubnerFreakonomicsDominic Beirne3
    Tobias Moskowitz, L. Jon WertheimScorecastingJuilian Gauld58
    Tobias Moskowitz, L. Jon WertheimScorecastingSpanky Sports68
    William PoundstoneFortune's formulaDarren Potter40
    William PoundstoneFortune's formulaJake Williams63
    William Ziemba, Donald B HauschEfficiency of racetrack betting marketsWilliam Ziemba29
    William ZiembaCalendar anomalies & arbitrageWilliam Ziemba29
  • Gambling identities

    Bill BenterHorse racing bettorPaul Daily6 & 136
    Bill BenterHorse racing bettorLeighton Vaughan Williams55
    Bill BenterHorse racing bettorMatthew Trenhaile56
    Bob Voulgarisbasketball bettingStephen Rothwell70
    Dan OsullivanHorse racing trainerNathan Snow11
    Dan OsullivanHorse racing trainerVince Accardi12
    Dr BobSports bettingGill Alexander72
    Mark LambourneHorse racing bettorJack Dickens Dicko69
    Phil BullHorse racing timesRob Waterhouse60
    Phil BullHorse racing timesSimon Rowlands91
    RJ BellLas Vegas tipsterIan Epstein, Luke Pergande18
    Rufus PeabodySports bettorGill Alexander72
    Rob WaterhouseHorse racing bookmakerLuke Murrell66
    Spanky US sports bettingDink105
    The computer groupLas Vegas sportsbettingDink105
    Tony BloomSoccer bettorHarry Findlay25
    Tony BrasselHorse racing sectionalsVince Accardi12
  • Magazines

    The Racing Post used to be a magazine but now it is more often used as a data and tipping website, as such it is listed in that category instead of here.

    The SportsmanHorse racingDominic Beirne3
    The SportsmanHorse racingMarc Lambourne9
    The SportsmanHorse racingMark Rhoden49
  • Movies

    See summaries, previews and Rotten Tomato scores for all sportsbetting movies here.

    2 for the MoneyJake Williams14
    8 Men OutBitEdge14
    The GamblerBitEdge14
    Owning MahownyJake Williams, BitEdge14
    RoundersChris Connelly10
    RoundersBrett Richey59
  • Operators (offline)

    I detail the most recommended operators here.

    The Hong Kong Jockey Club have been recommended several times, and given they run a tote, they could be considered an operator. However they are not included here because they are primarily a sports administration body.

    AriaLas Vegas sportsbookChristian Pina34
    CG TechnologyB2B land based sportsbooksBrendan Poots5
    CG TechnologyB2B land based sportsbooksChris Connelly10
    Crown Casino MelbourneAustralian CasinoDaniel Kelly78
    Golden Nugget football contestLas Vegas sportsbookVegas Matty33
    Lagasse's Stadium at The VenetianLas Vegas sportsbookChristian Pina34
    The M ResortLas Vegas sportsbookChristian Pina34
    South Point CasinoLas Vegas sportsbookChristian Pina34
    Station Casino Las VegasLas Vegas sportsbookEric Waz81
    Westgate SuperBookLas Vegas sportsbookChristian Pina34
    Westgate SuperContestLas Vegas sportsbookJoe Fortenbaugh15
    Westgate SuperContestLas Vegas sportsbookJake Williams18
    Westgate SuperContestLas Vegas sportsbookJake Williams, Kevin Braig22
    Westgate SuperContestLas Vegas sportsbookVegas Matty33
    Westgate SuperContestLas Vegas sportsbookBrady Kannon44
  • Operators (online)

    I detail the most recommended operators here.

    Betfair and Pinnacle were recommended so often that I don’t list them all. Although Betfair has also been negatively mentioned a few times.

    AugurCryptocurrencyTom Kysar101
    Ball Street TradingEvent marketScott San Emeterio84
    BbetAustralian sportsbookLuke Behrman79
    Bet365Online gamblingParlay Queen Monique38
    BetdaqBetting exchangePeter Webb47
    BetdaqBetting exchangeCaan Berry,53
    BetdaqBetting exchangeMatthew Trenhaile56
    Black TypeOnline gamblingPeter Ling20
    CitibetBetting exchangeJulian Gauld58
    Colossus BetsTotalizerHarry finnley25
    Colossus BetsTotalizerScott Ferguson35
    Colossus BetsTotalizerMatthew Trenhaile56
    Colossus BetsTotalizerBernard Marantelli74
    DraftFantasy sportsJosh Lloyd7
    DraftFantasy sportsBrett Richey59
    DraftstarsFantasy sportsJosh Lloyd7
    DraftstarsFantasy sportsNathan Rothschild8
    Football IndexFootballer marketPet from FIG106
    IG IndexSpread bettingMatthew Trenhaile56
    Just DiceCryptocurrencyBitEdge14
    MatchbookBetting exchangeDominic Beirne3
    MatchbookBetting exchangeJake Williams18
    MatchbookBetting exchangePeter Ling20
    MoneyballFantasy sportsJosh Lloyd7
    Nitrogen SportsCryptocurrencyWhatle Capper36
    Nitrogen SportsCryptocurrencyStephen Rothwell70
    Nitrogen SportsCryptocurrencyShawn (SamkonModels)83
    Poker StarsPokerJared Tendler62
    Prop SwapLas Vegas bet ticket marketIan Epstein, Luke Pergande18
    Satoshi DiceCryptocurrencyBitEdge14
    SBKSportsbookJason Trost94 & 130
    SmarketsExchangeJason Trost94 & 130
    Sporting IndexSpread bettingAnthony Jump43
    Sporting IndexSpread bettingMatthew Trenhaile56
    SportsbettingOnline gamblingBen Krahe52
    SportStackPlayer marketNick Smith104
    SportTradeUS betting exchangeAlex Kane85
    TAB AustralianRetail monopolyDaniel Kelly78
    Top SportAustralian sportsbookDaniel Kelly78
    UnikrnCryptocurrencyRahul Sood23
  • Podcasts

    Beating The BookJoe Fortenbaugh, Jake Williams15
    Beating The BookGill Alexander, Jake Williams72
    Bet The BoardJoe Fortenbaugh15
    Bet The ProcessRufus Peabody82
    The Bill Simmons PodcastRalph Horowitz, Jake Williams2
    The Bill Simmons PodcastKevin Braig22
    Chat With TradersAdam Chernoff4
    Deep DiveWhatle Capper36
    Game Theory with Sam VecenieJosh Lloyd7
    Heavy HandsGugabed 90
    Locked on Fantasy BasketballJosh Lloyd7
    Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist HistoryJake Williams54
    The Mental Game PodcastJared Tendler62
    Personality HackerMike Holden97
    Points Spread WeeklyBrady Kannon44
    The Power RankEd Fang67
    Red Rock Fantasy BasketballJosh Lloyd7
    Rob Pizzola's Periscope
    Joey Knish88
    RSN Correct WeightAdam Blencowe65
    The sharp 600Joe Fortenbaugh15
    Sports Gambling PodcastChristian Pina34
    Sports ThoughtsJerry, Kieran61
    The StepienJosh Lloyd7
    Wharton MoneyballJake Williams82
    William Hill Golf PodcastBrady Kannon44
    Football Index GuidePet from FIG106

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