Cloudbet vs Nitrogen Sports – crypto sportsbook comparison


Cloudbet (review, bettors are geo-blocked) and Nitrogen (review) are 2 of the biggest and best crypto sportsbooks, but they are both quite different beasts. Let’s compare which has the edge in the most important areas to decide where to bet.

To widen the choice and consider other options see the crypto sportsbook reviews. To get personalized recommendations based on what is important to you try the crypto sportsbook selector.

Head to head scorecard

Montenegro Location Costa Rica
2013 Established 2013
0.1 m฿ Lowest min bet on sports 0.1 m฿
200,000 m฿ Highest max bet 80,000 m฿
Best bonuses
Best live betting
Best casino
Best transactions
Best customer service
Best website
Best odds
Best privacy
Best poker room

Decision time

So where to bet? The answer is both! This is crypto so sign up and transactions are free, anonymous and instant. There is no friction and therefore no reason not to have an account at both sportsbooks.

That is also the only way to find out which is best in your opinion based on what matters to you. If you don’t want to open 2 accounts here is how to break it down.


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  1. Luke

    Nitrogen vs Cloudbet is a no brainer for me at this time. Cloudbet just doesn’t offer much. I am just learning bitcoin sportsbetting so I am keeping an open mind. I think Cloud’s location probably has something to do with the unappealing choices for American sports.

    I am really trying to get into Fairlay but having some trouble with it.

    Great review. I am a big fan.

    Edit: Sep 17, 2016

    I will update my review now and say that I have a new respect for both sites since since NFL season has started. I love the Cloudbet website. It would be beautiful by any standard but when comparing it to Nitrogen, I mean forget it. Nitrogen site is next to awful but I am very happy with their prices and the poker room.

    Neither of these books are good for golf betting but, as stated above, bitcoin gives you the option to pick and choose sites for their strengths.

  2. Tom

    CloudBet has lousy odds. Just take a look at their baseball odds. Horrible. But they do have a much better website and much better Live! betting than Nitrogen. Their Live! betting odds are more in line with the top books. Nitrogen Live betting is limited and sporadic even during the game. Not always available. Probably only at stoppages and timeouts. Nitrogen has very good odds, but not as good as Fairlay. Fairlay has the best odds, but no Live! betting or not much. Fairlay is my top book for odds. Nitrogen a close second for odds. CloudBet is my top choice for Live! betting. Thanks! Lunarbets is very sharp looking and fast, but only Decimal odds.

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