Key Takeaways

  • In 2014 Zuckerberg invited Musk to his home to discuss AI, which Musk declined and took public shots at Zuck’s businesses, this was the start of the feud
  • After news of “Threads”, Zuckerberg’s Twitter alternative, broke, Musk said he was up for a cage match
    With Zuckerberg notoriously having little public sense of humor, he instantly accepted
  • Musk is the underdog with the sportsbooks, with most sites expecting a Zuckerberg win, partly due to his recent BJJ success

Musk wants the fight on X, but Zuckerberg Disagrees

Ever the publicist, Musk suggested the fight should occur on X, formerly Twitter, with any profits going to veteran charities. However, Zuckerberg hit back, saying it should be on a more reliable platform. This is unlikely to have cooled relations between the two men and could make for a more interesting fight.

With many blockchains showing interest, particularly Dogecoin, which has a link to Musk, it could be an example of new technology being used to help facilitate streaming for the first time.

The Biggest Fight of all Times for Charity?

Despite the posturing between the two men, the charity claim is likely to be true. As they’re both billionaires, they do not need extra money, and it could be an excellent example of philanthropy. The biggest question is, will they go through the physical pain and complete the bout?

Who is expected to win?

In terms of experience, Zuckerberg has far more traditional combat experience. He’s entered and won a number of BJJ tournaments, giving him legitimate tournament fighting experience. Although Musk claims to have been in street fights in South Africa, he’s known for embellishing his claims, so it has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Musk is older than Zuckerberg at 51 to Zuck’s 39. However, he has an advantage in height and weight as he stands at 6’1 and 85kg, with Zuckerberg at 5’8 and 70kg.

Why Musk would beat Zuckerberg

The obvious reason why Musk would win a fight between the two is his height and weight advantage. Regardless of Zuckerberg’s fighting experience, if Musk can grab hold of him, then even superior technique could make it hard to escape.

Why Zuckerberg would beat Musk

Obviously, Zuckerberg is younger, more experienced, and in better shape. These factors do even the odds somewhat as if Zuckerberg can keep his distance and wait for Musk to tire, he has the skills to take him apart. Whatever the outcome, it should be an interesting fight.

What are the current Odds?

The current odds for the fight are as follows:


  • Submission +165
  • Points +180
  • KO/TKO/DQ +425


  • Submission +450
  • Points +1200
  • KO/TKO/DQ +2200


  • +3300

Which Crypto Sportsbooks offer Odds on this fight?

Currently, BetOnline is one of the only crypto sportsbooks offering odds on the fight. Although, as the event gets closer, it’s likely other sites such as BC.Game and N1Bet will offer odds. So, users must keep their eyes peeled at Bitedge to discover where the best odds are available.

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