The World Cup is really heating up now. The games are coming thick and fast and the results are coming in. It’s without a doubt been a massively exciting tournament so far, but there is more to come. With the sixth day getting underway, we have taken a look at what we think will be the top markets for the latest round of games.

England vs USA: Top Markets

This is the game of the day for most people. The inventors of soccer against the most prominent country on the planet. The USA have taken big strides in recent years and in Pulisic finally has a top-level player that’s not a goalkeeper. It will still be a difficult game to call though. Despite the strong performance that England put in during their first game, the USA will want to stamp some authority on the tournament with a statement victory. Whether you want to find the best markets or just want to do some crypto betting on this game, this is definitely the biggest game of the day.

Top Markets: Goal Scorer

The top markets for goal scorers are pretty simple for this one. There are three players to look at when it comes to anytime goal scorer here. Harry Kane, Christian Pulisic and Bukayo Saka. Each is fine as a single bet but if you want to take a risk you could combine two or more of the choices into a parlay. It’s safe to say that the two English choices are the safer options, but Pulisic will want to add some value to his name, so expect a performance here.

Top Markets: Over/Under

There are two top markets to look at for the over/under bets in this game. The first is goals. England went wild in their last game but also showed that they’re not that strong at the back. Added to this that both teams will be up for this one, expect to see over 2.5 goals in this game. If you want to combine a Kane and Saka anytime goalscorer parlay with over 2.5 goals then that could provide good value. As well as this, there should be a good number of cards in this game. Expect over 2.5 cards to be shown. Especially, as Mount and Rice are friendly with Pulisic, they will all want to have bragging rights. This is another option to add to your parlay.

Top Markets: Handicap

The most sensible handicap market for this game is to look at +2 for the USA. +3 is potentially a safer option. If you feel that England will show dominance then a -2 or -3 for England could also be a positive choice.

Wales vs Iran: Top Markets

This could be an important game in the battle for second place. If Wales fails to beat Iran then it’s safe to assume that the USA will be in the strongest position going into the final group games, regardless of their result against England. This means that even though it’s an early game in the tournament, it’s still a must-win game.

Top Markets: Over/Under

The over/under market is almost always one of the top markets for crypto sports betting. It’s no different in this game where there should be goals. However, with neither team winning their first match, it’s likely that the first half will be a slower affair. Both sides will become more open as the game goes on. So, expect to be able to place an over 1.5 or over 0.5 goals wager during the second half. The final 20 minutes of the game is when you should be looking to place this bet.

Top Markets: Goal Scorer

There’s only one man for this market isn’t there? Gareth Bale is definitely the most obvious choice for anytime goalscorer here. Look to see if you can combine it with the over/under market as a parlay to boost your odds.

Qatar vs Senegal: Top Markets

This might be the easiest game to call for the day. Qatar hasn’t shown much at all so far. In fact, it could be argued that they’re the weakest team to ever grace the World Cup. Senegal might be missing their talisman Sadio Mane, but they should still have enough to come out of this game on top.

Top Markets: Over/Under

The over/under market is definitely where the value can be found for this game. Expect there to be over 2.5 goals in this game. If Senegal looks very strong early on it might even be worth placing a bet for over 3.5 goals in the game. In-play betting will be the best way to grab some extra value in this game.

Netherlands vs Ecuador: Top Markets

This is probably the hardest game of the day to call. On paper, you would expect Ecuador to be miles behind the Netherlands. But, as Saudi Arabia and Japan have shown, the game isn’t played on paper. The Netherlands should win this one, but Ecuador could pull off a shock. They will certainly be full of confidence after winning their first match.

Top Markets: Goal Scorer

Two choices stand out for anytime goalscorer here. The first in Memphis Depay. He gets a bit of bad press at times, but when he is in form he is deadly. The second is the man of the hour from the first game of the tournament, Valencia. Either of these players could grab a goal or two in this game.

Top Markets: Handicap

Expecting the Netherlands to win the game means that it’s tough to call where to find value here. Whatever the scoreline, it’s likely to be a tight match. So, a sensible bet to place would be to look at a +1 or +2 handicap for Ecuador. This would allow you to cover a few bases and find good value for your wagers.

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