The first things you probably want to know are:

  • What’s going to happen to Nitrobetting and your account there?
  • Should you join Nitrobetting?

I will give the TLDR answers here first and then give full background details below.

What’s going to happen to Nitrogen Sports?

In the short term nothing, the 2 sites will operate side by side. Your Nitrogen Sports account will not be automatically migrated to Nitrobetting. You can keep using it as normal.

In the medium term, Nitrogen will prefer the new technically superior, mobile friend and multilingual Nitrobetting. They will put their time, energy, resources and updates into Nitrobetting while allowing the already stale Nitrogen Sports to continue to degrade. It will not get new features and they will be slow to fix bugs.

In the long term, this will make Nitrogen Sports irrelevant and people will stop using it. Nitrogen will eventually shut it down asking all its remaining users to migrate to Nitrobetting.

Should you join Nitrobetting?

Only if you are in the USA. Nitrogen is a middle-of-the-road sportsbook at best and there are at least 3 better options listed in our crypto sportsbook reviews, however, none of them accepts US players. If you are not geo-blocked you should use Cloudbet, Stake and/or Sportsbet instead.

If you are American though, Nitrobetting is your best option so it’s worth a try. Now onto the full backstory.

2014-2017 crypto gambling leader

In the early days of crypto sports betting Nitrogen was the industry leader. They were the best or second-best crypto sportsbooks. They were real bitcoiners with good odds and integrity. The site had fun features like a community chat and free NFL survivor pools.

They even became the best or second-best dice and poker site when they introduced those games.

2018-2020 decline

I have a theory that Nitrogen’s owners got so rich in the 2017 bitcoin bull run that they no longer needed the money and therefore stopped caring about Nitrogen as a business and a product.

That is speculation (based on a lot of experience and insider knowledge) but whatever the reason, Nitrogen Sports stopped improving their site or even maintaining it well. Meanwhile, the competition kept getting better and better.

Nitrogen Sports’ odds and customer service got worse and their live betting was hopeless. The site became clunky and outdated. They seemed to have real technical limitations and no ability to improve anything on the website.

Once they blocked entire countries without giving any notice to users in those countries. Thousands of people were simply locked out of their accounts with Nitrogen effectively confiscating their funds! After a while Nitrogen reversed the blocks or worked with users to withdraw their bitcoin.

Throughout this decline, Nitrogen maintained its integrity and its roots as real bitcoiners and members of the crypto gambling community. But their product is just not good. The only reason they are still relevant is that they made such a good name for themselves from 2014-2017 and because there are no better crypto sportsbooks that accept US bettors.

Nitrogen’s technical limitations were on full display when they attempted to upgrade just the sportsbook section of their website, without touching the rest, presumably because they couldn’t.

The upgrade was a disaster with bugs at every click; login problems, bet problems, withdrawal problems, horrible mobile experience, et cetera. In the end, they fixed the bugs and were left with slightly improved sportsbooks on an otherwise unimproved site and fewer users than before.

I suspect the sportsbook upgrade debacle is why they decided to make a new site from the ground up rather than keep trying to improve the existing site piece by piece.

The new Nitrobetting site

The above is a concerning origin story for Nitrobetting; it’s the only sportsbook to which I have ever had to ask “Why do you exist?” And it seems the answer is that Nitrogen technically messed up their old site so badly that they cannot fix it so have to start again!

Nitrogen claims the new site has:

  • Fresher tech.
  • Better on mobile.
  • Multilingual capable (not yet fully implemented).

We also note some differences compared to the old Nitrogen Sports:

  • Better odds.
  • Amounts in m฿ rather than full bitcoin.
  • Live chat support.
  • No community chat.
  • Better design.
  • First deposit bonus.
  • No withdrawal fees.
  • No dice game.

Only time will tell if this is one of the final chapters in Nitrogen’s death throes or a revitalizing new beginning.

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