No more exclusive freerolls :(

BitEdge partnered with Nitrogen and SWC Poker to offer you 2 free crypto poker tournaments with real Bitcoin prize pools every Sunday!

SWC Poker stopped hosting the tournaments, with no notice, explanation or communication before or after. Nitrogen moved the tournament to Nitrobetting and, also without telling us, put a buy-in on it, making it not a free roll.

The freerolls were good while they lasted. Particularly the Nitrogen tournament in the beginning. It had a large prize pool and was easy to join. They were popular without setting the world on fire. However, they were popular with bonus hunters, which the poker rooms consider freeloaders, that is, players who do not make the poker room much money directly.

The slow death of Poker

Poker is dying in general! Crypto poker because of collusion and over-regulation, and offline poker because nobody wants to do anything offline anymore.

5 years ago we recommended 5 different crypto poker sites, now there are 2. SWC Poker is doomed because of legal problems and because it’s a poker room only at a time when poker is dying. Nitrobetting is buggy and poorly run.

Poker is such a great game and can be lucrative for players and poker rooms, so it will always be around. You will always be able to find a fun game of poker to play if you really want to. However, poker will never be as popular and mainstream as it was during the online boom before Black Friday 2011.

At that time you could make a living by being a better-than-average poker player, now you can only make a living if you are a truly elite poker player. Anyway, have fun and good luck doing other things with your crypto.


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