Dear MIT community,

To celebrate the MIT Bitcoin Club’s distribution of $100 worth of Bitcoin to all undergraduate students BitEdge would like to offer you 10 m฿ (~$5) for free via Nitrogen. We hope this will help you experience the benefits of crypto for one of the world’s most popular pastimes at one of the best and most trusted crypto sportsbooks.

How to receive your funds

  1. Visit Nitrogen from this URL you can paste it into the address bar or get there via any Nitrogen link on this site.
  2. Deposit Bitcoin and make a bet. It’s quick, easy and anonymous as you can see in the below video walk-through.
  3. Fill this out and submit it.
    (Sorry this offer is now expired but you can get a lot more free Bitcoin via current crypto sportsbook bonuses)
  4. We will reply with a link to verify you control the email address, click the verification link.
  5. We will transfer 10 m฿ into your Nitrogen account and send a confirmation email. Crypto is Awesome!

As soon as you visit Nitrogen a wallet/account is automatically created for you. You then add a username and password to it so you can securely access it anywhere. You do not give your name, email address or any identifying information. If you have previously visited Nitrogen not from our link, you will have to clear cookies and start from our link so that the account is tracked for this offer.

Your user # will be displayed between square brackets at the top right of the page next to your chat name, it will resemble [38591]. Letting us know your user # allows us to transfer the 10 m฿ into your account, it does not let us do anything else.

Terms and conditions

This offer is open now. Payments will begin to be made the day the MIT Bitcoin Club makes its distribution. Payments will cease 1 month later. These dates will be specified when they are known.

To receive your funds fill in the above form with your MIT email address. Students, faculty, staff et cetera are all welcome but it must be a personal address such as [email protected] not [email protected].

We guarantee payment and a confirmation email within 48 hours of you verifying your email. We reserve the right to withhold payment if we reasonably expect bonus fraud or bonus abuse is taking place. We will verify emails are not sent using an email client’s send from any address feature or via any method to dishonestly represent MIT email addresses.

The future of gambling

If you are not familiar with Crypto or sports betting you have come to the right place! Check crypto betting 101. Nitrogen has great odds with a 3.5% overround, which means with a 10 m฿ bonus any bet of less than 200 m฿ is mathematically in your favor!

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