The third day has rewarded us all with some shocks and some almost shocks. After Messi opened the scoring in the first game of the day, things went quickly downhill in a result that nobody expected to happen. Then France went a goal down early on against Australia, which they quickly managed to overturn, eventually winning comfortably. With the fourth day of the World Cup promising more twists and turns, we’ve taken a look at some predictions for the upcoming matches.

Germany vs Japan: Fourth Day Markets

This should be a banker game. Japan has long been threatening to make a big play on the international stage, but despite some promising players from time to time, has never managed to really step up to the plate. Germany on the other hand is a big name in the world of international soccer. Despite having a weaker squad than in the past, the German team is still expecting to come away with a win against Japan.

Germany vs Japan: Over/Under Markets

The over/under market is often a safe market to turn to. With results always difficult to predict, as the Saudi Arabia result confirms, it means that you need to look at other areas to get the best from your bets. There are two specific areas that are worth a look at in the Germany and Japan match. Firstly, there are likely to be a good number of goals scored here. So, a bet on over 2.5 goals, or over 1.5 in the first half, could be a safe bet to place. If you want to try and find a better value than using in-play betting and then waiting to place over 0.5 goals in the first half bet could find you good value.

Secondly, this is likely to be a game where Japan break up the play a lot. It means that we could see a number of cards being handed out, especially as the game wears on. Over 3.5 cards in the game could be a solid bet to look at for this match.

Morocco vs Croatia: Fourth Day Markets

Morocco isn’t exactly a team full of household names. What they are is well drilled and hard working. Added to this that the Croatian team is coming to the end of its current generation of stars, so this could be one of the tighter matches at the tournament. It means that this could be one of the few games where the moneyline offers good value.

Morocco vs Croatia: Moneyline Markets

This is where a lot of players are going to be looking very closely. The moneyline for this could see a shock result being played out. Especially as Croatia doesn’t have a huge amount of quality in goal nor does it have proven goal scorers. If you can find good odds on a Morocco win then this might be the right bet for you. It is still a risky choice, especially with the core of the Croatian team still relatively strong. This means that if solid odds are offered on a +1 handicap for Morocco then this would be a very good bet to take.

Morocco vs Croatia: Goal Scorer Markets

These are markets that are going to be difficult to find excellent value. Despite that, any odds above 2.00 on Ivan Perisic to be an anytime goalscorer is definitely good value.

Spain vs Costa Rica: Fourth Day Markets

A lot of people have written off Spain already. This is definitely a mistake. The Spain squad is jam-packed and full of talent. Although it might be difficult to get the players working together as a coherent unit, there’s definitely enough there to be a stern test for even the best defenses. Selecting the right markets is the real test for this game though.

Spain vs Costa Rica: Handicap Markets

This is the only way you will get a good value on a Spain win. Although a Costa Rica surprise is possible, it has to be said that it’s extremely unlikely. Either a +2 Costa Rica wins or a -2 Spain win is the best wager to look at placing here. Both of these options will ensure that you’re able to give yourself a fighting chance of finding solid value when betting on the result of the game.

Spain vs Costa Rica: Goal Scorer Markets

The goal scorer markets are definitely a difficult one to look at. There’s not really an out-and-out goal scorer in the vein of Villa or Fernando Torres in the Spanish squad. Despite that, there’s some excellent attacking talent on the show, which provides some value to look at. Our dark horse picks for any time goal scorer in the game is Dani Olmo. He has shown glimpses of the talent he has this season and the World Cup could be the big stage that he needs to shine!

Belgium vs Canada: Fourth Day Markets

Belgium might have outgrown its golden generation tag by this point, However, there’s still plenty of quality in the Belgian squad that could cause a few upsets. It’s very unlikely that it will require an upset for Belgium to beat Canada in their opening game though.

Belgium vs Canada: Goal Scorer Markets

There are a few players in the Belgian squad that are capable of pulling a goal out of the hat. There are two that stand out from the rest though. Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku are the two players most likely to grab one here. Anytime goal scorer bets on either of these aren’t likely to bring in a huge amount of value. But, if you put it into a parlay then there should be good value to be found.

Belgium vs Canada: Over/Under Markets

This is where the most value can definitely be found. This is a game that’s likely to have a decent number of goals scored. Look for over 3.5 goals in the whole game and you should be able to get a decent return. If you want to get better value for this bet then using the in-play betting markets is a great way to increase what’s on offer. Instead of placing your whole stake before the game, split it in half. Place half before the game starts and then use the other half to place the wager as the odds increase as the game is going on.

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