We have compiled the best talks and presentations by crypto experts and rockstars of the crypto community given between 2012-2014. These talks that go in depth but are not technical or hard to understand. If you are interested in crypto but not yet convinced of the technologies potential to change the world, these videos will convince you.

We have ordered them from beginner to advance, the first video assuming almost no prior knowledge about crypto, and last video requiring some.

When you can choose currencies with different characteristics, then what currencies you use becomes a means of expression. In the past national sovereignty created currency, in the future currency will create individual sovereignty.


Gold was chosen as money because of its unique attributes. Government currency has some good and some bad attributes; it is now used as money because of its good attributes and because the state mandates it. Bitcoin is a superior engineered money with all the best attributes of gold and government currency but better suited to the internet age. For this reason crypto will triumph in the marketplace.


If governments had limited money, then war would be limited to wars that people are willing to pay for.


Great introduction of the power of crypto to disrupt the banking and currency system.


Panel discussion with the Winklevoss twins and some very smart people discussing the nature of crypto and future possibilities.


Introducing the idea of autonomous agents transacting in crypto or other markets based on decentralized peer 2 peer prof based ledgers.

“On the blockchain, nobody knows you’re a fridge”.


Crypto expert answers intermediate level questions from real people in a real conversation. Sitting down for dinner is a nice way to learn!


Crypto for the unbanked masses and the importance of maintaining a decentralized neutral network. The speaker proposes that centralized hierarchies in finance are in place to solve problems of scale that have been solved by technology such as the internet and crypto.


Bitcoin core developer explains some of the best future use cases for crypto such as conditional transactions, multiparty transactions and contracts.

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