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As the group stages are starting to draw to a close, we can finally get a solid idea of who is likely to make it through to the next round. The final games in groups C and D are getting underway today and they will show us not just who goes through, but who goes through and in which positions. We’ve taken a close look at the final games of these two groups so that we can give you the best value bets for the day.

Poland vs Argentina: Predictions and Best Bets

This is without a doubt the most important game of the day. If Argentina fails to win, then there’s a very good chance that they will be going home from the tournament. After their shock defeat in their opening game, Argentina followed that up with a win against Mexico. However, Poland is currently sitting in first position in the group so they go into this game from a position of strength. It means that there’s a lot of potential value available in this match.

Poland vs Argentina: Over/Under Predictions

This is a game that will offer solid value in two different ways. Firstly, Poland only needs a draw to guarantee qualification for the next round. It means that they don’t need to go all out. Being strong at the back and holding Argentina off will give them a good chance of going through. However, Argentina knows they need to go all out for the win. If Saudi Arabia wins their game then anything except an Argentina win means they are out. So, they will be going all out to win the game. It will be quite a chess battle.

That means that the in-play betting market is the best way to get value from this game. If Poland manages to keep the score at 0-0 until any time after the 30th minute then placing a bet on over 0.5 goals in the first half and over 1.5 goals in the game should be a solid value bet. The reason for this is that if Argentina scores first, Poland will likely go out. As such, they will need to open up a bit more which will then open the game up more. Keep your eye on the match and you should be able to find value here without needing predictions for the result.

Poland vs Argentina: Goal Scorer Predictions

There are only two names to really look at here. Messi and Lewandowski. Both men will want to add to their legacy with World Cup goals. A parlay on both of them to be anytime scorers should offer some good value for this match. A possible dark horse for this bet would be to take a look at Enzo Fernandez, who is putting in some extremely good performances.

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: Predictions

This is another game that will offer some good excitement. Either team can go through to the next round if they win. As such, it means that they will both be going all out for this. They both know that just a draw isn’t good enough, so it’s win or bust.

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: Over/Under Predictions

This should be a game that is packed with goals. Both teams know that they need to win or they are done for. So, a bet before the game on over 3.5 goals should offer solid value. Not just that, look at the in-play betting should allow you to place a wager on over 0.5 goals during the game and get better odds. Of course, if either team scores early then this will change that as the superior odds won’t become available. This is why it’s important to keep your eye on the game as it plays out.

As this will be a high-intensity contest, expect to see quite a few cards. Players know that cards will be reset soon, so they have a little bit more leeway than normal. Taking a card for a cynical foul will be much more likely, especially as this is a game with a lot at stake. Over 4.5 cards in the game should be a good way to find added value here.

France vs Tunisia: Predictions

This is a game that will be hard to find solid value for. However, there are two markets that offer good value for predictions.

France vs Tunisia: Goal Scorer and Handicap Predictions

The obvious bet for goalscorer markets here is Mbappe. He has been on fire at the tournament so far. He’s even elicited some comparisons to the original Ronaldo with the way that he weaves through players and drives at defenders. A parlay on the first goal scorer and anytime goal scorer on Mbappe should provide good value for higher stakes bets.

When it comes to handicap markets, a wager on a -3 France win is the only way to get any value here. Even if France rest a few players, they still have enough quality to come away with a big win.

Denmark vs Australia: Predictions

Whoever wins this game will go through to the next round. This makes it a tough one to call in terms of results. However, there is definitely some value to be found here.

Denmark vs Australia: Over/Under Predictions

There should be a decent number of goals in this game/ Both teams know that anything other than a win won’t guarantee their progression to the next round, even with a Tunisian win looking very unlikely. So, they will have to go at it right from the start. Over 2.5 goals in this game is a bet that should offer solid value to players.

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