Netherlands vs USA: Best Value Bets

Many people feel that the Netherlands are the favorites going into this game. This is a bit unfair to the USA though. They held England to a draw in the group stages and it was only a late goal by Wales that stopped them from equalling the points that England earned. Where can the best value be found in this game?

Netherlands vs USA: Over/Under Best Value

Neither side is really known for being aggressive. The USA are still a young nation in terms of soccer so hasn’t developed that ruthless edge, and the Netherlands has always been more about the beautiful parts of the game. It means that cards aren’t really an option for the over/under market. On top of that goals are too much of a variable to select. There is an area that can provide the best value for players though. Corners. Over 0.5 corners for each team in each half is a solid parlay bet that should give players some excellent value. If you want to take things up a notch then over 2.5 goals in the game for both teams is another way to find good value.

Argentina vs Australia: Best Value Bets

This is a game that should be a formality. Argentina will be expected to win this one. However, Australia has already shocked many people by making it through to the next round. This World Cup has seen a number of shocking results so far, with Argentina being part of one, so don’t go into this game thinking Argentina is a banker.

Argentina vs Australia: Goal Scorer Best Value

Messi hasn’t had the greatest of tournaments so far. He lost the first game and missed a penalty in his last game. However, it would be absolutely ridiculous to write him off just yet. He is in the conversation for the greatest player of all time. While he might be on a decline as he gets older, there is still more than enough ability on his feet to create a few more moments of magic. He’s not the only player in that Argentina team that can score though. A Messi and Fernandez parlay for any time goal scorer is the best value bet in this game.

France vs Poland: Best Value Bets

France looks almost unstoppable at the moment. Even the surprise loss to Tunisia in the final group game can be put down to players resting themselves for the round of 16. It’s likely that they will come out firing for this game, with Poland not really looking at their best at any point so far. However, stranger things have happened so it would be unwise to assume that France will win this just by turning up.

France vs Poland: Goal Scorer Best Value

At this point, the only bet that looks almost guaranteed is a bet on Mbappe to score. He is playing with the confidence of a player that genuinely believes he is unstoppable. Part of the reason he believes that is because very few players can stop him. As we’ve said already though, the French team is one that’s packed with talent. Even with Varane, Pogba and Benzema all being injured, this is an incredibly strong team. That’s why our best value bet here would be a parlay for Giroud and Mbappe to score at any time. If you want to increase the potential payout even more, you could even choose one to be the first goal scorer and one to be the last goal scorer. This obviously increases the risk though, so while the payout might increase the value could decrease.

England vs Senegal: Best Value Bets

England had a little bit of a wobble when playing against the USA, but they were slick and strong when it came to putting Wales to the sword. Senegal will be a completely different proposition though. They’re not as passive as Wales, technically better than Iran and far more athletic than the USA. They are essentially a side that doesn’t have the weaknesses that any of England’s group-stage opponents had. The shock of the round could take place here.

England vs Senegal: Handicap Best Value

The best value for this game is most likely to be found in the handicap market. Senegal will provide England with a tough test. The high, aggressive pressing of the Senegalese team could be too much for England. Especially as Southgate is likely to play in a more defensive manner. This means resting his more “press resistant” players to pack the midfield with safe options. However, England does still have world-class players in their squad that can pull out a win from nowhere. It means that a handicap going, either way, can provide value for you here. A -1 for either England or Senegal could be a good way to get some value out of this tough game.

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