Scammer Jamie McIntyre’s crypto projects


Who is Jamie McIntyre?

Jamie McIntyre is an Australian serial scammer who first made a name for himself promoting fraudulent, get rich quick real estate programs. His non-crypto history includes

  • He was a front man for banned property scammer Henry Kayeand who he ran a business with. Sydney Morning Herald article.
  • He was banned by the Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) from “arranging, promoting and holding live seminars in Australia at which advice or recommendations are given in connection with securities and derivatives”. Participants reported that his seminars were get rich quick scams. ASIC release.
  • He accused the Australian Electoral Commission of corruption because they did not approve his political party’s application. The application listed non-enrolled voters as party members. Armidale Express article.
  • He faked his number of Twitter followers, boasting about them and then lying about it. Sydney Morning Herald article 1 and 2.
  • ASIC banned him for 10 years from providing financial service. They also filed bankruptcy proceedings against him. Sydney Morning Herald article.
  • He threatened to assault journalists (he threatened to sue me for this post). Australian Financial Review article.

More examples from folks who say they are scam victims on the ABC and a relevant Whirlpool forum.

He said “discussions will start soon with the government on regulating the Bitcoin market” Business Insider Australia article.

This is not the kind of bloke we want representing crypto. Especially in the eyes of new people who are considering getting into the space.

21st Century Bitcoin Exchange

A new bitcoin exchange announced it was about to launch in Australia going by the name of 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange. They were taking mail in pre orders for bitcoin! I smelt something fishy from the site’s ripoff exchange fees of 3.3% – 7.5% plus $150 – $375 admin fee.

Then there was the worthless “HOW TO BECOME A BITCOIN MILLIONARE” e-book, dubious “GET A CERTIFICATION IN BITCOIN TRADING” product and “HOW BITCOIN IS MAKING ORDINARY PEOPLE ACCIDENTAL MILLIONAIRES” headline. All of which reek of spam and scam.

21st Century might have never planed to actually launch an exchange. They might have been trying to make some money from overpriced pre orders, e-books and training programs targeting older, gullible and greedy people who tend to fall for online get rich quick schemes.

They never opened an operating exchange and redirected their website to Australian Bitcoin ATMs (detailed bellow).

Global bitcoin conferences

McIntyre’s group hosted what they called “Australias first global bitcoin conferences” in Melbourne and Sydney.

Speakers included well know libertarian Jeffrey Tucker, zSim founder Leon-Gerard Vandenberg and Scott Li, the creator of Helloblock and Tippercoin.

I am told the conferences were a flop, partly due to this post doing the rounds in the community.

Australian Bitcoin ATMs


Australian Bitcoin ATMs removed all mention of Jamie McIntyre from their website but the connection was still clear to anyone who cared to look. For example this Sydney Morning Herald article.

ATMs seemed to suit these guys. People out and about are unlikely to check the reputation of the ATM operator and scope out the other options to buy bitcoins. Also the ATM operator can charge whatever hidden fees they like in the buy/sell spread. In this case it is


Buy: 534.84
Sell: 486.22
Spread: $48.62 = ~10%

At the time Coinjar spot price was 501.80
so the machine was ~7% above Coinjar spot price.

Coinjar buy price including fee was 516.97
So the machine was ~3.3% above the real cost of buying at Coinjar.

They were 2 way Robocoin machines that took a scan of your palm, face and ID, and you had to verify your phone number. The pics above are of the first one at Westfield Sydney.

At timestamp 4:23 in this video the CEO tells the media and customers the spread is “in the 3 to 4% range”. At the same time as the above pic was taken showing the 10% spread.

ei8ht Bitcoin wallet

Australian Bitcoin ATMs rebranded to ABA Technologies and their website redirected to This appeared to be a mobile wallet but is now offline.

Bitxcoin ICO

McIntyre was listed as an advisor on the Bitxcoin website. It appeared to be an altcoin with an ICO that failed.


  1. Antione Mcclintic

    This website definitely has all the info I wanted about this subject and didnít know who to ask.

  2. Tanya Lynch

    Hi There
    I invested in JM Bitcoin 2, unknown that he was a scammer.
    He actually lives behind me as he has just moved to this seaside small town.
    What do you suggest for me to get my money back from him.
    I have personally asked him but now he has blocked me from everything.
    Tempted to knock on his front door.
    Any advice would be great.

    • Anonymous

      Report him to the main authorities.

  3. Antonio Gramsci

    Jamie’s at it again. “One World Coin” and “Bitcoin 2.0” being spruiked through sockpuppet websites

  4. Arlinda Boschult

    Thanks nice post.

  5. ranch

    I see Jamie McIntyre is launching BITXCOIN his own crypt o.
    advertised as on sale at 4 cents now before the ICO at 20 cents in February 2018.
    any feedback welcome.

    • Bit-ten

      Bitxcoin is DOA, it has not got to market after 15 months of delays and 4 false pretenses of imminent launch.

      There is no longer any website ( or contact email. The exchange it was supposed to be launched in, is a total fake.

      The jury is out now. It’s the latest con from this well known scammer.
      ASIC will be investigating the latest Bitxcoin scandal soon.

      If you want to keep your money, stay away from anything he or his lightweight & lightfoot advisors and teams are involved in.

      • SCAMasFUCK

  6. Jon

    Just heard the Jamie’s business 21rst Century Has filed for bankruptcy! Many people their should be investigated… What a scam!!

  7. Kaiser

    Why would anyone do business with someone who is compelled to buy fake twitter followers to make themselves look good? If Jamie McIntyre is that insecure and uses deception at that level then he’s certainly going to be doing it in his business dealings ie bitcoin ripoff. Those commission and fees are simply preposterous.

    • Dragonfly 2

      He never bought twitter followers if you look past the bullshit paper. Like most politicians, celebrities, business people who hire companies to handle their social media profile some of these companies engage in purchasing followers in order to look like they are doing an exceptional job unbeknownst to people such as McIntyre. The only reason the article targeted McIntyre was because he is a potential threat to the 2 party duopoly in Australia. Further investigation showed that both Abbot and Rudd had much higher fake twitter followers. The issue is whether people are interested in the truth or the crap, biased people with an agenda have, to write about someone to try to bring them down such as BitEdge in this article. BitEdge would never have met McIntyre nor been privvy to actual facts yet is happy to openly defame someone based on a few biased and false articles in main stream media in Australia.

      • Fraud Exposer

        Haha “bias” ahhh I don’t think you even comprehend the concept as you’ve just contradicted yourself incredibly. Hmmmm now Dragonfly 2 you seem to be quite a passionate “supporter” judging by your defensive comments here. And judging by your emotional reaction to well publicised events such as JM deleting over 900,00Twitter followers due to them being “false” I think we can safely assume that you’re another one of Jamie’s shills or perhaps even Jamie himself!! Lol, wouldn’t surprise me as he has been known to trawl quite a few financial forums trying to clean up the dirt that he has left in his path of deceit. But don’t take my word for it, here’s Jamie’s, where he ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGES IT!: And you seriously expect us to believe that his “social team” which comprises of nothing more than a few people are “Fudging the stats” totally unbeknownst to him! Haha, oh that’s comedy gold….unlike his Eminis program (which failed spectacularly and went belly up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his clients money!) …or his “options course” (that also went belly up!)…or his blogging for adsense course (another $5K failure)…or his forex course (another %$K failure)…Aussie Rob’s course (another failure with people seeking damages), or ANY of his internet or trading courses!! I guess that’s why the WHOLE COMPANY WENT BANKRUPT! Didn’t it? 21st Century Academy went bankrupt in 2012 owing $5.8 million to creditors! THAT”S THE REASON why the article “targeted” him as you so eloquently put it (quite a paranoid delusion complex we have, don’t we Dragonfly 2? Now you say “BitEdge would never have met McIntyre nor been privvy to actual facts” and that maybe so, but I HAVE! On numerous times and I can say that all the slanderous accusations that one can read on the web doesn’t even begin to describe what a parasitic, sleazy, dishonest, deluded, corrupt charlatan that Jamie McIntyre is. That’s why he’s constantly having to take legal action against his detractors, because he has so many now. Oh but his new and highly improved 21st Century Property company (now under 21st Century Education now after the 21st Century Academy bankruptcy with his brother Denis in 2012 of course, amazing how you can keep opening other companies after you’ve already bankrupted so many in the past isn’t it? But I guess that’s all slander as well isn’t it?) is fantastic, isn’t it? Especially seeing as it’s being run under someone else’s financial license:Romad, which is amazing in itself to think that Jamie already got a slap on the wrist from ASIC in 2005 for not operating with a license! But of course poor Jamie was just being picked on again wasn’t he?? Ahhh no that’s why they are the watchdog to protect ordinary Australians from being ripped off by a-holes like Jamie! And he’s STILL selling s**t despite this and with Konrad Bobilak (ex Henry Kaye real estate scammer) as the manager! Unbelievable, haha. . But ohhhh no they’ve already burnt a whole nother bunch of suckers with their Shepparton deal that went bankrupt and amazingly all the money (approx $34 million) is now surprisingly unaccounted for, wow what a surprise, but hey don’t take my word for it: So as you can see Jamie or whoever the f’k one of Jamie’s lackey boys you are, the truth is pretty damn obvious and you’re not fooling anybody, 21st Century is shrinking ever so quickly and I would estimate once they’ve burnt as many property investors as they have burnt trading investors & internet marketers they won’t be around and their name will be mud across the internet! Now by all means prove me wrong by showing me legitimate success stories from ANYONE of of those programs I mentioned, I bet you can’t….

  8. Dragonfly 2

    So 4.4% is a rip off? Are you actually aware what other exchanges charge. See: Bitcointrader (info) AUD (Cash deposit) Lowest fee in Australia! Only 5%. Buy and sell bitcoins quickly and easily! Cash deposit at any Westpac Bank and National Australia Bank branch in Australia.
    So this exchange is claiming cheapest rates in Australia but they charge 5%. Hmmm. Well researched BitEdge or has your bias simply provoked you into using anything to allege a ‘scam’. Great critical thinking. Of course providing News articles is one sure way of proving someone is what you claim; as if the media are never biased and always genuine and honest. This article is in poor taste and one would think you had more intelligence than to buy into crap written about someone online. It seems though that people like yourself and your few followers although posing as critical thinkers outside the ‘main stream system’ are just as duped as the rest of the poor masses.

    • BitEdge

      I never suggested it was the highest fee in Australia and I have no bias. I have not heard of anyone using Bitcointrader as their rates and fees are terrible. Australian bitcoiners mostly use CoinJar with 1% – 2% fees, BTCMarkets 0.8% – 1% and Bitstamp 0.02% – 0.5%.

      Since I posted this article 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange has changed their fees to

      “Cash Deposits: 3.3% commission on purchase price plus administration fee of $150. Internet Transfers: 7.5% commission on purchase price plus administration fee of $375”.

      Even then you don’t get bitcoins directly like you do from the 3 places I have mentioned, it’s some kind of order form, give them the money first and trust them to send you bitcoins later even though there is no where on the order form to put your bitcoin address…

  9. Dragonfly

    Mate great effort for getting the word out there about this career conman. 4.4% fees?? This guy is joking. The last thing bitcoin needs is scammers like Jamie McIntyre tainting the ecosystem trying to leech money off everyday people. Reading the title of his books made me want to throw up.

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