Adding Stake to the F1 industry is geared towards rebranding the existing team, taking it towards a more dynamic operation. As Stake is already known for being willing to embrace innovation and take risks, it’s an impressive move which is more forward-thinking than just sponsoring events.

The team-up from Stake first started in 2023 but has taken on a more substantial role going into the next F1 season. It shows Stake’s dedication to the sports it promotes, ensuring it doesn’t just offer.

Alessandro Alluni Bravi, a media representative of the team, commented:

Last season represented the start of Stake’s journey in Formula One, and the brand’s new role headlining Stake F1 Team represents the natural and exciting next step on this path.

It shows that Stake aims to enhance the team’s standing, taking it from a traditional F1 team and turning it into a vibrant and exciting competitor.

stake F1 atricle


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