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As the Secret Service carried out routine security checks on Sunday evening, a white powdery substance came to their attention. After sending the substance for lab tests, it became apparent it was cocaine. After news outlets broke the news on Wednesday, it didn’t take long for speculation to run wild on who was the owner of the cocaine.

Of course, with speculation comes the opportunity for betting. Many celebrities and visitors to the White House have been named as potential owners of the cocaine, with many top sportsbooks providing odds on who the owner is.

Finding Betting Options

Currently, big crypto betting sites such as BC.Game and are avoiding the news, even though they typically cover political betting. However, and have markets available for bettors wanting to get involved. The odds are regularly changing, especially as more news becomes available on the story. However, the current man at the top of the list is the President’s troubled son, Hunter Biden.

Both and provide players with over 10 cryptocurrency choices, fully licensed play, and a significant selection of sporting markets. BitEdge bettors can even enjoy an incredible promo with Sportsbetting, although both sites provide excellent bonus opportunities.

Anyone looking to start betting on the White House cocaine situation can trust either site to behave fairly and justly.

Five of the top suspects at BetOnline are as follows:

Cocaine Owner Odds
Hunter Biden -525
Travis Kelce +3,300
A Jonas Brother +3,300
Angelina Jolie +3,300
Maddox Pitt-Jolie +5,000

Travis Kelce has found himself on this list due to the visit of the Kansas Chiefs after winning the Super Bowl. As the secret service found the cocaine in an area open to visitors, the possibilities are almost endless. The Jonas Brothers find themselves on the list due to a recent visit. Even the president himself is a suspect on the list, although the odds are much longer due to the belief it’s unlikely to be Joe Biden’s cocaine.

Excellent Bet Terms

With so many visitors to the White House, there’s likely an almost endless list of possible owners. It could have come from a visitor long ago, so even British politicians such as Boris Johnson or Nadine Dorries could find themselves as suspects. It may make it a wager which is unfair to users. But there’s a specific condition with BetOnline which makes it much fairer.

If the owner of the cocaine hasn’t been announced publicly by the 1st of August, all players will receive a refund. So, a time limit provides fair terms and conditions for both sides. It’s certainly one of the more fun betting opportunities of 2023, even if it does turn out to be less fun for the eventual owner of the cocaine.


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