Wales and England will both certainly be well up for their contest in their last match of the group stages. This is part of what makes it hard to make correct market predictions. Both teams are still in with a chance of qualifying, although Wales needs results to go their way, unlike England. It’s not just Wales and England though, everyone has the opportunity in the upcoming games, apart from the hosts, Qatar. This means that it should be an action-packed day of soccer with some fantastic games coming up, especially after the excellent day we had yesterday. Take a look at the bets we feel will provide the most value to players in our latest best bets guide.

Wales vs England: Market Predictions

This will be a difficult game to judge from the outset. Both teams have reasons for going for the win. England will definitely top the group if they win and Wales needs a win to have a chance of going through. However, this doesn’t mean that it will be the end-to-end spectacle that some expect it to be. What will likely happen is that England will play more conservatively and look to hit Wales on the counterattack. This is because even if England draws, they will still go through, although perhaps not as group winners. So, don’t expect a game of blood and thunder. This will likely be a chess match, especially as Southgate generally plays in a more defensive fashion. Despite this, there is still value to be found in this game.

Over/Under Market Predictions

It goes without saying that the over/under market is definitely one of our favorites here. It is so often home to fantastic value. It’s no different in this game. However, we’re approaching it from a different angle this time. It is more likely that this won’t be a game full of goals, with England expected to play in a defensive fashion and Wales certainly don’t have the firepower that they used to have. So, a bet on under 1.5 goals in the game is where the value should be in this game. It doesn’t end there though. It should still be a spirited contest with both teams playing in an aggressive way. This is an old rivalry after all. So, combining the under 1.5 goals with over 3.5 cards in a parlay is a good way to get good value. If you want to mitigate the risk slightly you can make it under 2.5 goals, but obviously, the level of payout will be decreased with this bet.

Goal Scorer Market Predictions

With both teams lacking a little bit of firepower, England’s first game aside, the goal scorer market is actually a good way to find extra value. Bale looks to be a spent force at the moment. His lack of game time over the last few years combined with a weak overall Wales squad means that he can’t be counted on like in the past. England however has a few players who should provide good value for a goal-scorer bet. Saka, Sterling and Grealish all look the most likely to get a goal when on the pitch. Any of them for anytime goal scorer has some value, although combining in a parlay should be avoided.

Ecuador vs Senegal: Market Predictions

This is a very hard game to predict. In fact, market predictions for this match are quite difficult. However, what is likely is that this will be an end-to-end encounter. Both teams will be looking to try and grab a win, so we should see some goals.

Over/Under Market Predictions

Over 3.5 goals for this game might sound like a risky bet. However, with each side wanting to go for the win, we should see a fair amount of goals here. Combining this with both teams to score a wager should be an excellent way to find good value in the game. If you really want to get the best value then adding over 4.5 cards to your parlay should provide very good value.

Netherlands vs Qatar: Market Predictions

There’s only one result for this game, a Netherlands win. It means that a straight moneyline bet on the favorites isn’t going to provide much value to players. There are a few things that we can look towards to try and grab some extra value though.

Handicap Market Predictions

The handicap market is often overlooked. This is partly because it doesn’t always offer fantastic odds to players. However, this isn’t a reason to avoid the market here as there is definitely the opportunity to find superb value for this game. A -3 handicap bet on the Netherlands should be where the most value for this match is. Expect a morale-boosting win before the round of 16 begins for the men in orange. Winning by 4 or more wouldn’t be a shock here, so a -3 handicap should provide good value.

USA vs Iran: Market Predictions

Whoever wins this game will go through to the next round. If the USA win then they will finish on 5 points. This will be enough to finish either first or second, depending on the result of the England and Wales game. By the same token, Iran winning will put them on 6 points, which will also be enough for the first or second, depending on the result in the other game. It means that there is one particular market that really stands out to us here.

Over/Under Market Predictions

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the market where the value is. In-play betting and waiting for the first 20 minutes to go by is the right option here. If it’s still 0-0 at this point then a wager on over 0.5 goals in the first half should provide good value. If you want to take a risk, then you could even go for over 1.5 goals. A bet on over 3.5 goals before the game could also offer some good value to players, with both teams wanting to win.

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