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Top 6 sportsbooks recommended by winning bettors


The Business of Betting is the world’s leading gambling podcast. It features intelligent conversations with the most successful people in the gambling industry.

We have collated and distilled the advice and recommendations given by these guest into the following lists;

Around 40 operators have been recommendations on the podcast. The full list is here but these are the top 6 most common recommendations.


Betfair is by far the most recommended (too many times to count) operator. Betfair gets props for the exchange model which allows bettors to lay and gives the operator no reason to block winning bettors.

It’s not all positive, Harry Finlay (ep 25) and Scott Ferguson (ep 35) criticize Betfair for moving their focus away from the exchange on to more traditional gambling products that are less advantageous for the bettor. I used to work for Betfair and I agree.

Other exchanges: Matchbook and Betdaq

Matchook gets respect with 3 recommendations for it’s large liquidity pools and low commission.

Betdaq is mentioned 3 times when a guest is talking about Betfair but adds that what they are saying applies to any betting exchange, not just Betfair.


Pinnacle is widely respected and recommended (too many times to count) for its sharp lines, low margins, high bet limits and the fact it welcomes winning bettors.

Colossus Bet

Colossus Bet is a UK pool betting operator with jackpots and cash out on accumulators. It is recommended by 4 British horse racing experts who hope it will improve on the old tote.

Westgate SuperBook and SuperContest

The Wastage SuperBook and SuperContest is recommended 6 times. This is the biggest betting contest in the world. Entry is $1500 and this year’s first prize is $1.5 million! Contestants pick 5 teams against the spread every week for the 17 week NFL season.

Most not recommended: Bet365

Bet365 get’s a lot of hate for offering poor odds and blocking winning bettors. Bet365 is often used as a symbol to criticize big corporate sportsbooks in general.

Guests do check Bet365’s odds and respect the fact that they set the opening line on some leagues that Pinnacle don’t cover.

Parlay Queen Monique (ep 38) is the only guest with a good word to say about Bet365. She recommends them for the convenience and in play options. She displayed low betting acumen.

Do you even crypto bro?

Most professional bettors do not yet use cryptocurrency, as such the most commonly recommended gambling operators are old government currency sites that violate your privacy by requiring your personal information.

There have been 5 crypto gambling operators recommended, Nitrogen (review) 3 times and these operators once.

  • Augur
  • Eagless
  • Just Dice
  • Satoshi Dice
  • Unikrn

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