Which crypto gambling sites are VPN friendly?

crypto gambling vpn


People use a VPN for a variety of reasons, but some crypto gambling sites aren’t okay with this. Many fear that you’re using the VPN to bypass geo-blocking restrictions, which means that the gambling site could land in hot water with governing bodies.

A VPN increases your privacy and security and can unlock games that might not be available in your region. Some game providers have tight restrictions on who can play their games or bet on their events, so it’s always nice to be able to bypass this and play these top-quality games.

We’ve gone through the terms and conditions of every major crypto gambling site, and when necessary clarified with their support, to find out which are VPN friendly.

VPN-friendly crypto gambling sites

Here are the top crypto gambling sites and whether they allow you to use a VPN or not.

VPN friendly

Not VPN friendly

Here are a few replies that we got from customer service of various crypto gambling sites:


We cannot control if a user uses a VPN. We nonetheless do not recommend it as it can deteriorate the experience due to connection issues while playing live tables or slots.


We do not recommend using any IP-masking software. This can lead to disruptions or delays with certain functions.

When it comes to the terms and conditions, a couple of sites that were not ok with the use of VPNs stated the following:


Any attempt to circumvent the restrictions on play by any persons located in a Prohibited Jurisdiction or Restricted Jurisdiction, is a breach of this Agreement. An attempt at circumvention includes, but is not limited to, manipulating the information used by Stake to identify your location and providing Stake with false or misleading information regarding your location or place of residence.

The dangers of using a VPN

If you opt to use a VPN against the terms of service at a crypto gambling site you might get away with it, especially if you don’t bring attention to yourself. On the other hand, if the site thinks your using a VPN, they may suspend your account and confiscate your funds. Some will let you withdraw your money, but don’t count on it.

The stake is explicit in outlining that if you do try to circumvent the geo-blocking restrictions, your account will be closed for good.

On the other hand, Bitsler and TrustDice are less specific in their terms and conditions. You’ll get vague replies about it through their live support as well. This means you are probably okay to use a VPN and they will look the other way. But if there are any issues or a change of policy then who knows? So you are taking a risk.

A VPN could cause game issues

If you’re playing at a crypto gambling site that allows you to use a VPN, it’s worth noting that your connection might degrade. This can impact performance and video quality when playing slots or live casino games. If you’re betting in-play at a crypto sportsbook, it might take longer than usual to confirm the bet. This could cause you to miss target prices or miss a bet altogether.

The best VPNs

There are hundreds of VPNs out there but they vary greatly in quality and features. Some are much better than others in terms of:

  • Devise coverage
  • Ease of use
  • Choice of locations
  • Advanced privacy options

We go into more detail here but the short version is that the 3 best are

and they all accept crypto.

The verdict

While some crypto betting sites will allow you to use a VPN to get around geo-blocking issues, it’s not always best to do so. If you don’t need to use a VPN, you’re better off sticking to your regular connection. The degradation of experience isn’t worth the privacy benefits. However, if you have no choice but to use a VPN because of geo-blocking, then the drop in quality is well worth it!

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