AnoniBet sportsbook review

AnoniBet have shown questionable competency or integrity and are not recommended. Apart from this paragraph and the ratings we will leave the review as it was.


Overall 50
Odds 5/10
Website 5/10
Range of bets 5/10
Customer service 5/10
Transactions 5/10

Location: Hong Kong
Established: 2011
Min bet: 1 m฿
Max bet: ฿5
Bonus: 10% Rebate on parlay/multi-bet losses.

anonibet review

anonibet bet

anonibet live

AnoniBet are one of the oldest and therefore most trusted names in crypto gambling. They have been providing a good quality service, with no controversies or lost funds, since 2011.

Using the website you would be forgiven for thinking it is 2011, as its quite basic and clunky but it does function well. For example there are no social features and you have to wait for a confirmation before you can play with your deposit. AnoniBet block players from some jurisdictions in their mediocre casino which we review here.

The sportsbook is standard fare with a large range of betting options on all the major US and European events. The live betting is a good feature but the odds are poor.

The verdict

In a word AnoniBet is solid, there is no drama and everything works as it should. Not a great deal of fun or excitement though. AnoniBet get props and trust for having been a good and reliable operator for so long but they have been overtaken by the fresher, more ambitious and more dynamic competition.

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  1. PP 5 months ago

    Hey guys my account number 373954 I made a deposit to play a bit on Anonibet. I made two bets on CHL MU-Valencia corners , and NHL preseason game New Jersey with some team on total. Than my account was blocked due to some fraude checks. As support explaned me such “rare!!!”( yes very rare Chempions leage and NHL ) bets were made by group of people , and I am suspected in fraud. Most probably I have another accounts in order to increase bet maximum.

    1 Yes events are very rare ))
    2 I made a deposit of around 50$ , so what bet max are you talking about ??
    3 I never had another account you can check it by IP or my computer data ( I don’t know)
    4 Well if you place this events why can I bet on it ??
    5 I can proove my identity with documents or even skype call

    So I do not recomend this web site for bets , as they can take your money with the explanation that you are cheater, so be careful guys. You can contact me if you have any questions I will be glad to answer.

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