Bitcoin Rush sportsbook review

  Bettors in the must use a VPN

Overall 61%
User experience 5/10
Odds 10/10
Range of bets 5/10
Live betting 4/10
Transactions 6/10
Customer service 5/10
Privacy and security 9/10
Established: 2013
Located: Panama
Min-bet: 0.1 m฿
Max-bet: Not displayed
Aidos Kuneen ADKBitcoin BTCFlash FLASH

Bitcoin Rush (previously known as is one of the few remaining OG crypto sportsbooks from 2013. They have a “colorful” history including an ICO with -86% return.

Investors lost money, probably not from being ripped off (unless Bitcoin Rush underreported profit) but rather because the product is not good.

User experience

There are a lot of small issues here, things like these for example

  • Bet settlement is slow, our tennis bet took more than 12 hours to be paid out.
  • Event times are listed in US eastern time, no the users local time.
  • There are notifications to bet on the FIFA World Cup, 7 months after it finished.
  • There is no way to see what the max bet is.
  • Log in and log out bugs.
  • Pages are often slow to load.
  • There are links around the site to bet on sports that have no games listed for betting. For example links to American football during the offseason when there are no American Football games.
  • All soccer games, that’s several hundred, load in one huge list on one page rather than being divided into leagues. This means the page is slow to load and its hard to find the game you are looking for.
  • Some pages got stuck as just blank white screens (see walk through video below).
  • Customer service does not respond promptly, or sometime not at all.

We noticed all that in our first couple of hours using the site!


The odds are really good! That is the main reason you might use Bitcoin Rush .

Bitcoin Rush has the equal best odds of all sportsbooks.

Range of bets

Live betting

Bitcoin Rush’s live betting is disappointing. Only NFL, NBA and tennis are available for live betting. There are no scores, live stream, or cashout options.

The odds are not updated by the website, you have to refresh the page to see the current odds.


Bitcoin Rush support a couple of completely unheard of cryptos. Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is ranked 1807 by market cap and Flash (FLASH) is ranked 1149, and completely pre-mined. Those are the only 2 alts they support which makes us think the owners of Bitcoin Rush have some personal involvement in those projects.

Customer service

Customer service channels available:

Email only.

Speed of replies: So far our question has not been replied to...
Accuracy of replies:

If they reply its good, they are a relatively small team so they are knowledgeable, they are also real crypto users.

Real life customer service test


The Bitcoin Rush homepage has 4 coins including litecoin. When I am logged in I can see the other 3 available but not litecoin. Is litecoin supported? If it is how can I use it?


No answer for days 🙁

Privacy and security

Bitcoin Rush has the equal best privacy and security of all sportsbooks.


The Bitcoin Rush VIP program gives you 0.1% cash back on all your bets, wining and losing. The cashback can go even higher if you bet a lot and move to higher tiers in the VIP program. This effectively makes the odds even better than they already are!


Bitcoin Rush have kept themselves relevant by having good odds while working just about well enough to be useable. If a higher ranked sportsbook matches or beats their odds you will have more fun and a better all round experience there.

Visit Bitcoin Rush

Sportsbook walk-through

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  1. chowdary 4 years ago

    do any of these support live betting inplay betting in cricket

    • Author
      BitEdge 4 years ago

      I have just had a quick look and it appears not I’m afraid 🙁 Get your bets on pre-game

      • chowdary 4 years ago

        ty for the reply sir no one is accepting live bets for cricket in bit coins but today in cloudbet they opened live betting during match i found it bit odd because i saw many times they never open live betting for cricket

        • Author
          BitEdge 4 years ago

          Yes I have just confirmed that Cloudbet (review, bettors in the must use a VPN) is offering in play odds for the remainder of the ICC World Cup. Good luck 🙂

  2. Anonymous 4 years ago

    this site seems extremely rigged… do NOT play the html5 casino games.

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