OneHash Sportsbook Review

Overall 65%
User experience 6/10
Odds 7/10
Range of bets 5/10
Live betting 0/10
Transactions 6/10
Customer service 6/10
Privacy and security 9/10
Established: 2015
Located: Poland
Min-bet: 0.1 m฿
Max-bet: 3000 m฿
Bitcoin BTC

OneHash is the biggest crypto mutual betting service. That means all bets on a market go into a pool, then OneHash takes 5.3% of the pool as their cut, then distributes the other 94.7% to the winners.

This means there are no fixed odds, you don’t know how much your payout will be until betting has closed at the start of the event. It also means there is no live betting.

Mutual betting is not as good for the bettor as fixed odds, unless the pool provider only takes a tiny cut from the pool, it would need to be less than 2%.

OneHash does allow for no-account betting but if you make more than 1 bet its easer to have an account. They also have a great dice game (review) and some other fun games.

User experience

OneHash has a clear, open and attractive design although it is a bit too busy.

The differences caused by the mutual betting model take a bit of getting used to. For example, OneHash displays the pool total, number of bets and average bet for each market. When you go to make a bet without an account there is nowhere to put your stake because you send your stake as a transaction.

Regular sportbook users are not used to any of that, but you can manage.

The standard at all sportsbooks is to list events in time order. On OneHash you have the option to do that but by default events are displayed as square cards, ordered by popularity, which we don’t like.

Bet resulting is slow, it took 5 hours for our German Bundesliga bet to get paid out.


The good thing about OneHash’s odds are that there is the same overround of 5.3% on all betting markets. Including obscure bet types in small events that are a long way in the future. On most sportsbooks those would be given a higher overround.

Range of bets

Live betting

There is no live betting given that it is not suited to the mutual betting model.


Customer service

Customer service channels available:

Live chat and on site submission.

Speed of replies: Live chat takes a few minutes to reply.
Accuracy of replies:

Not good.

Real life customer service test


How many confirmations does a deposit need before it can be bet?


We require 2 confirmations before funds are available to spend on wallet. It takes few houtrs since it is confirmed by email. It might take a bit longer during weekend.


Strange answer even apart from the bad English. Everything after the first sentence sounds like she is talking about withdrawal timeframes so I clarified and she said

The withdrawal have to be confirmed by email after you set the transaction, on the contrary of deposits.

So yeah, I asked her about deposits, she answered and then changed the subject to withdrawals without mentioning it.

Privacy and security

OneHash has the equal best privacy and security of all sportsbooks.


100% first deposit bonus up to 1000 m฿ released into your account gradually depending on play.


If OneHash would lower their cut from 5.3% to 1% I would use and recommend it. I think if they did lower their edge to 1% they would get more than 10 times the volume and therefore make more money overall.

As it is, the mutual model gives no benefit to the bettor compared to the top ranked sportsbooks listed here.

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