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Will crypto sportsbooks limit winning accounts?

No, we have never heard of this happening. The main reason is because you are anonymous you could easily create a new account, so its effectively impossible for a crypto sportsbook to limit your account or shut you out.


Are bitcoin bets and payouts transactions on the blockchain?

When you deposit and withdraw to and from a bitcoin sportsbook those transaction are on the blockchain. Everything in between, like your bets and payouts, is just being recorded by the sportsbook not on the blockchain.

As such your balance is not 100% in your control until you withdraw it back to your own wallet on the blockchain.


What happens to a bet for a team to win if the game is a draw and that was not a betting option?

The most common rule sportsbooks follow if the draw or tie was not a betting option is the dead heat rule. Bets on the equal winners are paid out at the full value of the ticket (as if it was a winner) divided by the number of equal winners.

In a 2 team market such as an NBA game this means you will get back half of what you would have got if your selection won. So if you backed the favorite you are better off getting your bet refunded, but if you backed the underdog you are better off under the dead heat rule.

The exact answer is found in the rules section of the sportsbook’s website or by contacting the sportsbook directly.


Is crypto gambling legal?

Please see crypto gambling laws and jurisdictions.

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