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The odds in our comparison tables update every 10 minutes to help you win as much as possible! Every element of the odds comparisons is explained in detail in this guide.

Which sportsbook has the best odds

Best odds frequency Edge
1st 22.64% 3.95%
2nd 19.25% 3.98%
3rd 22.52% 5.6%

We count which sportsbook offers the best odds and we calculate their house edge on every bet currently displayed on our odds comparisons. That is 118 events826 bets and 3857 individual odds.

If you don’t want to compare the odds for each bet you make, just sign up to the sportsbooks with the lowest edge. That way you know you are getting good value overall. See the full table and details on the best odds sportsbook rankings page.

Arbitrage alerts

We have set up a notification when our odds comparisons detect an arbitrage opportunity. This allows you to place 2 opposite bets on the same event at 2 different sportsbooks and make a profit no matter what the result! Here is an example of the last alert.

West Ham United



English Premier League

Time: 3:00 pm November 30, 2019
Bet type: Handicap
Profit: 1.08%

Bet 1

West Ham United +1.5 at odds of 1.949 at BetBTC for 51.9% of total bets

Bet 2

Chelsea -1.5 at odds of 2.1 at Cloudbet for 48.1% of total bets

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The alerts are also tweeted. For full detail see crypto betting edge alerts.

Historical odds archive

Odds for past soccer games back to 2018 can be seen in the odds archive.


  1. Anonymous

    I am wondering if you still have Soccer Odds Comparisons and arbitrage alerts for Soccer.

  2. Anonymous

    How often does the alert occur?

  3. Rob

    Can you resubscribe me? My email is below

  4. Ben

    Newbie question, how do you guys know how much to bet with the btc price always moving? Is there a calculator for that? Thanks.

    • BitEdge

      Sure if you have a USD amount you have in mind, say $50, you can get the bitcoin equivalent by googling

      “$50 USD in bitcoin”

      and bet that amount. But most of us are happy thinking in and betting in bitcoin amounts. Bitcoin is the reference currency that we think of bet sizes in.

  5. luke

    How can we get Golf odds comparisons?

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a way to configure this website to show American odds?

    • BitEdge

      Yes there is! In the top left corner of every odds comparison there is a drop down option that is set to Decimal odds by default. Click it and you can choose American or fractional odds. Your preference will be remembered.

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