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How often are the odds updated?

The odds are updated every 10 minutes.

Why are those sportsbooks included?

Site wide we only include anonymous end-to-end crypto sportsbooks. By including a sportsbook in the odds comparisons we are only endorsing that they are a good enough site to bet at. They might not be a great sportsbook but they won’t steal your money.

You can see what we think of the sportsbooks in detail in the crypto sportsbook reviews.

Which is the home team and what does the “@” mean?

We use the standard US format for designating home and away teams.

Away team @ Home team

The @ sign should be read as “at”. It indicates the game will be played at the 2nd team’s home ground.

“Chelsea @ Liverpool” means Chelsea is the away team and Liverpool is the home team. Chelsea is playing at Liverpool.

This is the opposite of the standard soccer format but we use it for all events to be consistent, logical and descriptive.

Why are some odds bold and underlined?

Bold and underlined odds are the best odds available for that bet. By betting those odds you will bet into the lowest possible edge!

We use decimal odds to pick the best odds. There are some fractional odds that do not have an exact decimal equivalent. This may mean you see the same fractional odd 2 or more times, but only one of them is bold and underlined as the best odd. That’s because that is the best decimal odd.

For example, say BetBTC (review) has decimal odds of 2.24 and Nitrogen (review) has decimal odds of 2.25. Nitrogen has better odds so only it will be underlined and bold but if you are viewing fractional odds they will both show as 5/4 because that is the closest fractional odds equivalent to both 2.24 and 2.25.

The average odd is wrong

The average odd figure we display is made up of all sportsbooks in the odds comparisons.

Due to geoblocking and your settings you may not see all the sportsbooks, but you can if you want to.

For example, by default we won’t show you sportsbooks that block bettors from the United States of America. But those sportsbook’s odds are still counted in the average we display.

Likewise if you have set your settings to only show sportsbooks that accept ethereum then we won’t show you sportsbooks that don’t accept ethereum. But those sportsbooks’ odds are still included in the averages we display.

You can choose to see all sportsbooks in the settings.

Can I see the odds in American or fractional format?

Yes, please set your preference in the settings.

Can I see the odds for past events?

Yes you can see them in the odds archive.

What do the different bet types mean?

There are 3 bet types displayed in our odds comparisons although the same bet type can be called different things depending on the sport.


This is betting on the outcome of the event, in US sports it’s often called the “moneyline”.

In sports where a draw is a possible outcome, like soccer or cricket, we use “Result” and include 3 possible bets; away team, draw and home team.

In sports where draws are not possible, like baseball and tennis, we use “Winner” and only include 2 possible bets, away team and home team.

Handicap/Points spread/Run spread/Games spread

This is betting on who will win after the final score has been modified by the given number of goals/points/runs/games.

For example betting “Liverpool – 1.5” means you are betting Liverpool will win even after 1.5 goals are subtracted from their final score. So if the final result is

Liverpool 3
Chelsea 1

Then you modify the score by Liverpool -1.5 and get

Liverpool 1.5
Chelsea 1

So Liverpool -1.5 is a winning bet. If the final score is

Liverpool 2
Chelsea 1

Again you modify the final score by Liverpool -1.5 and now you get

Liverpool 0.5
Chelsea 1

So Liverpool -1.5 is a losing bet.

Bets that end in a draw/tie are refunded. You can read more about spread betting and Asian handicaps here.

Totals over/under

Totals +/- is betting if more or less than a given number of something will happen in an event.

For example in a soccer game you can bet if there will more than 3.5 goals scored or less than 3.5 goals scored.

Bets that end in a draw/tie are refunded. You can read more about totals betting here.

If you have any questions about the odds comparisons please let us know in the comments.

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