Position available – Python Data Engineer


Permanent full time role in a team of python developers. Fully remote, flexible schedule and autonomous self management. Immediate start available.

What you will work on

BitOdds odds comparisons and related features. Use web scraping and APIs to gather sport events and odds data. Process and persist the data to a database. System admin the VPS on which the system runs.

Required skills and experience

  • Python.
  • Celery task scheduling.
  • Scrapy web scraping.
  • Pandas data processing.
  • MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Linux system administration.
  • System architecture.
  • Docker.
  • Git version control.
  • Live in timezone range from UTC+0 to UTC+10:00.

Optional skills and experiences

  • Sports, betting and crypto 🙂
  • Front end JavaScript and responsive HTML/CSS.
  • PHP.
  • WordPress.
  • Email marketing with subscription, email templates and sending.

Pay and conditions

Time commitment is full time. You will work remotely on any days of the week and any time of the day you like. You will report to the CTO.

Compensation will be above market rate plus a profit share.

You will be hired by a local employer of record in your country. This will ensure you receive all employee rights and benefits guaranteed by the laws in your country and you will receive locally compliant pay slips.

About us

BitOdds is a small team of tech, crypto and sports betting enthusiasts. We have been operating profitably for 7 years.

We maintain a hack free development environment with high code and documentation standards. We value clean, semantic, human readable code, modular architecture and testing. We value frank and open feedback and code review.

More information can be found on our about us page or by browsing around this site.

Thanks for your consideration, we hope to hear from you soon.

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