American football crypto betting guide

Where to bet

Who has the best odds?

You can see which crypto sportsbook has the best odds for the bet you want to make on our NFL odds comparison. You can see which sportsbook has the best odds overall on our best odds sportsbook ranking.

Who has the biggest range of bets?

Nitrogen Sports (review) has by far the biggest range of bets on every NFL game, with 40 different markets listed. For comparison, Cloudbet (review, bettors in the must use a VPN) has 19 and Sportsbet (review, bettors in the must use a VPN) has 16.

On Nitrogen the different betting markets are separated onto different pages and tabs. I guess that keeps things organized but we would prefer if they were all in one place. You can bet on everything from total points in the first quarter, to if the first score will be a touchdown or a field goal, to over/under on a running back’s rushing yards.

Who has the best live betting?

Sportsbet has the best live betting on NFL. This is mostly due to the attractive and easy to use live betting interface. The live betting features like live scores and “accept odds changes?” work better on Sportsbet than anywhere else.

Who is the best allround sportsbook?

See our detailed written and video crypto sportsbook reviews for all the top options. We think SportsbetCloudbet and Nitrogen are the best, in that order.

American football bet types

The most common sports bet types are

  • Moneyline – Who will win.
  • Points spread – Handicapping the favorite a certain number of points.
  • Total points – Will the total points be over or under a certain number.

There are a few markets that are particular to American football betting. These include prop bets on things like how many yards will a quarterback pass and how many yards will a receiver receive for.

A completely different way to bet on NFL is Nitrogen Sport’s brilliant 0% house edge NFL survivor pools.

Live betting

George Will famously described American football as violence punctuated by committee meetings. All the breaks in play that George was referring to, where the networks go to commercial, are great opportunities to analyze the state of the game and bet live in play.

There are a lot of inefficiencies in live markets and therefore a lot of chances to get value bets on and make profit. Live betting also allows you to trade out of a position you took pre-game as more information becomes available, information like, the score or player injuries.

How to win

  • Follow the points on How to be a winning sports bettor.
  • Don’t pay attention to media pundits. They are paid to be entertaining not accurate.
  • Try both pre-game betting and live in-play betting, to find out which suits you better.
  • Get the highest possible payout for every bet by using our odds comparisons.

Differences between NFL and college betting

College football is a lot higher scoring than NFL. This does not only affect the total points markets, it also affects the points spread.

Consider an example where 2 teams have equally dominant wins over their opponents, one in NFL and the other in college. On average the college team will win by more points than the NFL team even though the NFL team had an equally dominant win. This is because there are simply more points scored in college.

College football is less predictable, meaning there are more upsets. This makes for more exciting betting and more opportunities to find value in the odds as the sportsbooks “get it wrong” more often.

There are a lot more college games to bet on. In the NCAA division 1 FBS there are about 60 games every week, making about 1000 games per season! For NFL it’s only about 15 games a week making about 270 games per season.

Because NFL is more popular to bet on, NFL games have a larger range of different bet types available and higher bet limits.

NFL games can end in a tie, college games cannot. This makes little difference for 2 reasons.

  1. Ties almost never happen.
  2. The tie is not offered as a betting option in NFL markets which means if the game does end in a tie all bets are refunded.

Have fun betting!

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