Soccer crypto betting guide

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world to bet on and that popularity is an advantage in itself for bettors. Because soccer betting is so popular it attracts the best value odds, the highest bet limits and the biggest range of different betting markets per game.

We have a separate guide especially for betting on the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Where to bet

Who has the best odds?

You can see which crypto sportsbook has the best odds for the bet you want to make on our soccer odds comparisons. You can see which sportsbook has the best odds overall on our best odds sportsbook rankings.

Who has the biggest range of bets?

Of all crypto sportsbook Cloudbet (review, bettors in the must use a VPN) has the biggest range of bets on soccer with over 80 different betting markets per game on the big European leagues. Sportsbet (review, bettors in the must use a VPN) is right there with them offering over 60 different bet types per game.

For example on Cloudbet you can bet on everything down to in which half the away team will score more goals. On Sportsbet you can bet on the “result” at the 10 minute mark.

Who has the best live betting?

Sportsbet has the best live betting on Soccer. This is mostly due to the attractive and easy to use live betting interface. The live betting features like live scores and “accept odds changes?” work better on Sportsbet than anywhere else.

Who is the best allround sportsbook?

See our detailed written and video crypto sportsbook reviews for all the top options. We think Sportsbet, Cloudbet and Nitrogen Sports (review) are the best, in that order.

Soccer bet types

Apart from the most common sports bet types there are a few bet types that are unique to soccer. The 2 things that differentiate soccer betting from other sports is that soccer is very low scoring and the draw is a very common result. These differences give rise to the following bet types.

Draw no bet

If you want to pick a team to win and avoid losing if the game is a draw you can select the “Draw no bet” market where the betting options are Team A or Team B and if the game is a draw your bet will be refunded.

Correct score

The “Correct score” market is betting on the exact score at full time. It’s a highly entertaining bet that can be nail-biting right to the end.

Live betting

Live betting on soccer is different than most other sports. Most other sports have built in breaks in play such as timeouts, change of innings or time between rounds. Soccer only has half time which is a great opportunity to bet live in play buy you will also find yourself betting as play is ongoing.

There are a lot of inefficiencies in live markets and therefore a lot of chances to get value bets on and make profit. Live betting also allows you to trade out of a position you took pre-game as more information becomes available, information like the score or player injuries.

Which leagues to bet on

There are so many different soccer leagues available to bet on that you can’t possibly keep up with them all. So how do you decide which league to specialize in?

Of course you should choose your favorite leagues that you find most entertaining but if you do specialize in a different league you will soon love it just as much after some big wins on cliffhanger bets! Here are some of the main considerations.


Choose leagues that play their games at times that are convenient for you to make late pre-game bets, live bets and to watch games live.

Local TV coverage or streaming

Most leagues do not have good online streaming services like US sports do so to watch games live you are more dependent on your local TV and cable providers. Choose leagues that you can watch.

Range of bets

The more popular the league the bigger range of different bet types available per game. On smaller leagues you will only find the 3 most common soccer bets

  • Match winner – Team A, Team B or The draw.
  • Handicap – Handicapping the favorite a number of goals.
  • Total goals – Will over or under a certain number of goals be scored.

On leagues like the English premier leagueGerman Bundesliga, Spanish La liga and Italian Serie A there is a dizzying array of different bet types per game.

Bet limits

On the major European leagues mentioned above you will be able to bet amounts from 20,000 m฿ to 100,000 m฿ per bet. On the smaller leagues the max bets are from 1000 m฿ to 5000 m฿.

Can you know more than the odds makers?

Some bettors like to bet on obscure leagues if they think they can be more knowledgeable about that league than the sportsbooks themselves. This is harder than it used to be given most sportsbooks don’t set their own odds anymore, they have odds providers.

The ultimate edge is knowing information before the rest of the market does.

How to win

  • Follow the points on How to be a winning sports bettor.
  • Don’t pay attention to media pundits. They are paid to be entertaining not accurate.
  • Try both pre-game betting and live in-play betting, to find out which suits you better.
  • Get the highest possible payout for every bet by using our odds comparisons.

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