Best odds sportsbook rankings

1st mBit Best odds in 5.45% of bets 3.72% edge
2nd Cloudbet Best odds in 6.41% of bets 4.56% edge

Many sportsbooks claim to have the best odds, we give non-biased third party proof!

We count which sportsbook offers the best odds and we calculate their house edge on every bet currently displayed on our odds comparisons. That is 1489 events8123 bets and 9455 individual odds and all figures are updated every 10 minutes.

If you don’t want to compare the odds for each bet you make just sign up to the sportsbooks with the lowest edge, then you know you are getting good value overall.

If 2 sportsbooks are offering the equal best odds they each get a point in the best odds column.

Odds are not the only thing you should consider when choosing a sportsbook. Also consider all the items mentioned in our detailed written and video bitcoin sportsbook reviews.

May the odds be with you!



  1. bettercallsaul4 2 years ago

    Just a quick question: are the fees in the exchanges betbtc and Fairlay included in the odd comparison? With fees the real odds are not as good as on the first view.

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