Bitcoin betting edge alerts

We have set up alerts when there are opportunities to gamble bitcoin with the odds in your favor. Currently there are 3 different alerts which give you a positive expectation of long term profit.

  1. Sports betting arbitrage alerts. Details below.
  2. Exclusive poker freerolls. Details here.
  3. Dice jackpot alerts. Details here.
  4. Exclusive free NFL survivor pools. Details here.

Sports betting arbitrage alerts

our odds comparisons detect an arbitrage opportunity. This allows recipients to place 2 opposite bets on the same event at 2 different sportsbooks and make a profit no matter what the result!

In the alerts we specify which selections you will need to bet on at which sportsbooks and the relative amounts to receive the same profit on all results which will be at least a 1% profit overall.


Subscribe to the alerts by entering your email address here. We guarantee 100% privacy, your information will not be shared.

The edge are also tweeted here and posted to our facebook page.

To confirm any arbitrage opportunity enter the odds into our overround and probability calculator If the overround is negative you can profit no matter what the result!

Keep in mind that most sportsbook’s terms and conditions allow them to refund bets if the odds were obviously incorrect due to human error. If the short priced favorite at all other sportsbooks is the high priced underdog at one sportsbook, that is most likely due to human error and is not an arbitrage opportunity.

We filter almost all of these out and the vast majority of our arbitrage alerts are genuine opportunities to profit not matter what the result.

Why are we giving this information away and not profiting from it ourselves?

Actually we are doing both. We are on the edge alert list and if we are available when one comes into our inbox we make the bets. However the sportsbooks have maximum bets per customer so there is a ceiling to how much bitcoin we can make this way.

We can make more by referring other customers to the sportsbooks, that is why we want people to know about the edge opportunities so they will take them up via our referral links. In the case of the dice jackpot alerts the more other people bet into it, the bigger all of our edges becomes.

Normally I say good luck but with these edge alerts you won’t need it!



  1. Micellium 2 years ago

    Hello, I have some experience with arbitrage betting with regular currency (made aprox. 2000€) but since books limit you so fast and aren’t as reliable as you may think at first I have tought of switching to BTC arbitrage betting. It was surpricing that this is the ONLY service I could find in all the internet and I have searched for quite some time, I don’t know why this is the case, maybe you can bring some light into that.

    • Author
      Bitedge 11 months ago

      Hi Micellium, Maybe because bitcoin betting is still a new thing and is not possible for most people who don’t use bitcoin.

  2. Anonymous 11 months ago

    how do u know how much to wager for each team? please help, im very confused.

    • Author
      Bitedge 11 months ago

      Hi, If you have 100 mBTC to bet with and the alert says

      Bet 1 … for 68.72% of total bets
      Bet 2 … for 31.28% of total bets

      Then you should bet

      68.72 mBTC on bet 1
      31.28 mBTC on bet 2

      The exact stake depends on how much you want to bet in total. That’s why we give %s.

  3. Anonymous 9 months ago

    Thanks a million Bitedge, you are literally putting food in our stomachs with this. We really appreciate it mate

  4. Anonymous 7 months ago

    3 days since i met your site and still no alert! Is that normal?

    • Author
      Bitedge 7 months ago

      Hi, Sorry we had some issues with the arbitrage alerts but they are back up now and will be improving a lot in the coming months.

  5. Craig Viets 6 months ago

    looking forward to the next update. keep it up!

  6. Ste 3 weeks ago

    So on the above bet it says to bet Everton +0 and bet Bournemouth +0 what if the match ends in a draw surely you just lost both bets?

    • Author
      Bitedge 3 weeks ago

      Hi Set. No that’s not the case, if the match ends in a draw both bets would result in a push and be refunded to you. Good Luck!

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