Bitcoin gambling videos

All of our own bitcoin gambling videos can be found on our YouTube channel. This page is a collection of the best bitcoin gambling videos made by other people.

After watching a lot of misinformed Hollywood stereotypes in sports betting movies it was a nice change to find hours of intelligent, in depth discussion about sports betting and bitcoin gambling by real experts.

These first 7 sports betting videos are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The world’s leading conference for sports metrics and analytics. You can see all available videos from the 2012 to 2017 conferences on their YouTube channel but the other videos are not about sports betting.

This panel discus US legislation and sports betting data.

This panel discuss the absurd legal questions of luck vs skill in sports betting and fantasy football.

These experts think there will be national regulation to legalize sports betting in the USA by 2019.

Experts discussing how to get an edge through analytics

Next up the “Anyone can bet a million dollars at Cantor Gaming” guy meets a bettor who Cantor Gaming has limited to $500 and some snappy back and forths ensues.

An excellent presentation from the same conference that is relevant to sports betting

In this video note the Director of Cantor Gaming’s repeated brags that “Anyone can bet a million dollars at Cantor Gaming”, “We don’t have limits” and similar statements.

A history of the theory of probability and its use in betting from one of the greatest data driven computer gamblers of ever.

John Stossel and Naomi Brockwell discuss bitcoin gambling 101 on Fox News.

An investor reacts to Just Dice closing.

Bitcoin: The Future of Gambling was a presentation I gave at my local meet up, it explores the advantages for customers and operators, bitcoin gambling laws, trustless and provably fair gambling and more.

Here is the scene in the bitcoin doco where I talk about bitcoin gambling.

I was interviewed for the doco Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it. The interview did not make the cut but here it is as an extra.

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