Factors to Look at

This is what a lot of people ignore when betting on the World Cup Top Scorer. There are a lot of different factors out there that can impact who has the best chance of winning the golden boot. It can be hard to understand what the different factors are, but there are four main choices to take a close look at in order to choose who you want to bet on.

World Cup Top Scorer: Form Before the World Cup

This tends to get ignored quite a lot. Anyone who has spent a lot of time watching soccer, or who has played the game to a good level, knows that scoring goals can often be about form. Purple patches are a regular occurrence for forward players and if they’re not in good form going into the tournament, it can impact on their performance. Of course, sometimes strikers can be in poor form and then hit it as the tournament starts, but generally speaking, if the player goes into the tournament in fine form, there is a good chance they will have a chance to be World Cup Top Scorer.

It also has to be understood that this tournament is different to all others. It’s being played mid-season. This means that players are coming directly from their club season. As such, their form will play a bigger part in who gets the golden boot than ever before.

World Cup Top Scorer: Make-up of their Team

There are plenty of different aspects that go into this one. Firstly, the quality of the team that they play for will make a big difference. Heung Min Son is without a doubt a world-class player who scores a lot of goals. When he plays for Tottenham he operates at an incredible level. But, when you put him into the South Korea squad, his goal-scoring isn’t going to be quite on the same level. This is because the players that he is playing with aren’t at the same level as his Spurs teammates.


On top of this, the dynamic within the squad is also very important. Diogo Jota, unfortunately, was injured so not at the tournament, is a great example of this. For Liverpool, he scores a good share of goals. For Portugal, he isn’t as prolific. The reason for this is that at Liverpool the team is built around teamwork as an important part of winning. In Portugal, Ronaldo is the focal point and the side is built around getting the best out of him. It means that players like Jota sacrifice part of their game to the benefit of Ronaldo. You also have to take into account that penalties and free kicks might not be given to players at the international level when they would be at the club level.

World Cup Top Scorer: Quality of Opponents

At the 1994 World Cup, Oleg Salenko finished as joint top scorer despite Russia only winning one of the three matches that they played. This is because he scored 5 goals in a single game when Russia beat Cameroon 6-1 in their final group game. This shows that who the opposition are can make a big difference when it comes to the World Cup’s top scorer. Look at who each team is playing against, there might be games where goals can be run up, and this should be taken into account.


On paper England have one of the weaker groups in the tournament. While Kane drew a blank in the first game against Iran, as long as he remains fit, he should still be able to run up his tally when playing the USA and Wales. It’s this kind of thing that is important to look at in order to make the right choice.

World Cup Top Scorer: Best Crypto Sportsbook

There are a lot of fantastic crypto sportsbooks out there, but you need to choose the right one. Whether it’s based on the markets that are offered or the level of odds. Whatever you want from a crypto sportsbook, make sure that you find one that offers what you need. This will ensure that you can get the best value from your bets.

Correct Research for World Cup Top Scorer

In order to ensure that you have the highest chance of success, you will need to make sure you go through these different factors before placing a bet. These factors are vital when it comes to improving the value that you get for your bets. So, go through each of the different factors and make sure to take them into account before you place your wager.


Once you have completed your research you can think about placing your bets. This is when you need to start putting together your list of who you think will be best placed to go on to be the World Cup top scorer. If you want a helping hand in terms of who to research, we’ve put together a quick rundown of who we think will have a good chance of taking the trophy.

Likely Players to Compete for World Cup Top Scorer

There are definitely a lot of players who have a good chance of taking the golden boot home. Harry Kane was the winner last time out, partly due to England’s excellent run to the semi-finals. However, he’s not the only player out there who has a chance this time. We’ve put a few players together who we think have a good chance of being World Cup top scorers.

Lionel Messi

Look, we couldn’t put this list together without picking Messi. This is likely to be his last World Cup. He is going to want to go out with a bang. As such, he will be bringing his A-game as the tournament rolls on. Despite losing in the opening game, Messi still managed to bag a goal. The performance wasn’t exactly awful in the game either, Saudi Arabia was just well drilled and got a little bit lucky, scoring from their only shots on target. Still, you can expect Argentina and Messi to raise their game in the remaining fixtures and go all out to bring both the World Cup and the golden boot home to South America.

Christiano Ronaldo

Just like Messi, this is probably his last tournament. Unlike Messi, Ronaldo has had a bit of a tough time at the club level recently. Seemingly being blamed for all of Man United’s problems, he did an ill-advised interview and recently got released from his contract. With that being said, Portugal is still built around him and he will want to ensure his reputation is repaired. Especially if he is going to find a new club. This is Ronaldo’s last chance to stamp his name onto the greatest stage in soccer. If he wants to do that, he needs to finish as the World Cup top scorer.

Harry Kane

Kane might be behind in England’s scoring charts, but don’t let that fool you. He played very well in the opening game and was a big part of everything good that England did. Expect him to come to life as the tournament rolls on. Kane will want to add another golden boot to his collection so he is a safe choice to finish as the World Cup Top scorer.

Neymar Jr

Is he the best player in the world right now? It’s arguably between him and his clubmate, Mbappe, more on him later. Neymar has a similar situation to Ronaldo at Portugal with the Brazil side. Everything is built around feeding him. As such, he’s likely to walk away from this tournament having been fed plenty of chances. He has the quality to make the most of this, the only question that remains is if he has the desire to elevate himself into the upper echelons of soccer players.


The young kid on the big stage. He might not have finished as World Cup top scorer last time out, but he definitely announced himself. Mbappe is close to being the finished article and he hasn’t even hit 25 yet! The French forward has had a great start to the tournament and his quality, combined with the quality in the French squad, means he is well-placed to go on to take the golden boot.

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