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Bettors should always endeavour to be as responsible as possible. Responsible gambling is a critical factor every player should consider in the modern world. Understanding it is challenging, so we have compiled our in-depth guide. Our dedicated page will explain how players can remain responsible, what responsible gambling is, and how they can get any help they need.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling centers around the idea of social responsibility. It comes from several initiatives from different areas of the gambling industry. The operators, players, and regulators all hold a degree of responsibility. Although many believe responsible gambling is only for problem gamblers, it encompasses betting sites behaving reasonably. For example, a betting site continuing to take deposits from a known problem gambler would be a failure on their part.

What is the Difference between Responsible Gambling and Responsible Gaming?

In practice, there’s very little difference between responsible gambling and responsible gaming. However, as with any language, there is some nuance between the terms. Responsible gaming generally refers to the act of a bettor playing casino games. It’s a term most typically applied to casino games as a niche.

Responsible gambling is a blanket term which refers to all aspects of gambling responsibly, from sports bettors to crypto casino operators. As a result, it means responsible gaming comes under the umbrella of responsible gambling. Despite this, many sites will use both terms interchangeably. So, even though there are distinct differences between the two phrases, it’s essential to understand the context of their use. For example, if a sports betting site uses responsible gaming, it’s likely not referring to casino games. So, in this case, there’s a good chance it means responsible gambling.

Knowing the difference and the context is essential to fully understand what each term means.

The Risks of Online Gambling

Gambling online inherently has risks. This is because the whole concept of gambling is risk vs reward. However, online betting can also introduce different risks to traditional gambling. We’ve looked closely at potential risks, so bettors can be fully aware of them.

  • Crypto gambling sites can provide a security risk. Bettors can be victims of identity fraud if hackers attack a site.
  • Higher numbers of sports and markets make it easier to become lost in the world of stats and bets.
  • Digital money is easier to detach from than physical money. So, bettors don’t feel like they are spending as much with online gambling.
  • Increased bonuses and promotions make spending lots of time at betting sites much easier for bettors.
  • Online betting is often alone, making hiding problem gambling easier.

Bettors must be aware of these risks when betting online to avoid gambling problems further down the line.

How to Spot a Gambling Addiction

Spotting a gambling addiction can be incredibly challenging not only for yourself but also for someone else. Our list makes spotting the tell-tale signs of a gambling problem easier.

  • You must gamble more and more to enjoy betting
  • Irritable when trying to reduce gambling
  • Consistently failing to control, cut back or stop gambling
  • Always thinking about gambling, both past and future
  • Gambling, even when feeling upset
  • Chasing losses
  • Lying about how often you gamble
  • Putting gambling above your family, friends, jobs or education
  • Using others to cover gambling costs

Bettors with four or more of these factors can be diagnosed with a gambling disorder.

The First Steps to Stay in Control

For bettors to stay in control, some simple steps can help. While every gambler is different, these steps can stop a gambling problem from becoming an uncontrollable disorder.

  • Self-exclusion. Bettors can self-exclude from a crypto betting site. The time varies between sites but can range between two weeks and forever.
  • Self-assessment. Bettors can carry out an assessment to determine if they’re suffering from a gambling problem. As long as the user is honest, it’s an excellent method of understanding their mindset.
  • Bettors can put a time limit in place at some crypto sportsbooks. It allows bettors to ensure they don’t spend too long using a site.
  • Setting a budget is an excellent way to remain in control of betting. As long as the budget is finite, it provides superb gambling control. Some sites also offer financial limits, which helps to enforce a budget more strictly.
  • The final step is the most important. Only gamble while sober. Alcohol removes inhibitions, which can lead to making poor decisions. Gambling while under the influence of alcohol is something all bettors should avoid.

Where to Find Gambling Help

There are many different sources where bettors can find help with gambling issues. Each one provides a different outlook on how to remain responsible when gambling.

  • Customer Support
  • Online communities
  • Support groups
  • Gambling support organizations
  • Professional therapists

Why Bet Through Operators that Offer Responsible Gambling

There are several reasons why an operator with responsible gambling is the best place to play. Firstly, it means the operator cares about treating bettors fairly. It provides fair games, responsible gambling tools, and sensible terms and conditions. These factors make it much more likely to help bettors avoid or deal with a gambling problem.

Secondly, the tools are beneficial when it comes to responsible gambling. For example, the ability to set a deposit limit or time limit are excellent ways bettors can ensure they don’t develop an addiction. Self-exclusion is also a fantastic way to take some time off without the temptation of jumping back in before they’re ready.

Bettors should always look for responsible gambling tools to bet responsibly.

Expert Conclusion

Gambling responsibly is a robust method of personally regulating betting. However, bettors must understand the responsibility doesn’t lie at their feet alone. Therefore, choosing a crypto betting site which supports responsible gambling is also essential. In addition, responsible gambling is a societal responsibility, so the synergy between regulators, operators, and bettors is critical.

Our guide will help all Bitedge bettors remain responsible and keep themselves safe when gambling.

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