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Be the leading source of crypto sports betting information by using great communication and technology to provide value to our visitors.


The aim of BitEdge is to provide useful resources to the crypto betting public, to point new bettors in the right direction and help current bettors improve their fun and profitability. We do this by providing free, accurate and in depth resources about crypto sports betting.

We cater to all sports bettors from beginners to sharps looking to turn professional. We also promote crypto to the general public as we believe it provides many advantages.


BitEdge is run by sports betting experts and industry insiders who draw on considerable experience as professional sports bettors and having worked for multiple sportsbooks around the world. We are crypto true believers, we are paid in crypto, pay almost everything in crypto and have our savings in crypto.

More information about BitEdge’s founder, can be found in this introductory blog post and this page about crypto gambling consulting.


We have no paid advertising, no paid recommendations. We have affiliate relations but higher or lower commission or other incentives will never influence what we say about sportsbooks. For example we have negative reviews about sportsbooks with whom we have high commission affiliate agreements.

We will never sell data about visitors, we only track site usage for our own website analytics.

We generate an extremely low carbon footprint by being a paperless operation that generates no physical waste.

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BitEdge’s history is detailed here. Get to know us better by visiting us on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

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