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Welcome to Bitedge! Anyone passionate about crypto sports betting will understand the importance of due diligence. You want to know what we’re about and if we care as much as you do. Well, this is the perfect place to find out.

We will show exactly why we are the industry’s most essential crypto sports betting website. From our mission to who our experts are to why you can trust us, it’s all right here. Stick around to discover why you should bookmark Bitedge today!

Our History

Bitedge is the latest iteration of the best crypto betting site on the market. It’s the product of hard work from our founder, a professional sports bettor. Starting in 2006, it was a betting journey with many twists and turns, including working with betting companies. By 2013 he had moved to solely crypto betting. This was an eye-opening experience. Not only did it show our founder that crypto provides the best odds, but it also provides more freedom and security to players.

Bitedge first started in 2009 as the Australian Sports Betting Guide. Our founder set this up while he was working at Betfair in Australia. Unfortunately, a hack took this site down just as it gained traction. By 2012, our founder was ready to try again. He set up two different sites, but by this time, the market was filled with similar sites, all using substantial marketing budgets to rise above superior sites.

Our founder realized that he needed something to differentiate what he had to offer. He drew on his success with crypto betting to try and create a site that would provide players with the highest value content available. The result was the Crypto Betting Exchange. This was formed in 2013, but by 2019 our founder decided it needed a snappier name. That was when Bitedge was born.

Who We Are?

At Bitedge, we’re dedicated to giving our users the premier crypto betting experience. It means we have gone hard on recruitment. Everyone on the Bitedge team has different areas of expertise, but there are some similarities they all share.

Every Bitedge creator is a professional writer. It’s not just a hobby for them, it’s their life. So, they put their heart and soul into every piece they create. In addition, they’re experts in the crypto, sports, eSports, and virtual sports fields. As a result, every piece is created with passion and has the knowledge behind it, ensuring readers can get the most from it.

We also believe in crypto betting as the future of the sports betting industry. Our belief in crypto drives our passion for sharing our knowledge. All of this, combined with a dedication to the truth, makes Bitedge vital for anyone who bets using crypto.

Our Team

  • Will Wood
  • Vlad Hategan
  • Eugene Abungana
  • Olusanya Akanmu
  • Maryam Jinadu

Mission & Vision

Our mission is a simple one. Our overarching aim is to provide the best crypto sports betting resource. No caveats or excuses, we want to be the best. However, we’ve split our mission up into three distinct aspects.

Firstly, we want to be the number one for crypto sports betting information. We aim to provide vital information to our readers through easy-to-understand and accurate resources. We use the latest technology and high-level communication to give our readers the finest knowledge. All of this combines to make Bitedge the bonafide name bettors associate with crypto sports betting.

Secondly, we want to help our fellow bettors on their journey. So, our resources are more than just sportsbook reviews. We provide bettors with the tools they need to find the best value and increase their chances of success. Whether it’s our overround calculator or our betting and strategy guides, our resources help lead crypto bettors in the right direction.

Finally, all of our resources are free, accurate and unbiased. Accurate, unbiased information is the only way we can achieve our mission.

Who We Write For?

To put it simply, we write for everyone, from beginners to professional bettors. Therefore, every piece we write has information you will find helpful. We write guides that will help newcomers to the crypto betting scene while also being a great addition for any professional bettor. Our aim is to break down complex topics into straightforward, concise content.

Our content covers everything from the newest sportsbooks to the latest betting methods. So no matter how long you have been in the crypto betting world, you can learn something here at Bitedge.

We also have content perfect for traditional sports bettors looking to jump into crypto betting. If you’ve been betting for a long time, the jump to crypto might provide some difficulty. We help to facilitate the leap, making it a smooth transition for any bettor.

Whatever type of bettor you are, here at Bitedge, we are writing for you!

Responsible Gambling Pledge

Just like you, we are bettors too. So, we understand the importance of responsible gambling. If things get too much, which can happen to anyone, we know getting help is essential. Anyone struggling with a gambling problem can find the relevant information on our responsible gambling page. We populate it with all the most critical links and information. As a result, anyone struggling with gambling issues, whether big or small, can get the help they need from our responsible gambling page.

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with gambling problems, make sure to visit our page.

Why Choose Us?

It’s an obvious question, why should you choose us? Fortunately, we have an obvious answer. Here at Bitedge, we strive to be the best. To do this, we’ve identified key values which help us to stand tall as the best crypto sports betting site.

The first reason bettors should choose us is our moral fiber. We aim to tell the truth at all times. Whether it’s good or bad, we refuse to write anything untrue. Att Bitedge, you won’t find anything we don’t wholeheartedly believe. Our writers stand behind our dedication to the truth. It’s why our readers keep coming back.

Secondly, we have genuine expertise. Our writers have spent years within the crypto sports betting scene. Whether as bettors or inside the industry, they know how things work. It means our resources come from years of experience and knowledge. The reason we have multiple writers is so we can cover multiple subjects. With Bitedge, you have decades of experience at your fingertips without paying a single cent.

Finally, we ensure all information is current. It means we regularly check up on sportsbooks to ensure our reviews are giving an accurate picture. In addition, if a sportsbook changes its behaviour, we will update our review to reflect its current actions. So, you can trust what you read with Bitedge.

If you’re ready to start your betting journey, then look at what we offer. Our guides and sportsbook reviews make it easy to leap into the crypto world with both feet!