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In 2017, EOS first made an appearance. It’s a cryptocurrency with the aim of providing instant transactions while also removing gas fees. The number of transactions it can complete makes EOS stand out from other cryptos. While other cryptos can complete a small number per second, Visa can carry out 24,000 per second. It means it won’t see large-scale adoption until crypto can compete on this level. EOS makes Visa look like a ranked amateur with more than a million transactions per second. While it might not have the value of other cryptos, in terms of scalability, there are few able to compete.

18+ only. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
BC.Game Sportsbook
Selling Point-1 Native tokens
Selling Point-2 Huge range of sports betting markets
Selling Point-3 Crypto sportsbook
180% Bonus for Your First Deposit
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Stake Sportsbook
Selling Point-1 Trusted and known brand
Selling Point-2 Crypto sportsbook
Selling Point-3 Large selection of odds
Daily Races, Weekly Raffles & Double Winnings
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Bitsler Sportsbook
Selling Point-1 Great Customer Support
Selling Point-2 Low fees
Bet 150 USDT Over Each NBA Playoff Week for Free 10 USDT Bets!
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Top EOS Betting Sites

This may pique the interest of players looking for crypto sportsbooks to try.

1. BC.Game – Best Overall EOS Sportsbook
2. Stake – Best for Low Minimum Bets
3. Bitsler – Best for Excellent Odds
4. Trust Dice – Best for Play to Earn Features

Best EOS Sports Betting Platforms Reviewed

1. BC.Game – Best Overall EOS Sportsbook

When it comes to top crypto sportsbooks, BC.Game stands apart at the top of the list. Players are able to enjoy a massive selection of cryptos, a daily bonus wheel, and a simple-to-use website. The daily bonus wheel offers bonuses of up to 1 BTC with no wagering requirements. It ensures players can add to their bankroll daily without making deposits.

EOS players can enjoy all of the most popular sports with BC.Game. Everything from the Premier League to the NBA is available here. It doesn’t end there, either. There are eSports and niche sports available too. The market selections are superb, with a lot of prop bets and the ability to create parlays.

In general, players won’t have to go through KYC with BC.Game. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee. The site reserves the right to ask for KYC, especially if players behave suspiciously. Typically, crypto players get left alone, but it is still possible the site will ask for ID if players behave suspiciously.


Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Payout Time Accepts US Players?
Daily wheel spin up to 1 BTC N/A €10 10 min – 6 hours Yes


  • Daily wheel spin with up to 1 BTC available
  • No wagering on wheel spins
  • Superb choice of sports and markets
  • One of the best VIP schemes


  • No sports betting promotions

2. Stake – Best for Low Minimum Bets

One of the lowest minimum bets on the market helps Stake to rise up our list. Players can get started with just 100 satoshis or equivalent. It’s an excellent sportsbook for bettors who want to refine a bankroll management strategy. Stake only focuses on sports betting, so it doesn’t get distracted by other areas of crypto gambling.

The sports options at Stake are fantastic. Players can place wagers on most sports, with everything from the pro leagues to amateur competitions in place. Each sport also has a superb range of markets to bet on. Bettors who want to diversify their betting can do so with Stake.

EOS players will find what Stake offers to be impressive, however, it does require KYC. Players who want to play anonymously may see this as a red flag. However, players who aren’t as focused on the anonymous play will still find plenty to like about Stake.

stake bet builder

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Payout Time Accepts US Players?
200% up to $1,000 30x 0.0002 BTC Instant With a VPN


  • Excellent welcome bonus choices
  • Incredible choice of sports
  • Top-class range of markets
  • Instant crypto withdrawals


  • KYC verification is in place

3. Bitsler – Best for Excellent Odds

Bitsler offers players some of the most impressive odds in the industry. Very few sportsbooks can compete with the odds Bitsler has available. As such, the potential payouts are much higher than at crypto betting sites with lower odds. While Bitsler doesn’t have a welcome bonus available, free bets are available weekly. It allows players to place risk-free bets when claiming them.

Bitsler gives players an incredible range of sports for betting. There are even some niche options here very few players will have thought of betting on. It backs up the excellent sports selection with a fantastic range of markets. One slight issue with Bistler is the lack of a cashout option. Players who use this feature to recapture potential losing bets will see it as a downside.

Bitsler has a KYC policy in place, but the site doesn’t enforce it strictly. Players may have to go through KYC when making a withdrawal, but there’s also a chance they can avoid the process.

Bitsler homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Payout Time Accepts US Players?
N/A N/A 0.0001 BTC Instant With a VPN


  • Top odds on bets
  • Superb choice of markets
  • Fantastic range of sports
  • Free bets regularly available


  • Lack of cashout

4. Trust Dice – Best for Play to Earn Features

Trust Dice is on the top list due to its fantastic play-to-earn features. Players can grab tokens whenever they place a bet with Trust Dice. Players can use the tokens for staking, creating passive earnings. It allows players to earn extra EOS without having to place successful wagers.

Although the name suggests dice games are the focus, Trust Dice has an excellent sportsbook. The range of sports is significant, although some more niche sports don’t have full representation. The markets are generally positive, but lesser-known sports have fewer options than the more popular events.

Anonymous play is possible with Trust Dice, making it an excellent option for EOS players who want to keep financial privacy.

trustdice homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Payout Time Accepts US Players?
225% up to 30,000 USDT 40x 10 USDT Instant Yes


  • Excellent welcome bonus
  • Sports choices are generally good
  • Well-known sports have a good choice of markets
  • Players can stake to earn extra crypto


  • Wagering requirements for the welcome bonus are high

What is EOS?

EOS is a cryptocurrency built on a blockchain that relies on smart contracts. While it allows for rapid transactions with ultra-low costs, there’s a lot more to EOS than just making payments. Developers are just waking up to the potential of EOS, which offers incredibly configurable architecture. For sports betting players, EOS provides one of the most unique options for crypto betting.

EOS Use On Betting Sites: Is it Worth the Risk?

EOS is undoubtedly one of the more impressive cryptocurrencies available at sportsbooks. However, one of the more significant risks comes from it not being amongst the accepted cryptos. If players can use EOS at a crypto sportsbook, and the site is trustworthy, there are very few risks.

EOS has exceptionally high levels of security, ensuring players have complete protection. On top of this, the transaction speed and gas fees are some of the best on the market. It ensures EOS users can enjoy sports betting without worrying whether anyone will steal their funds.

As such, the only real risks EOS bettors have is placing poor-quality bets or choosing a poor-quality crypto sportsbook.

Why do People Love to Bet with EOS?

Betting with EOS provides several excellent features for players. There are some superb factors players can use for their benefit. We’ve closely examined some of the best reasons to start betting with EOS.

Financial Privacy

Betting with EOS allows players to retain privacy. Because banks cannot check each transaction, players can easily keep their transactions to themselves. It’s vital, especially when players want to use bank services, which the bank may block due to gambling activity. EOS removes any issues along these lines.

Fast Transactions

The speed of EOS is incredible. With the ability to carry out over a million transactions per second, it can complete payments instantly, even during busy periods. It makes EOS the perfect crypto for players who want instant access to their funds.

Decentralized Payments

Using a decentralized payment method is one of the most considerable benefits of using EOS. The starkest benefit comes from having full ownership. Governments own traditional currency, but decentralized payments don’t have the same problem. Bettors can hold their funds, meaning there’s no chance of confiscation. The higher level of ownership means crypto is one of the safest payment methods moving into the digital age.

Low Fees

EOS doesn’t have gas fees. It means transactions are completely free as long as the crypto sportsbook doesn’t charge fees. As a result, players can truly keep all of their profits when making a withdrawal.

Play from Anywhere

EOS allows players to bet from any country without revealing their location. When there are geo-blocks at crypto sportsbooks, it will enable players to create an account without a block being put in place. Players will also need to use a VPN to access some sites, adding extra steps. However, players should be aware there are risks when using a VPN, which can lead to the site blocking their account.

Bigger Bonuses

The bonuses offered by crypto sportsbooks are significantly larger than traditional bonuses. Players can walk away with up to 6 BTC at some sites, which is way above what fiat bonuses offer.

Drawbacks of Crypto Betting Sites

Just like any crypto, EOS has drawbacks. Therefore, players should be aware of potential issues before signing up. Bettors can find the most common here.

Lack of Regulation

Regulation is one of the areas where crypto lags slightly. Because it’s a newcomer to the financial world, regulation hasn’t entirely caught up. It means players don’t have the same level of legal protection when using crypto. However, this also provides a benefit, as it’s why anonymous play is possible with crypto.

No Chargebacks

Once bettors make a crypto payment, it’s final. It means when players make a mistake, or a sportsbook behaves unfairly, there’s no way to return the funds. It’s a slight drawback as fiat players can sometimes complete a chargeback.

Crypto Price Volatility

The volatility of crypto is both positive and negative. Because the price can go up or down, players can make losses or profits. However, if the losses happen at the wrong time, it can cause players to lose significant amounts. It makes it an additional risk on top of the inherent risks of sports betting.

Where to Buy Crypto for Betting

Choosing a crypto exchange can be a complicated process. There are so many on the market, it’s almost too much choice. As a result, bettors have to go through a few steps to find the best one.

The first factor players should look for is security. If an exchange has high-security levels, players will be safe when trading. As such, looking at the exchange’s security measures before creating an account is essential.

Financial aspects are another factor players should research. These are two main factors regarding financials with crypto exchanges. The first is the fees the exchange charges. If the fees are high, it ensures bettors should look for a different exchange. On the other hand, higher-volume users may find an exchange with benefits for high-volume traders. It’s critical to check this out before signing up. The second factor is regarding the payment methods the exchange offers. If players can’t use their preferred payment method, it can mean they won’t be able to trade.

Finally, the user experience has to be right. If the site is hard to use, it makes trading difficult. Players should ensure the site is easy to navigate and trades are easy to complete. A well-designed site will ensure players can easily start crypto trading.

How do I Get in on the Action & Start with EOS Betting?

After using our detailed top list, players should know the best sportsbooks on the market. For players wondering how to get started, our step-by-step guide makes it simple to begin sports betting.

Step 1: Choose a Site & Create an Account

The first step is to look through a list of available sportsbooks. Our selection of top EOS sportsbooks makes it easy to choose the best site. After selecting the right site, it’s just a case of signing up and creating an account.

Step 2: Deposit Crypto

After creating an account, players should open the profile page. Here the sportsbook details will be available. Players should send their EOS deposit to the correct wallet address and await confirmation. Once the wallet receives the money, players can start to bet.

Step 3: Choose a Sporting Market

After funds are ready, it’s time to choose a market. Players should pick the sport they are most comfortable with and a market that matches their research. Once they’ve done this, it’s time to place the wager.

Step 4: Place Sports Bet:

Players must select the bet they want and their stake level. Once players have set their bet, they just have to click confirm, and they will have placed their bet.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting an EOS Sportsbook

Players have to look into a range of different factors when choosing a sportsbook. Our sportsbook reviews cover the most vital aspects, so players know what to look for. Here are the factors we value most when selecting an EOS betting site.

Secure Crypto Payments

Security is critical to crypto betting. Without security, it means players are at risk of losing all of their funds. We check all of the security protocols for all of our reviews. As such, players can trust the sites we recommend.

Fast Transactions

While EOS provides speedy transaction speeds, some betting sites can slow down the process. It means it’s vital to check the processing times each sportsbook offers. We ensure players fully know how long they must wait for their funds.

VIP Programs, Bonuses, and Promos

Grabbing a bonus allows players to boost their budget. Some sportsbooks will have different promotions, which provide other forms of bonuses. We cover all available bonuses, allowing players to find the best bonus for their needs.

Restricted Countries

Not every country allows players to bet using crypto. As a result, players have to check whether sites are available in their country. While a VPN does enable access to some sites, this is an additional risk. Players should consider whether it’s worth it before using a VPN.

Low Crypto Transaction Fees

EOS has no gas fees, but there’s still the possibility a crypto sportsbook will charge fees. Players must find out if transaction fees are in place to ensure they make the most profit possible.

Equitable Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

For players who put together high-odds parlays, high withdrawal limits are vital. If the site has low withdrawal limits, it can mean players have to wait a long time to get access to their funds.

Reputation and Trust

A site’s reputation is a significant factor in picking a sportsbook. If it has a poor reputation, it’s a sign it’s not worth creating an account. On the other hand, if the reputation is excellent, players know they can trust it.

Sports, Lines, and Odds Available

What’s the point of creating an account if the site doesn’t feature the right sports? Soccer bettors won’t be able to achieve success if it’s not a betting option. The same concept applies to betting markets. If there’s not a substantial choice of markets, players won’t be able to use their research to its full potential.

Good Betting Features & Resources

Additional features can help a sportsbook to really stand out. The ability to stake crypto or free faucets are all features which offer players a lot of value. Bettors who want something more than just a sportsbook should look for extra features to take their betting experience to the next level.

Why Use EOS for Sports Betting?

Using EOS for sports betting is an excellent way to improve the crypto betting experience. However, the most important factors for players who want specific reasons are as follows:

Immediate Payouts

EOS completes payouts instantly. With over a million transactions per second, using EOS is faster than the speed of light. As long as the sportsbook doesn’t add on extortionate processing times, players can have access to funds instantly.

Anonymous Transactions

Anonymity is possible with EOS. It makes it perfect for players who want to retain financial privacy. EOS is an excellent way to gamble without giving away their identity.

Better Betting Odds

EOS and other crypto sportsbooks often offer superior odds to traditional betting sites. As such, players can access better payouts, increasing the possibility of making a profit.

Which Cryptocurrencies are Accepted for Online Betting?

Many cryptocurrencies are available in crypto sportsbooks. We’ve put together a list of the most popular cryptos at the moment.

  • Bitcoin is the most well-known crypto in the world. It is the most valuable and has the largest acceptance rate.
  • Ethereum is the number two crypto. It is more likely to evolve with the times than Bitcoin, which seems content to remain a value store.
  • Litecoin is akin to a diet version of Bitcoin. It’s much less valuable but is faster and cheaper.
  • Cardano is a crypto with vast amounts of potential. Users can expect to see Cardano operating at a high level within crypto gambling in the future.

Is Crypto Betting Legal?

Crypto betting is legal in most territories. However, there are some regions where either online betting or crypto trading is illegal. As such, players must research the legality of crypto betting within their area.

It’s not just whether crypto betting is legal which requires research, either. The taxes on gambling winnings and capital gains are also important factors. Players should consider whether they must pay taxes in their region before they start playing.

The Increasing Popularity of Sports Betting with EOS

EOS has seen a sharp increase in popularity in recent years. Part of this is due to the growth of crypto betting in general. However, it’s more than just the growing popularity of crypto gambling.

EOS has a considerable amount of benefits for players. The ability to receive instant transactions, zero gas fees, and anonymous play all ensure EOS is popular amongst players.

What is the Projected Growth of EOS Betting in the Future?

EOS is important for the crypto world for several critical reasons. Firstly, it’s open source, so it allows for constant development. EOS as a platform provides users with vast potential. It’s likely EOS will provide incredible advancements going forwards.

Secondly, EOS developers are dedicated to providing a fully functional ecosystem for users. As such, EOS crypto sportsbooks are a likely future development. It could see EOS becoming one of the future fundamental building blocks of crypto betting.

The Best Mobile Apps for EOS Sports Betting

Mobile apps for sports betting within EOS aren’t commonplace currently. However, as EOS development grows, pure EOS apps will likely pop up over time. Players can enjoy playing at EOS sportsbooks with mobile browser sites, but currently, there are no recommended sites with mobile apps.


EOS is one of the most forward-thinking cryptos in the industry at the moment. It provides fantastic security, rapid transactions, and low costs. There’s very little EOS can’t do. If it keeps developing at its current rate, players will see some amazing things in future years.

When finding the best EOS sportsbook, players should use our operator guides. We cover all the essential factors to allow players to skip the hard work and jump right into the best sites. BC.Game currently provides the best EOS betting experience. So, players looking to enjoy betting with EOS should check our review before signing up.

Q&A Session

In this section, Will Wood will address your inquiries and the most common questions regarding EOS Betting Sites and offer guidance to newcomers in the field. Feel free to submit your questions through our contact form, and we will strive to respond within 48 hours.

What types of sports can I bet on with EOS?

All of the same sports that traditional sports betting sites offer. Players don’t have to miss out on any sports when betting with EOS.

How do I make a deposit and withdraw my winnings with EOS?

Deposits and withdrawals can be done through EOS wallets. For both methods, the payment transaction has to send the funds to the wallet address.

What are the fees associated with using EOS for sports betting?

EOS doesn’t charge gas fees for making transactions. However, some crypto sportsbooks may charge a fee to complete a transaction.

How can I ensure the security of my EOS transactions when sports betting online?

The best way to remain secure is to only play at trusted crypto sportsbooks. The sites we recommend are all trusted and secure, which helps players to find a trustworthy sportsbook.

How can I manage my bankroll when betting with EOS?

Bankroll management can take time to learn. Our guides make it easy for players to learn how to manage their bankroll.

What is the process for claiming bonuses and promotions when using EOS for sports betting?

It depends on the sportsbook. Some will award bonuses as soon as a deposit completes. However, some bonuses are only available with a promo code. Players must check which method is in place when creating an account.

How do I contact customer support if I have issues with my EOS sportsbook or betting account?

Players can use the live chat or contact via email to talk to customer support. For issues on a smaller scale, users may be able to find a resolution through the sportsbook FAQ.

Are there any restrictions on using EOS for sports betting in my country or region?

It depends on the country. Players should check their local laws before signing up for a crypto sportsbook. This will allow them to avoid breaking the law.

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