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Here at Bitedge, our first thought is always toward education. We want to ensure all crypto sports bettors are fully informed about every aspect of the industry. From beginners to experts, education is our passion.

As a result, it means every piece of content we create goes through a thorough editorial process.

We are dedicated to creating the best content to help players learn. Whether it’s about the newest innovations within the crypto space or staying safe when starting crypto betting, Bitedge is always at the forefront of trustworthy content.

What are the Bitedge Editorial Principles?

The first thing we want readers to think about when they hear the name Bitedge is high-quality content. Everything we publish is dedicated to informing and educating users within the crypto community. We understand many sports bettors have made the switch and don’t fully understand crypto’s inner workings. So, our writers make it their mission to cover every possible angle when creating content. Whether it’s a sportsbook review, a guide to specific forms of betting sites, or a betting guide with Bitedge, bettors are guaranteed high-quality content.

Our writers have comprehensive knowledge covering crypto and the sports betting industry. As a result, it means the articles we produce have decades of cumulative experience behind them. Users can learn about almost any crypto betting topic and trust they will find the industry’s most well-researched and helpful information.

It’s vital to us for our readers to trust us. So, we ensure we carry out complete research for all content. So, while we may share our opinion on specific topics, we only deal in facts regarding information. All of our authors genuinely believe in the crypto space, so spreading misinformation is something that we find reprehensible.

To ensure our content is aligned with our morals, our editorial team and authors follow these principles:


While we do not offer any financial advice, and our content is purely informational and educational, we take responsibility for being accurate to provide our community with the best value and help bettors make their own best choices.

It extends to our content in varying ways. For sportsbook reviews, we deal almost solely with facts. While we may offer an opinion on the quality of some aspects of the site, when it comes to what it offers, it’s nothing but facts. We take responsibility for collating this data and ensuring it is as up-to-date as possible.

Betting guides also deal with facts. We can only cover how players use them because they are typically guides to different strategies, which doesn’t provide any room for opinion. However, if we cover betting tips, the content will feature more personal views. Although the tips will have statistics and research behind them, they cannot contain facts, as all bets have an element of risk behind them. We are responsible for all figures being accurate, but we cannot take responsibility for how players choose to use our tips.

Our crypto guides are pure facts. We take full responsibility for the accuracy of our guides and endeavor to ensure everything is accurate upon publication.


The integrity of Bitedge is paramount for every here. From management to our authors, we are dedicated to remaining strong with our morals. It means we always make sure everything we produce is sincere. We don’t publish anything we don’t believe in. The reasoning behind this is twofold.

Firstly, we believe in crypto. Whether through the potential of blockchain development or what cryptocurrency can offer the world, we have faith the future of crypto will play a big part in the world moving forward. We also understand how crypto has significantly influenced the betting industry, so it links to our second reason.

We also enjoy sports betting. Although our authors have different sports as their favorites, the one thing they all have in common is enjoying the world of sports betting. They understand betting can provide fun and profit, influencing how they see sports gambling. With crypto sports betting growing, it’s the perfect environment for our authors to make a positive difference.

Both of these reasons play into our integrity. Because we genuinely love both aspects of what Bitedge covers, our morals won’t allow us to do it a disservice. We put our integrity on the line with each piece of content we write, a challenge we fully embrace.


We’re completely transparent with everything we write. For example, here at Bitedge, we make it completely clear we never provide financial advice. Bettors are aware of this at every turn. However, there are also other aspects where our transparency matters. It’s vital to us we inform our readers of what Bitedge is as a site.

Every crypto sportsbook or wallet review we create is made up with complete honesty. We only recommend entirely trustworthy sites. So, bettors know when a site sits on our toplist, it provides a safe and secure service. However, we also feel it’s essential to inform players how we continue providing free education to crypto users.

We do earn commissions from successful recommendations at Bitedge. This is why we only recommend trustworthy sites. Our users will only trust us by pointing them toward the best crypto sportsbooks and wallets on the market. We then invest the money in creating the best educational content within the crypto industry.

Transparency is vital to us at Bitedge, so whenever bettors read a review here, they can rest assured we only deliver facts.


We put hours into the painstaking research behind our reviews and guides. Accuracy is the lifeblood of our content. If it’s not accurate, our readers can’t trust us. We only use direct sources to collate the information whenever we create a review. So, bonus details come straight from the sportsbooks themselves, we refuse to use secondary sources. While it means our content can take longer to create, ensuring we only provide accurate information is worth it.

We also have a dedication to ensuring our info is up-to-date. So, we regularly check our reviews to keep them fresh and helpful. Of course, we also keep the rating system the same across all reviews. It provides an appropriate methodology so all sportsbooks are rated on the same criteria. By using this method, it helps to keep all ratings accurate so users can trust the reviews we create. All of this is tied to our dedication to accuracy. If our review scores aren’t accurate, bettors can’t make a correctly informed decision.


Being clear is essential for our content. We understand crypto is a complex topic, especially for newcomers. So, we must ensure we don’t bog things down with complicated language. We cater to all users, so it’s vital everyone can completely engage with our content. We truly believe crypto is for everyone, so excluding beginners with elitist barriers would be wrong.

At Bitedge, we ensure we have complete clarity in everything we write. So, whether it’s the intricacies of the blockchain or the finer details of a crypto sportsbook, all bettors can easily access our content.

True Value

It’s crucial for us to provide value in everything we write. Readers don’t want to read through a page of fluff before they get to the meat of an article. We understand it’s vital to get to the point and do it in a clear and concise way. All of the writers at Bitedge have vast experience in the world of crypto betting, and they distill it down into every piece of content they write. It’s why readers will find value in every part of our articles.

An excellent example comes from our betting guides. We cover the finer details of betting systems and bankroll management strategies. Every aspect of our guides are jammed full of helpful information. It allows players to find data in every sentence. In the modern era of easily accessible content, we believe it’s critical to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do it is with high-value work. At Bitedge, we are dedicated to educating everyone who visits our site.

Comment by our Author

Writing for Bitedge gives me the freedom to be completely honest. It’s not just allowed, it’s actively encouraged. Whether positive or negative, the ability, to tell the truth, lines up with my morals. I don’t want to peddle misinformation, I want to provide high-quality content which helps readers. Nowhere else offers information at the level of Bitedge, we’re the standard bearers and relish the challenge it brings.

I’m given the time to ensure every piece of content I write provides true value to bettors, which is why everything we create here is industry-leading. Cutting through the noise to get to the bones of the crypto betting world is something I’ve long dreamed of. As a crypto investor and bettor, I genuinely wish I’d had a site like Bitedge available when I started. You can give yourself a turbo-boost on your crypto journey with Bitedge, and we’ll be here to help you along every step of the way.