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More crypto options appear on the market regularly. It means bettors have more choices regarding payment methods. However, bettors also need to understand with more choice comes more challenges. Avalanche is one of the newer blockchains available, which has the AVAX token. With more crypto betting sites allowing bettors to use AVAX, it’s vital to research what it can provide to crypto bettors.

18+ only. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
BC.Game Sportsbook
Selling Point-1 Native tokens
Selling Point-2 Huge range of sports betting markets
Selling Point-3 Crypto sportsbook
180% Bonus for Your First Deposit
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BetFury Sportsbook
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Top Avalanche Betting Sites

  1. BC.Game – Best Overall Avalanche Sportsbook
  2. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds
  3. Cloudbet – Best for Crypto Choice
  4. BetFury – Best for Crypto Staking

Avalanche Betting Sites Reviewed

Discovering the best AVAX betting site can be an arduous task. We’ve collated the most comprehensive toplist of Avalanche betting sites, making it simple for bettors to find the right site for their needs. Using our reviews will ensure bettors always pick the most suitable site.

1. BC.Game – Best Overall Avalanche Sportsbook

BC.Game stands at the top of the pile, not just for Avalanche bettors, but for most crypto bettors. It has a fantastic selection of cryptocurrencies, providing niche and popular choices. AVAX is obviously one of the options, ensuring Avalanche players have access to their chosen crypto. However, it’s more than just the crypto selection which helps it to stand out as a top-class crypto betting site.

Of course, what really helps is the daily bonus wheel. Bettors can spin the wheel and win free crypto every day. It typically pays out smaller sums of crypto, but the upper limit is 1 BTC, which can be substantial. There are no wagering requirements on the bonus wheel, so it’s free for bettors to use how they like. It also provides some fantastic sports betting options, so sports bettors have a superb selection.

BC.Game has some KYC in place. Players can create an account without completing KYC, but it reserves the right to request KYC at any point. So, bettors must be aware there’s a chance they will need to complete the process. However, BC.Game tends to leave crypto players alone, so unless bettors do something to arouse suspicion, they should be okay.


Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
Daily wheel spin up to 1 BTC N/A $10 14


  • 1 BTC is available on the daily bonus wheel
  • No wagering requirements on the bonus wheel
  • Fantastic selection of cryptos, including Avalanche
  • Some of the best sports betting markets


  • Doesn’t feature regular sports betting promotions

2. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds

Many bettors overlook odds when choosing a crypto sportsbook. Strangely, it’s often near the bottom of the list regarding what players think is essential. However, poor odds mean making a profit is more difficult. With Bitsler, there’s no need to worry about this. The overround is among the lowest on the market, so the odds are more favorable than at many other sites. Bettors can also claim free bets weekly, ensuring plenty of rewards are available for crypto bettors.

The sports betting selection is incredible at Bitsler. Bettors can enjoy almost every sport on the market. It’s no exaggeration, with everything from soccer to eSports to sailing available to bettors. It also has fantastic markets, so bettors can combine excellent odds with a top-class selection of betting choices.

Bitsler doesn’t have definite KYC. Bettors don’t have to provide personal details after creating an account. However, there is a possibility customer support will ask for a KYC check if bettors behave suspiciously. So, as long as bettors play sensibly, there’s a good chance they can avoid KYC.

Bitsler homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to $700 $1 every 200XP earned $20 17


  • Some of the best betting odds on the market
  • Free bets available weekly, up to 1,000 in total
  • Market-leading range of sports options
  • Superb choice of different markets


  • Bitsler doesn’t feature a welcome bonus

3. CloudBet – Best for Crypto Choice

Many crypto betting sites offer a small range of cryptocurrencies and hope it’s enough to entice crypto bettors. CloudBet is not one of those sites. It provides bettors with a comprehensive selection of cryptocurrencies, more than 20 in total. It ensures bettors have an incredible choice available. With AVAX one of the choices, it’s a top-class choice for Avalanche bettors. Additionally, there’s a welcome bonus offering as much as 5 BTC. It features some unique wagering requirements making it one of the most appealing bonuses on the market.

CloudBet adds to its comprehensive crypto selection with an amazing range of sports. Bettors can wager on everything from volleyball to snooker. It’s close to perfect for anyone who loves crypto sports betting. The market choice is also superb, so bettors can easily create the bets they want.

Players must complete KYC with CloudBet. It is a minor downside, as anonymous betting is a big part of crypto betting. Bettors should weigh up if what CloudBet offers is worth giving up their anonymity.


Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to 5 BTC Unlocked over time 0.001 BTC 23


  • Top-class range of different cryptos
  • One of the best sports and market choices available
  • The crypto welcome bonus is significant, and the wagering is innovative
  • Instant processing on crypto payouts


  • Anonymous play is impossible at CloudBet

4. BetFury – Best for Crypto Staking

One of the biggest advantages of using crypto is the opportunity to earn through staking. Many bettors need help understanding how to do this, as beginners may find it complicated. However, BetFury removes this issue as it features staking within its interface. So, AVAX bettors can earn additional crypto purely by taking through BetFury. It makes it one of the few sites on the market where bettors can guarantee some form of return after making a deposit. Although it doesn’t feature a welcome bonus, the ability to stake funds significantly benefits Avalanche players.

It’s not just staking where BetFury excels, though. It has excellent odds, with an overround below 3%, a good range of cryptos for a deposit, a significant staking pool, and fantastic markets. It’s a site that stands out from the crowd in several ways. Bettors can make a deposit using Bitcoin but then earn AVAX rewards.

BetFury has a KYC policy in place, but it’s not a guarantee players will have to complete it. Significant transactions can flag a KYC request, but no cast-iron triggers are in place. It means anonymity is possible, but bettors should be ready to provide their identification documents.

betfury homepage

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
N/A N/A 0.001 BTC 7/55 through staking


  • Fantastic choice of cryptos for staking
  • One of the most comprehensive selections of markets and sports
  • Low overround allowing for excellent betting odds
  • BetFury processes crypto payments instantly


  • No guarantee bettors can avoid KYC

Introduction to Avalanche Crypto Betting Sites

Avalanche is a blockchain platform attempting to approach crypto from a new angle. It is trying to create a platform allowing enormous numbers of users to access it without compromising security or moving away from decentralization. Scalability is often an issue with new crypto. Still, because it uses proof of stake, the Avalanche developers hope to avoid this issue and allow users access to a truly scalable platform. In addition, Avalanche uses smart contracts, so users can use dapps on the network.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Avalanche is its attempts to facilitate other blockchain platforms. The aim is to create a DeFi ecosystem where users can interact with other crypto users. The name Avalanche comes from the process of validation for the platform. It works by connecting all validators in a word of word-of-mouth. Each validator asks numerous others, which turns a single request into an avalanche of requests.

Crypto betting is one such activity that can benefit from superior DeFi ecosystems. Cryptocurrency has grown as a payment method for many bettors looking to remain anonymous or at least keep their finances secure. It works similarly to traditional gambling, except bettors make deposits with cryptocurrency instead of fiat. Avalanche is the latest platform that has deployed its own token, allowing crypto bettors easy access to sportsbooks.

Avalanche is an excellent option for crypto bettors. Scalability is one of the most significant factors, allowing for rapid transactions regardless of how many people use the platform. With speed, an essential factor for many bettors, especially regarding access to funds, the scalability of Avalanche makes it extremely useful.

The scalability aspect also helps to keep fees low. With some cryptos offering higher gas fees than others, low gas fees can become a big selling point, especially for bettors with a tight profit margin.

These aspects combine to make Avalanche a high-potential option for many crypto bettors. Any bettor who can find a top-class crypto sportsbook that accepts Avalanche should seriously consider using it moving forward.

What is AVAX?

AVAX is the token in use for Avalanche. Just like any other crypto token it has a wide range of services. Bettors can make payments, help to govern the platform, and contribute to upkeep through gas fees. Although the number of crypto sportsbooks accepting AVAX is relatively slim at the moment, it’s consistently growing and has the potential to become more prevalent in the coming years.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Sportsbook

There are various factors bettors must take note of when choosing a crypto sportsbook. With so many on the market, finding the most suitable site can become challenging. Our easy-to-follow guide gives bettors the information they need to choose the best crypto betting site.

Accepting Cryptocurrencies

It’s perhaps the most apparent aspect bettors should look into. When betting, crypto bettors want access to their chosen cryptocurrencies. Without them available, it can make the site far less appealing. For example, Avalanche players will want access to AVAX. Although AVAX is the most relevant for this guide, the same concept applies to all cryptos players use.

Reputation and Trust

A site’s reputation instantly indicates whether bettors can trust it. If it’s got a reputation for mistreating players, it makes it somewhere to avoid. Bettors should always look for sites with a good reputation, as it will improve their overall experience. Sites with a bad reputation can lead to bettors losing funds or having data stolen, so ensuring the site is trustworthy before signing up is critical.

Payment Options

Crypto payments are vital for modern bettors but are not what all players look for. Access to additional payment methods, such as e-wallets, can be critical for some players. In addition, many players prefer to make deposits and withdrawals with varying payment methods, so a range of payment methods is essential for these players. Bettors can check this through our sportsbook reviews, so it’s simple to discover what’s available.


Any site without top-class security is a risk for bettors. When betting, players have to provide payment methods and personal information. So, if security is poor, all of this information is at risk. Therefore, bettors must ensure high levels of security are available before creating an account. Crypto sportsbook security is arguably the most important factor for players to consider.

Restricted Countries

Many crypto betting sites have a list of restricted countries. Depending on the location of the sportsbook operator, it can lead to limitations on where it can operate. So, bettors must see whether their country is available with the betting site. While a VPN can get around a region block, there are risks when using one. Players must be aware of this if they choose to use a VPN, as it can lead to confiscating funds.

Sports, Lines, and Odds Available

A comprehensive selection of sports is vital for many players. A lack of sporting choice can mean bettors cannot find the event they want to bet on. Additionally, if the available lines don’t provide access to specific bets, it can cause bettors to miss out. The Market choice is just as vital as sport selection. Finally, bettors must always look at the odds available. Poor odds mean poor payouts. It makes it harder to make a profit, so bettors should search for the best available odds.


Remaining anonymous is critical for many crypto bettors. While complete anonymity isn’t always possible, players should look to ensure they can at least remain financially anonymous. KYC policies will give players the full rundown of whether they can stay anonymous when betting.

VIP Programs, Bonuses, and Promotions

The excellent choice of promotions helps crypto betting sites stand out. In addition, crypto bonuses are often significantly higher than fiat bonuses. So, bettors can claim much higher rewards with a crypto betting site. Of course, players should check the terms and conditions when claiming a bonus; otherwise, they may claim a promotion with unfair restrictions.

Payout Time

The payout time at a crypto sportsbook is a critical factor. Users may not be able to access funds instantly due to the additional processing time the sportsbook adds on. Users should always check the site’s terms to ensure they can access their funds instantly.

The Benefits of Using Crypto

cryptocurrency coins for ethereum betting

Crypto is becoming more efficient and valuable by the day. However, not all players fully understand what it can offer to them. Our list of benefits ensures users can quickly get on board with how cryptocurrency can aid them. Keep reading to become an expert in the intricacies of crypto excellence.

Fiat Value is Diminishing

Fiat isn’t as appealing as it once was. The value is diminishing in several ways, with the tangible benefits decreasing daily. However, users can find far more value in using crypto materially and in terms of additional positives. As the numerical value also diminishes, crypto can provide a better overall experience for players.

Higher Privacy

Privacy when using crypto is significantly higher than fiat currency. Bettors can retain their financial privacy, even if they have to complete KYC protocols. Using crypto allows players to bet without banks being aware of how they use their funds. It allows for much more freedom.

Fewer Geographical Restrictions

There are geographical limits on many crypto sportsbooks. It relates to the operator’s location, as it can stop them from providing services to certain jurisdictions. So, bettors have to be aware when creating an account. However, with crypto, certain areas are more easily accessible, as crypto has no geo-tags. In addition, sending crypto to other countries is much cheaper than fiat, as gas fees are much lower than overseas transfer fees.

Rapid Payouts and Higher Limits

Users can withdraw crypto far more quickly than fiat. The processing times for a crypto transaction to complete within seconds if the network is quiet. Even a busy network will send in less than an hour. Fiat transfers will often take multiple days, so bettors can get faster access to funds. Added to this are higher limits, which allow players to access more of their funds much sooner.

Financial Independence

DeFi payments allow users to own their crypto themselves. So it’s different from fiat, which governments can confiscate at any time. Moreover, for users in areas with problematic governments, crypto payments give players independence over their finances, which provides freedom from unfair treatment.

Low Fees

Crypto transfer fees sit below fiat fees. So, bettors can keep a more significant proportion of their winnings. Bettors with lower success levels will therefore have a higher chance of making an overall profit.

Better Bonuses

Crypto promotions are significantly larger than fiat bonuses. Bettors can claim up to 7 BTC with some promotions, which sites way above any fiat reward. Avalanche users can get a superior bonus than their fiat compatriots.

The Drawbacks of using Crypto

It would be disinformation to claim crypto is without fault. Just like anything, it has limitations. However, we believe the positives of using crypto are far above the drawbacks. Despite this, we still feel it’s essential to give our readers a complete picture, so we have compiled a list of potential negatives.

Lack of Regulation

Regulation isn’t the same for crypto as it is with fiat. As it’s a much newer entity, regulators haven’t been able to catch up. It is part of why crypto has so many benefits, as lack of regulation allows for better security and higher privacy. However, it also provides an area for unfair operators to provide services. As long as bettors stick to our recommended sites, it should mitigate the risks of untrustworthy sportsbooks.

No Chargebacks

Once users make a crypto payment, they can’t stop it. So, chargebacks are not possible. As a result, if bettors aren’t happy with a fee, they cannot get it back. It adds to the risks as unfair sites can keep funds even if they have behaved poorly.


Almost every crypto user is aware it’s volatile. The value can rise and fall significantly. However, it means bettors can make losses overnight, even if they have won large amounts. It provides players with an extra layer of risk, which they must be aware of. On the other hand, it’s also worth pointing out the potential for the value to increase. So, bettors could also make a higher profit if the value increases. As a result, users can get both benefits and drawbacks from the volatility of crypto.

How to Use Avalanche Sportsbooks?

Bettors can get up and running with an Avalanche very quickly. It’s a simple process, but our step-by-step guide makes it even easier. New players should follow along with us to ensure they can begin playing as soon as possible.

  1. Check our toplist and sportsbook reviews to find the best Avalanche sportsbook
  2. Double check it accepts AVAX as a payment method
  3. Create an account at the most suitable crypto betting site
  4. Deposit AVAX to the site’s crypto wallet
  5. Choose the most suitable bet, set a stake, and confirm the wager
  6. Wait for the event to finish
  7. Navigate to the sportsbook account page to withdraw any AVAX winnings

Avalanche Sports Betting Bonuses


Claiming a bonus is vital for many crypto gamblers. With Avalanche users becoming more prominent, it’s essential to understand which bonuses are available. Additionally, as a bonus can impact a betting strategy, bettors must know what they can claim to help them select the most suitable crypto bonus options.

Bonus Options

A range of bonuses are available to bettors using AVAX, but not all sites have the same promotions. So, these are the most common bonuses users can expect when creating an account with a crypto sportsbook.

Sign-Up Bonuses

Most crypto betting sites will offer a sign-up bonus. Generally, a crypto welcome bonus will be in Bitcoin. However, it’s possible Avalanche bettors can still claim it in AVAX. However, bettors can resolve this issue if the site allows multiple currency withdrawals. In this situation, users can exchange Bitcoin for AVAX.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is when a bettor gains an additional crypto bonus when making a deposit. Most commonly known as reload bonuses, it allows bettors to claim rewards across the lifetime of their site usage.

Free Bets

Crypto sportsbook users will often look for free bets. They can be available in many different scenarios but are always a positive bonus. In addition, many bettors use free bets for higher-risk wagers outside their betting strategy.

Terms and Conditions

Bonus terms and conditions are a vital factor. Not all T&Cs provide fairness to players. In some situations, wagering requirements could be so high they’re unattainable. Bettors must research the terms before claiming a bonus to ensure they’re treated fairly. Players should remember that not all bonuses are positive; the T&Cs often determine this.

Advantages & Disadvantages

There are benefits and drawbacks to using an Avalanche sports betting site. Although experienced AVAX users will know what’s available, beginner crypto bettors or even Bitcoin or Ethereum players may not fully understand what an Avalanche sportsbook offers.


Rapid & Low-Cost Transactions

Sending and receiving AVAX is extremely quick. It allows bettors to access their funds faster, especially compared to fiat transactions. The costs are much lower, too, so users don’t have such high costs with Avalanche.


Crypto betting provides anonymity which just isn’t possible with fiat. It ensures bettors who want to retain their privacy can do so. It’s available with everything from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Avalanche.

Excellent Sports Betting Markets

The market options are fantastic with Avalanche sportsbooks. Bettors can enjoy a massive choice of sports but also have a wide range of markets for each event. Additionally, eSports are more likely to be available with AVAX and other crypto.

Higher Bonus Levels

Bonuses provide a much higher level of reward with crypto. Some sites can go above 5 BTC as a Bitcoin bonus, which is seriously impressive. Bettors who want significant bonuses can get much more from crypto than fiat.


Crypto Volatility

The volatility of crypto is well-known at this point. Users are always aware of how their AVAX, Ethereum, or Bitcoin prices can go down overnight. However, it’s essential to understand it can also be a benefit. If the price increases, then bettors can make a profit.

Fraud Potential

There is potential for fraud with an Avalanche sports betting site. However, users can mitigate this if they choose a reliable site. Our toplist ensures bettors can limit the chances of fraud as we only recommend reliable sites.

Limited Availability

Avalanche isn’t available at all crypto sportsbooks. So, bettors have a smaller choice of sites. As a result, it can limit what’s available somewhat. Bettors wanting a more extensive selection should play with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Security and Safety

Bettors can come up against numerous issues when betting at an Avalanche sportsbook. Hackers and fraudsters are always looking for ways to defraud users. Unfortunately, it’s a factor which will never leave the world. However, players can protect themselves from malicious attacks with some simple steps. We’ve covered some of the most common issues bettors will see and how to keep themselves safe.

Potential Threats

Bettors can come up against many threats playing at a crypto sportsbook. Malicious software can hack a device and give hackers access to personal information. If this occurs, it can cause the theft of personal details and finances, identity fraud, and compromise all future activity on the device.

Site Security Measures

Players should always look for security measures a crypto sportsbook has available. So, SSL encryption, 2FA, and payment methods with security in place are all critical. 2FA is particularly useful as it gives bettors extra protection when completing a deposit or withdrawal.

Personal Protection Tips

There are plenty of extra measures users can carry out to protect themselves. Having a safe password is a vital step. If the password is easy to crack, it makes it simpler for hackers to get access. Players should also avoid clicking links in emails, especially unsolicited ones. These can often be phishing scams allowing hackers to gain access.

Regulations and Licensing

There are many different regulators and licensors in the world of betting. However, Avalanche and crypto, in general, don’t have as many governing bodies. It doesn’t mean crypto gambling sites are unregulated badlands, though. There are still plenty of different licenses available to Avalanche sports betting sites. As a result, bettors need to understand what’s in place to protect them when betting.

Data Protection

Depending on the jurisdiction, there will be data protection laws in place. For example, European laws differ from American laws, so users must check the site’s location before creating an account. Of course, using Avalanche and making an AVAX payment does remove some of the data players have to input. However, each site will have its data protection statement, so bettors can quickly discover how it will handle their data.

Anti-Money Laundering

The AML regulations are typically associated with KYC policy. They come across the world and ensure sites have to discourage organized crime from using crypto betting sites to launder black market money. It provides bettors with protection, although it diminishes the privacy level for users.

Regulatory Bodies

Perhaps the most significant impact for Avalanche bettors is betting regulators. Each has different standards, ensuring a wildly different experience between sites. Curacao is one of the most common regulators for Avalanche and other crypto players. It generally has lower standards than a regulator like the UKGC or MGA. However, this is why most crypto betting sites have a Curacao license.

There are obviously benefits and drawbacks to this. A stricter regulator will provide higher levels of protection for players. However, with this, certain freedoms are lost. So, Avalanche bettors will be safer at a UKGC site but must give up far more personal information.

The flip side to this would be at a Curacao sportsbook. Although the site has lower levels of protection for bettors, such as less stringent responsible gambling expectations, players have more freedom. Anonymous play is more likely to be available here, which could be a deal breaker for an Avalanche user.

Tips & Strategies for New Users

Newcomers to the world of Avalanche betting may be tempted just to jump straight in. However, it’s a risky tactic which can lead to significant losses. As a result, new bettors should always look to add a few simple strategies to their arsenal to increase their chances of success.

Set a Budget

A budget is critical when betting with Avalanche. Without a budget, bettors may just go wild with their deposits. Higher deposits without any clear strategy can cause stake levels to increase above where they should be. In turn, it makes it much easier to make wholesale losses in a short space of time. Some Avalanche betting sites provide tools to allow bettors to set automatic budgets. However, bettors can do it manually if they aren’t available by exhibiting discipline.

Research Stats and Data

Carrying out research is vital to increase betting success. One of the advantages of sports betting is how it provides past performance data. From here, bettors can put together a likely outcome from a statistics standpoint. While it won’t guarantee a win, it does increase the chances of winning.

Track Past Betting Performance

Similar to tracking past sporting performance, analysing past betting performance allows users to see where they have gone right and wrong. Bettors can discover which bets they have the most success with and which they often fail with. While it won’t guarantee success, it can help to make it more likely. Players should always stick to their strengths, and past bet results are an excellent way to discover their strengths.

Use a Betting Strategy

Many betting guides herald strategies as the secret to winning regularly. It’s a reckless way to describe them, often giving them a bad name in the betting community. They’re not a guarantee of success, but just like research, they can increase the chances of success. Strategies such as bankroll management and in-play betting analysis can be effective when bettors use them correctly. Don’t think a betting strategy is a golden bullet, but combined with other factors, it can improve betting success.

Separate your Passion from your Betting

Passion can help with many things in life. However, betting isn’t one of them. Bettors have to be cold and calculating when creating their bet slips. Passion can lead to bad decisions, especially for players who wager on their favorite team. The heart can often cause the head to stop thinking straight. So, users who want to bet on the team they support should only do so if they can divorce their feelings from the facts. It also relates to how bettors react to a losing bet. Anger or annoyance can cause a follow-up bet, which will likely be lost. As a result, it can cause a spiral of anger, which will carry on the losing cycle. Players should ignore how a losing bet makes them feel.

Don’t Chase Losses

Chasing losses is a surefire way to drain a bankroll. It causes larger stakes on riskier events. Although it can sometimes lead to success, statistically, it’s more likely to cause players to lose everything. Always stick to a bankroll management strategy that involves lower stakes for a smaller bankroll. It allows bettors to avoid chasing losses and increases their profit chances.


Avalanche provides crypto bettors with a superb range of benefits. While it’s not as available as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, some fantastic crypto sportsbooks still accept it. As a result, Avalanche players can enjoy most of the benefits available to more traditional crypto bettors.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to playing with Avalanche, but it’s still a growth crypto, with AVAX support growing by the day. The possibility of Avalanche dapps becoming more prominent on the market is also exciting. Many users will see specific betting dapps appear in the future, with the Avalanche blockchain platform as the foundation for the network.

Bettors thinking of making the switch to Avalanche have a vast amount of potential for their crypto future. With some excellent sportsbooks on our toplist, there’s no reason not to discover what Avalanche has available today.

Q&A Session

In this section, Will Wood will address your inquiries and the most common questions regarding Avalanche Betting Sites and offer guidance to newcomers in the field. Feel free to submit your questions through our contact form, and we will strive to respond within 48 hours.

What types of sports and events can I bet on with Avalanche sportsbooks?

With an Avalanche sportsbook, bettors can wager on almost any sport or event. The sites on our toplist all provide excellent choices, ensuring it’s simple to find the most suitable betting option.

Can I Deposit Avalanche But Withdraw In A Different Crypto?

It depends on the sportsbook. Some sites only allow bettors to deposit and withdraw with the same crypto. So a Bitcoin deposit means a Bitcoin withdrawal. However, there are some sites available which allow players to use different cryptos for deposits and withdrawals.

Do Avalanche Sportsbooks Pay Out In AVAX?

Yes, they do. By definition, an Avalanche sportsbook will allow bettors to make a withdrawal in AVAX.

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