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Loyalty program

SwC Poker has a standard loyalty program where you get points for paying table and tournament rake. The more points you have the more rakeback you get, ranging from 5% to 50%.

You also get goodies like freerolls and customizable avatars.

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swc poker loyalty
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Loyalty program

Nitrogen Sports’ reward program gives out points that can be used to buy great value-free bets at one of the world’s best sportsbooks.

You can also use the points to buy Bitcoin or Nitrogen merchandise but it is better value to buy the free bets, even if you buy 2 and bet against yourself!

The program effectively pays 10% – 40% rakeback depending on how much rake you pay and how patient you are in holding your points to cash them out in larger chunks.

  • Nitrogen poker reward points are called nitros
  • Nitros are earned every time you pay rake or tournament entry fees
  • Nitrogen’s reward program levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond
  • The more nitro you gain the higher level you are at and the more nitro you gain per bitcoin of fees paid
  • At any time you can cash out your nitros for free bets or Bitcoin

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