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      1. John

        Hi BitEdge,
        What will happen to bitcoin sportsbooks if bitcoin hard fork after 1st of August?

        • BitEdge

          You would have to ask the particular sportsbook what their policy will be.

      2. Anonymous

        Hi BitEdge. I was just wondering if you could point me to a credible Binary Broker who accepts BTC for Deposit. I’d just like to speculate without bothering about all those “KYC” regulations that intrude on one’s privacy.Thanks!

      3. Anonymous

        Do Bitcoin sports book limit arbitragers

        • BitEdge

          Because you are anonymous you can’t really be limited. If a sportsbook limited your account you can just make a new one with an different email address.

      4. David

        What happened to Fairlay? I do most of my betting there as they have the best odds most of the times! Anything wrong with them?

        • BitEdge

          Most people find them too difficult to use.

      5. Steven


        I was wondering if you could point me to a website where I can bet on eSports events, but one that has an official ESL One stream. I don’t really want to watch the stream on one site and then place bets on another one.


      6. chris lyons

        How do i apply for bitcoin betting jobs? Please let me know ?
        Thank you

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