Best Crypto & Bitcoin Dice Sites – The Ultimate Guide

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Crypto Dice is a blockchain game where players must predict whether a roll is higher or lower than the existing number. In this article, we explore how your bankroll and approach the betting strategy and how to take advantage of the game’s provably fair setting and become profitable!

An Introduction to Crypto Dice

Crypto dice games have become increasingly popular in the crypto world, with bitcoin dice being one of the most popular. The game’s simple concept of betting on “hi” or “lo” quickly gained traction among bitcoin enthusiasts betting as it offered the first iteration of anonymous gambling since none of the gamblers had to register to play. SatoshiDICE was the first even BTC game that helped develop an entire genre of blockchain games – using provably fair (a verified process to ensure results were accurate).

The Top 5 Crypto Dice Sites Compared

Operator Bonuses Wagering Games Payments Reputation Pros Cons
4 Bonuses of 380% N/A 8000+ games 66 cryptos Licensed crypto casino Award-winning casino Verification needed
N/A N/A 5000+ games 10 cryptos Curacao license High BTC jackpot No welcome bonus
$500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins 40x 8000+ games 10 cryptos Licensed Bitcoin & crypto casino

Fast deposits & withdrawals

Limited crypto available
N/A N/A 2000+ games 6 cryptos Licensed casino & respected casino Provably fair No welcome bonus
Up to 5 BTC Not required 1200+ games 21 cryptos Trusted casino with visible RTP New cryptos available Verification needed


Available Bonuses for Dice Games

Of the top 5 casinos listed in the above section, only Cloudbet, Bitarz, and BC.GAME offers a welcome bonus. Cloudbet has up to 5 BTC in bonus, Bitstarz has 100% or 5 BTC bonus, and BC.GAME has four bonuses of 360%. All casinos allow players to wager the bonus amount on Dice Games, and only Bitstarz has a wagering requirement of 40x the deposit. You don’t have to add any special code to redeem the welcome bonus, as it’s automatically applied. If you are looking to bet on dice and want a deposit bonus, then only BC.GAME, Cloudbet, or Bitstarz can accommodate your request.

Casino Games

Every casino from the top 5 listed above focuses on provably fair gaming, including dice games. The most common game is the simple hi, lo game, and it’s part of every platform’s library. BC.GAME is known for its game originals which are provably fair and include classic, hash, scratch, rocket dice, or sic-bo.

Of all the top 5 platforms, BC.GAME has the most gaming diversity. Stake, known for its game originals, has a lot of blockchain games, live slots, and jackpots. Bitcasino has over 8000 games, including live and table, with a limited number of dice games and 36 game providers. Bitstarz also has its own crypto originals game but has a low selection of Dice games. Cloudbet is a great selection because it features its RTP but only has a single game of dice available.


Casinos accept the big 5 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and USDT. BC.GAME accepts over 66 altcoins, including ADA, ROSE, SOL, SUNVIEW, AXS, GALA, or APE (among others). Bitcasino accepts XRP, TRON, BNB, or DOGE, while on Bitstarz, players can only deposit BTC. Withdrawals on every casino are near instant, and players only have to wait for the platform’s processing time – with all requiring some form of verification for withdrawals; however, there are no fees, only the network fees that must be paid for each blockchain. Withdrawals and deposit limits vary per cryptocurrency, so it’s impossible to say how much players can withdraw in a single go.

General Information & Security


  • Established in 2017
  • Includes 15 languages
  • Stake holds a Curaçao Licensing
  • Reputation: 9.5/10


  • Established in 2017
  • Includes 16 languages
  • Curaçao License
  • Reputation 9.7/10


  • Established in 2014
  • Includes 10 languages
  • Curaçao license
  • Reputation: 9.3/10


  • Founded in 2013
  • Includes 9 languages
  • Curaçao License
  • Reputation 9.5/10


  • Established in 2014
  • Includes 5 languages
  • Curaçao License
  • Reputation: 9/10

Every casino in the top 5 is highly secure and regulated and holds a Curaçao Gambling License, which gives them a higher level of trust among the crypto community. Each casino has gained its license in the past 5 years, except Bitcasino, which has held a license since 2014.


Stake: Players can gamble anonymously until they want to cash out when they are required to show the following documents for identification:

  • A form of ID
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement

BC.GAME: Players can deposit crypto and must comply with verification standards to withdraw their winnings. There is no mention in their terms of service of what documents must be submitted.

Bitcasino: Players can gamble and deposit Bitcoin but could be subjected to a KYC process if they wish to withdraw their funds. There is no mention of what documents are required by the platform.

Bitstarz: Players can deposit and gamble anonymously until they have to withdraw their funds. Then, the casino requests the following:

  • Copy of the ID
  • Utility bill
  • Copy of a credit card

Cloudbet: Players must complete verification to withdraw their funds:

  • Form of ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of credit/debit card
  • Photo including the date and identification materials

How to Play Dice With Crypto?

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency you want to use for your dice game.
  2. Find an online provider that accepts crypto for betting.
  3. Register with the provider and fund your account using your crypto.
  4. Connect your wallet if you are betting on a crypto gambling website.
  5. Type in the amount your want to wager in the amount box.
  6. Drag the cursor to show the winning range.
  7. Select if the next roll is over or under.
  8. Click roll to see if the roll was within your selected range.

Winning Strategies for Crypto Dice Games

Paroli Strategy

This is an aggressive betting system that takes advantage of winning streaks and doubling bets after each win. The goal is to profit from a series of achievements and start over from the original stake. A key part of this strategy is managing risk, and you should set a goal of how many wins are acceptable before starting from ground zero again.

Martingale Strategy

The strategy entails doubling your bet each time you lose so that you make back all your losses plus one unit when you win. In Bitcoin dice, the strategy can be risky if you need more bankroll to keep up with the increasing bets. Nevertheless, it’s seen as a safe way to gamble but always set your starting wager by considering the number of times you need to add money.

Inverse Martingale Strategy

The strategy takes the opposite approach from the Martingale Strategy. So instead of doubling your bet after each loss, you double it after each win until you reach a predetermined limit. This, however, requires more discipline since you have thought funds to continue betting.

The D’Alembert Strategy

It entails decreasing or increasing your bet size depending on whether you are winning or losing rather than doubling or halving your bets. In this approach, you increase or reduce your bets to balance out wins and losses instead of riding losing streaks until luck runs out.

Benefits of Crypto Dice Games

Chances of winning big

With crypto dice games, you have the potential to win big. The house edge is usually quite low, so if you get lucky, you could walk away with a nice profit.


Another great thing about dice games is that they’re usually fast-paced. This means you won’t get bored easily because the game is non-stop.

Provably fair

Crypto dice games run on the blockchain or use RNG to generate verifiable hashes that prevent results from tampering.

Anonymous gameplay

Most crypto dice games allow you to play anonymously, meaning you don’t have to provide any personal information when you sign up for an account.

Rapid withdrawals

Withdrawing your winnings from a crypto dice game is usually fast and easy because you either deposit crypto or connect your crypto wallet directly.

Low house edge

Crypto dice games have a low house edge between 1-2%. Therefore, it increases your chances of winning more than in traditional casino games such as slots or roulette.

Drawbacks of Playing Dice Games

You can lose money

The most apparent drawback of playing crypto dice games is that you can lose money. So while there is always the potential to win, there is also the potential to lose.

They become addictive

Like any form of gambling, there’s always the potential to get addicted to playing dice games. However, if you spend more time and money than you originally intended, it may be time to step away from the game and take a break.

You can get hacked

If you click on the wrong link on the crypto dice game is compromised, you could get hacked and lose all your assets. Once your wallet is compromised, you can’t recover the funds.

You don’t understand the game

Another potential drawback of playing crypto dice games is that you might need help understanding the game, and you could be betting the wrong amount.

Which are the Best Bitcoin Dice Games?

Standard Hi/Lo

Standard Hi/Lo Bitcoin Dice is the classic dice game adapted to Bitcoin mechanics. The goal is to correctly guess whether the result of a dice roll will be higher or lower than a certain number. Players bet on either “hi” or “lo” and are rewarded with a payout if their prediction is correct.


Craps is one of the most popular dice games where you bet on the outcome of the number of two dice. However, instead of betting against the house, players bet by predicting the results. As a result, the game has one of the best odds among all casino games, with bets involving odd/even numbers, specific numbers, or combinations such as “snake eyes” (two ones) and “hard way” (four fours).

Sic Bo Dice

Sic Bo Dice became popular in China, and instead of using two dice like Craps, it uses three. Players bet on the outcome of the dice being rolled simultaneously, predicting totals, combinations, and sequences. In Sic Bo, the dice are rolled by the dealer, and you can bet on small bets, numbered totals, single dice combinations, doubles, and triples.

Scratch Dice

Scratch Dice is an instant-win dice lottery game where players scratch off virtual cards with hidden dice number combinations. If you match three symbols, they win an instant cash prize based on their original stake amount. Multiple players can pool wagers together and win larger rewards.

Live BTC Dice

Live BTC Dice is where you join a live casino table game, and the croupier rolls the dice. It’s the classic Bitcoin dice game, and you can bet using BTC on the roll’s outcome.


Chuck-A-Luck (also known as Birdcage) is a dice game where you bet on numbers from 1 to 6 randomly chosen from three six-sided dice in a bird cage-like device called a chuck cage. You win by predicting which number(s) will come up when all three dice are rolled together. In BTC dice, the game features special bonus rounds where multiple wins are possible.

What Should I Consider When Selecting Top Crypto Dice Platforms?

  1. Restricted Countries: Check whether the platform you’re interested in is available in your country before signing up. Only some casinos have a license for a specific country.
  2. Reputation and Trust: There are a lot of scams in the crypto world, so it’s important only to use reputable and trustworthy platforms that you find on Bitedge. But always do your research when choosing to deposit or connect your wallet.
  3. Available Games: Not all crypto dice platforms offer the same games, so scan the platforms to see the types of Bitcoin Dice games they provide.
  4. License & Security: Check whether the casino has a license to avoid adding money into a honey pot. If you want to gamble anonymously, you don’t need to worry about that; however, you should always check for reviews to see others’ experiences.
  5. Game Variety: One of the most important things to consider when choosing a crypto dice platform is game variety. You want to ensure the platform has crypto dice and other provably fair games.
  6. Safe Payment Methods: Use platforms where it’s easy to deposit. Connect directly with your crypto wallet or use a platform that doesn’t require verification. You should also ensure that the platform uses SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information.
  7. Payout and Withdrawal Speed: The best crypto dice platforms will offer fast payouts with no fees and require no verification for crypto withdrawals. The most popular tokens are BTC, ETH, or LTC.
  8. Bonuses and VIP Programs: Look for casinos that offer bonuses or give you cashback for spending money. VIP programs can provide significant benefits and increase your bankroll.
  9. Provably Fair Games: Another important consideration is whether the games offered by the platform are provably fair. This means that there is no way for either party to cheat, and almost, if not all, crypto dice platforms offer provably fair games.

Bitcoin Dice Faucet

A Bitcoin Dice Faucet is a Bitcoin bonus-type offer where players are rewarded for their time playing on the platforms. Faucets are a way for casinos to incentivize players to keep playing, as the rewards offered in these faucets can be high. The size and frequency of the bonuses depend on the casino’s policy but involve players earning free bitcoins betting for over an hour. This encourages more frequent betting from loyal players, as the dice faucet effectively acts as an additional reward for continued involvement in the casino.

Why Play with Faucets?

Playing with faucets can be a great entry point for players that don’t own any cryptocurrencies. By completing tasks and stacking up satoshis, you can test out the Bitcoin dice game and see the best angle of approach. You don’t even need to wager, as platforms offer daily or hourly rewards for visiting, meaning that you’re receiving free money. Playing with the platforms’ money gives you a free pass to understand the game and test out any strategy.

The Benefits of Low-House Edge Casinos

Playing at casinos with a low-house edge gives you a higher chance of making money when playing crypto dice. Also, provably fair games like Bitcoin dice have a much lower house edge of 1%, offering you an equal playing field. Unlike traditional casinos with higher edges, crypto games are provably fair, and you can be sure that results and winning are 100% accurate, leading to even higher player satisfaction. As a result, users can use their faucet earnings to bet small and have higher chances of winning.

Crypto vs. Traditional Dice

Traditional dice have been around for a while; crypto versions of the game are a recent – but welcomed development that uses blockchain technology to generate randomness. Crypto dice use a cryptographic algorithm to generate provably fair and completely unpredictable outcomes, while the traditional game can be seen as risky. In crypto dice, players can gamble anonymously, while conventional games require verification. Both games guarantee randomness; however, the crypto version has a higher


trust level because it can’t be easily rigged – unless it’s not provably fair.


  • Players can gamble anonymously
  • It’s easy to bet from anywhere in the world
  • Results are provably fair
  • Lower house edge


  • Risk of impermanent loss
  • Gambling with volatile assets
  • Lack of regulation

Tips for Choosing a Crypto Dice Game

Do Your Research

Always do your research before choosing to bet or gamble on a platform. Check their license, and user review, and understand their house edge and available games. Only gamble on platforms where you feel confident about the gameplay.

Start Small

Keep your wagering small and gamble using a strategy. If you bet big, you risk burning through your bankroll and not getting any profit from the game. You also will be enjoying the game less.

Stay Disciplined & Know Your Limits

Always enter the game with a fixed budget, and stay calm, as that can cause additional issues, especially if you are more impulsive. But, on the other hand, don’t deviate from your plan to avoid making any financial mistakes that can cost you.

Have Fun

Most important is to have fun when playing. If you enter the game with a fun mindset and put profits in the backseat, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and even turn a profit.


Yes, players can bet on crypto dice on gambling platforms

Yes, it’s safe to play the game if you take some precautions and only use reviewed and approved websites.

Yes, you can win real money if you opt to deposit

Only a few casinos from the Top 5, like Bitstarz or Cloudbet, offer crypto bonuses.

Yes, you can play betting games on the go, either on the app or on the mobile browser.

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